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    RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    True. Specifically for my game there is a limited amount of skills to equip that raises once certain conditions are met (working on that). As for equipment they offer different, small stat boosts but also offer certain buffs and passive skills so you don't have to waste a skill slot. I also want accessories to be a good option if you didn't level a certain stat so you aren't grinding or backtracking to get certain points.
  2. 2BitsLP

    RPG with no levelling / stat growth?

    In my games, I ditched levels for stat distribution. This way the player can build the team they want. Every battle rewards you with a few small increase items/points to allocate, making fighting worthwhile. Combined with my crafting and the need for resources, battles need to be fought. (I am also putting in a fair amount of strategy, too.)
  3. 2BitsLP

    Super Secret Areas

    I do this in my games as well. First off, I have a 13 floor dungeon w/no saves (similar to the VP/Star Ocean series). You can get the best armor in the game here and fight a secret boss. Said secret boss is a time/space jumper character that's featured in all my games/books and she ties everything together. If you beat her and start a New Game + she will mysteriously start in your party and allows for a quick second playthrough and gets her own special endings. I also really like having other secret areas, similar to others have said, like my "testing/debug" room. It doesn't normally grant anything super cool but includes a note from me. (Except in my first completed game, my Boogie2988 fan game-- you could get a parody of a preorder PubG jacket that had crazy stats)
  4. 2BitsLP

    Hi, anyone want to help me with my game?

    I may consider helping if you need art busts for cutscenes, ect. Drop me a message.
  5. 2BitsLP

    Maps from my project!

    I really love the layout of the maps. The only thing I want to comment on that wasn't said before is maybe vary the house designs in the hometown map a little bit. Thats alot of square, wooden houses. Keep the function of the building in mind (say, an inn would probably have 2 floors or be a longer house or maybe they have an addition/shed like area) Otherwise keep it up
  6. Wow can't believe I forgot to post about my first MV game release (and the new game is underway)!


    I've moved updates to here: 2bitsgames.weebly.com


    So please check there for progress :D

    1. Zen Blood

      Zen Blood

      Congrats! How long did it take you to make?

  7. 2BitsLP

    Finished sewer puzzle

    I just wanted to post and say I completed a simple sewer valve puzzle. I'm pretty proud of it.
  8. 2BitsLP

    Keeping potions useful

    I made mine relevant with tiers (3 different kinds) that heal for less than my samely tiered healing spells. This way, there's more incentive to use MP, but if you're out, potions do in a pinch.
  9. Hey all. Just giving an update again. I've almost got my V1 Demo re-completed. So many things have changed since my last version. Currently finishing up mapping and NPCs before moving onto battle balancing and plot. I hope you're all looking forward to it! ShindoW
  10. 2BitsLP

    Making Guard Skill useful/disarable?

    In my game I had it heal a small percentage of HP, but if you could make it work, you may consider letting it provide a DEF buff or something too, which is something I haven't got to looking at yet. ^^
  11. 2BitsLP

    Side Quests

    Oh, I hate fetch quests but I do love collectibles! I always put various collectibles, ultimate weapons, ect. in my games. ^^
  12. SomaelCK, that's amazing. It reminded me of the Pidgeon Man episode of Hey Arnold, in a good way! ^^ AceofAces, your portrait looks a little off. She's very long-necked. Anyway, since losing my entire V1 demo (and half of my V2, so... everything) back in August, I've tweaked my a game a bit. I'm sticking to RTP+free resources.Here is one of the demonic towns in my game. You can't tell from the pic but the town has "snow" and appears darker in-game. Didn't get to NPCs yet.
  13. 2BitsLP

