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  1. RayChan

    Script call

    hey i just came back to rpg maker vx ace and i was wondering is there a way to increase the size of the script box? btw im talking about the event commands > 3 > advanched > script
  2. RayChan

    My Game Screen Shots

    so its been awhile since ive been updating the game but im back and im remaking the some dungeons so here they are New dungeon : Old dungeon (edited)
  3. RayChan


    After I finish making the dungeons for the new towns i will start continuing the storyline. one of the new dungeons :
  4. RayChan


    finally made a little beta game for it, although it is still quite buggy. you can download it from either http://arion.my-free.website/download or from https://www.mediafire.com/?eir3dmi11i1dhc6 Beginning You start off fighting the games main boss and the rest of the story you potentially fill out as you go. You get a free lvl. 27 weapon around the beginning of the game and also a skill (Flame Geyser Maxed out 5/5) which is not currently in the skill tree. When you get to the first village you will receive 23 free items, 4 are accessories which increase stats other 19 are costumes(character customization). ​ Time I have 1 hour of game play on my saved file and i had only done 10 Quests rest was from exploring. (but i knew where everything was and how to things so time may vary from 30 min to 2 hours.) Only 1 Village has a full Story line so far. Most Quests are Dungeon Related but in the last village it will be field related as well. Features Currently Bugged Title System - is where you can equip Titles and they give you stat bonuses also when you level the titles can effect how much you go up by. (Not actually bugged all titles are just unlocked during beta phase.) Pet System - there are currently 10 pets you can get just go to the Pet seller and buy them using Gold. Moves are currently being fixed . Mini games - currently 1 mini game that works fully , 1 is currently getting fixed and recreated. (Not actually bugged mini games are not available during beta phase.) Quest Board - will give you a list of quests you can do that are repeatable , Quests depend on which town you are in but it is not yet available.(Not actually bugged Quest board dosent function yet.) Features Currently Bugged Auto Save - Automatically will save the game after 10 steps, after you open the menu, and after you teleport from places to places. Stat Distribution - Lets you decide what stats you want to increase as in (HP,MP,ATK,DEF,MAT,MDF,AGI,LUK). Level Required Equipments - you have to be the right level to wear the gear. Banking System - put your items,weapons,armors, gold in the bank and can take it out any time you want. Mouse System - you can use your mouse to click on button on the screen. Revival System - When you die you will automatically revive to the nearest village if you have a Revival Potion then you wont lose any Gold, if you dont have a Revival Potion then you will lose Gold depending on which map your at. Crafting System - is really common in games you basically just use required items to get an item for example "to get a Level 35 sword it requires level 30 sword + 100k gold + 2 gold ore" Mana Stone System - you can socket extra stats on your gear such as (HP,MP,ATK,DEF,MAT,MDF,AGI,LUK) Equipment Upgrade - Upgrading is a HUGE feature in this game as upgrading weapons and armors can make you really powerful for example "Level 1 adventurer sword + 11 is better then a level 11 flower sword." Mail System - In game mails will be given to you to send special messages or to reward you. Various Different Looks - You can change how you look in the game with costumes there are total of 30 seperate accesories, and 10 full sets of costumes. Treasure Chest System - is basically after you finish a Dungeon you get to pick a chest and that chest will give a random item if you get S rank in the dungeon you can pick 2 treasure chests. ​
  5. RayChan

    Iliketeas Marvelous Edits and Stuff

    hey is it cool if i take the generator edits and take the parts like (crowns, wings, glasses, etc) and turn it into costume pieces for my game on vx ace? ill give all the credits where its needed.
  6. what do you mean by transparent like when they have a weapon on their sprites change to something else?
  7. yea its gonna be the next town after the one im done with right now so it dosent have npcs at the moment it just has the regular ones it'll have way more i really liked your mapping except i dont get why theres a tree inside a house.
  8. So i just came back to rpg maker recently and decided to redo one of my Towns for the 5th time so here it is (I did it in a day so might have alot of stuff undone.) as you can see by how many gump towns there are i really dont like maps that i dont like if that makes sence lmao.
  9. It really doesn't matter what note-tags I use, they all work for me. The note-tags are regular tool note-tags, freshly made or copied from the demo, all of them work. The enemy note-tags are the same, new or sample ones from the demo, everything works. I tested them in 4 different projects, 1 of these was in the clean demo, 1 of it was in my own, abandoned project, and 2 of it was in other people's project. The last 3 projects got tons of custom scripts added as well. If you can upload a demo of your project for me, I will try to debug it for you when I get some free time. I suspect some compatibility issues, because no matter how I try to trigger the issue you get, I simply can't. Here is a weapon note-tag I tested: Ignore the irrelevant note-tags, those are for other scripts. But it really doesn't matter which one I use, they work. I PM'd you the demo I just thought of this so I haven't tested it, but try making invisible summon skills that follow you and use the skill(s) you made to make it look like it moves with you. i've tried that but it dosent work the way i want it to work xD the skill looks out of sync because when using the skill it dose not follow so the skill would be used like 3 steps behind or more. Ok how about making it into a state? i never thought about doing it that way, ill try it.
  10. this looks dope ill try it as soon as possible.
  11. I just thought of this so I haven't tested it, but try making invisible summon skills that follow you and use the skill(s) you made to make it look like it moves with you. i've tried that but it dosent work the way i want it to work xD the skill looks out of sync because when using the skill it dose not follow so the skill would be used like 3 steps behind or more.
  12. ayy any of you guys know how to make a skill where theres basically a animation that repeats on you and you can move around with it damaging things that touch it? i've made around 40 skills for my game and none of them allow me to move while it is happening, im basically tryna create a shield-like skill.
  13. RayChan

    Visual Equipment

    sorry but i couldent find the file i think i deleted it after i got the ones i wanted.
  14. RayChan

    Visual Equipment

    i remember finding this one huge file with "hair,armor,wings,ears,etc" when i downloaded a character generator. but i have made some things by myself so if i find the file want me to send it to you?
  15. RayChan

    Visual Equipment

    sorry but im not really understanding the issue, what do you mean by " cannot get it to work , i've tried using Modern Algebra's visual script as well but it was too complicated for my brain xD so i didnt use it for a while until i found probably the easiest script ive ever used which was Paperdoll. it was basically like Visual Equipment except alot easier. i was just looking for some new script when i went on vlue's fb page and found it https://www.facebook.com/DaimoniousTailsGames you need to scroll down to like march of 2015 and theres a file called "paperdoll.zip" basically showing you how to do it. i Added it with "Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Equip Engine v1.06" so i could add equip slots like "hair,armor,back" and i sorted