    Side Quests

    I'm personally not a huge fan of sidequests unless they are mostly post-game. I guess back in the day they weren't so bad, since they usually involved a character that actually needed something, as opposed to the MMO style of "get 10 of x". I can't stand those. So, I guess I would say I always make my sidequests say something and reward the player well, as you described. I kind of like the idea of splitting them up, too, but I'd rather cut fetches entirely.
  14. Want to apologize to all. I ended up losing my entire project back in August. But it's not all bad! I've revamped the battle system to something simpler for me and I reworked the opening a bit as well. Please look forward to the updates!
  15. Just a quick update. My laptop died (but all my data is fine). I should be getting a new one this week. :3
  16. +death is just the beginning+ +Genre+ Fantasy Real-Time RPG +Game Progress+ Story: 100% (Planned in detail, In-Game: 15%) Maps: 30% Database: 60% Music: 0% (Looking for a composer) Art: WIP (Looking to hire for enemy sprite art) I'm currently using RPG Maker MV mash ups w/minor edits and edited battle sprites x.x +Updates+ Please check the DevLog for updates! (I try to update at least weekly if not more frequent) Demo V.1 Release Date: 7.20.16 - Updated: 7.23.16 - Download below Demo V.2 Release Date: TBA +Story+ The world of Perception was once three seperate Planes of Existence: Nirvana, Damnation, and the world of humans (the living). When Lucifiel betrayed God (or so the stoy goes...), he began to form his army for the day when the seal seperating the worlds would be broken. When this occured, the worlds formed a mishmash of each other called Perception, kind of like a limbo. God had a protector named the Valkyrie and under her the Four ArchAngels, but most of them have disappeared or resorted to the demons' side. Also missing is the Valkyrie's weapon and the key to binding the seal again: the Lance of Longinus. The merging of worlds has left many in confusion. The geography of the world completely changed. Races have gone extinct and new ones, like the dangerous anamoly of Witches, has emerged. Other remaining Races like the Drag-Ons, Reapers, Kitsune, Aurochs...were all thrown into chaos. Not only that, but Lucifiel and the 3 ArchDemons are planning an assault on Perception. In Eve of Perception, you play as Matthew, a young man who fell from the sky. He stumbles into two Marines (Jou and Alec) who have just fled from a massacre of a battlefield. Unconscious, the soldiers take Matthew to a nearby village and the orphanage within in hopes he lives through the night. Jou has her own problems as the monster that slaughtered her troop is still in the forest, blocking the only way home, and it seems their mission, to find a group of renegades called the Eight-Span Crows, has failed. Matthew awakes with little memory, but knows that his sister is in danger and vows to find her. Jou tells Matthew of an Agency in her hometown that can help him locate his missing sister, and they join forces. Things become complicated when one of the orphans goes to fight the monster in the forest himself... + Main Characters+ +Supporting Cast+ +Battle+ +Features+ +Screenies (Screenshots)+ (image heavy) *Screenshots showing RTP characters are out of date, but most are updated to the current build +Other+ This has been a long time project of mine. I started with RPG Maker 2K3 and have worked with the maker since. This game is based on a novel I started a decade ago. The plot is completely planned out with extensive backstories for everyone. I know it's an ambitious project. I know it's gonna take a year or so, which is why I'm pacing myself and leaning on the support of age-old friends ^^; My main influences are Star Ocean and the Lunar series, so expect something similar to those titles. ^^ I really hope you enjoy and support my project! Thanks to Mog's RTBS I can finally have the game I've dreamed of making! If you have any feedback or comments or want to apply for beta testing demos, leave me a comment or shoot me a message!! +Hiring+ Note for all positions: If you can work with a payment plan, I'm interested! All credit will be given and at least 50% payment upfront. If you're really gracious and work for free, you'll be given special thanks and included as an NPC in my game. ^^ +Credit+ +Demo+ +Support+ Please use the banner above to support Eve of Perception! You can also donate towards not only this game, but other projects (as a collective) at our Patreon! Mods, if there's anything that needs to be added/changed (I think I didn't leave anything out... o.o ), just let me know and I'll get right on it. I updated the tag; I hope that was the right thing to do.
  17. So... my laptop decided to die on me. ;___; I should be replacing it this week, so hopefully I will be back up and running! Thank you all for the support and patience!
  18. I'm using LMBS but it's difficult. I use it because it fits my influences. Some bugs and alot of custom graphics.. so be sure you want to work with it.
  19. Fixed some minor issues with Demo V1! Demo V1.2 is being updated as we speak. Again, sorry for the lack of Mac support; I will have it up shortly.
  20. Thank you for the fast reply! I responded to your statements here: I really, really appreciate the feedback. I'll fix the minor graphical issues and I'll try and work on balancing cutscenes. I'll PM you when Demo V.2 is out~ EDIT: I fixed the following and the V1.2 Demo reflects these changes: Fire should now hurt, then repel you Tree above bar fixed Ketal's walking path should be fixed outside Church Graphics you could walk over are now fixed (except benches, they are set to O) Fixed issue in text regarding Small Blessing Enemies set to Event Touch, should battle properly now
  21. 2BitsLP

    Demo fixed

    We realized there was a small problem when uploading our demo to Drop Box. The problem has since been fixed and we'll also be adding the Mac version soon!
  22. 2BitsLP

    Demo doesn't play? Help!

    Stupid Dropbox x.x Thank you so much! This should be able to be closed now.
  23. PM'd you. Let me know how it goes... :/ If anyone else is experiencing this issue, or knows how to solve it, please let me know. When I moved it over to drop box it was missing a few folders. Everything should be corrected now. Also, should be uploading Mac version soon.
  24. Not sure what the problem is, since it works fine on my end... I even tried it on my wife's old PC and it ran fine. I'll reupload it just in case. I'll PM you when its up... otherwise I have no idea why it won't work.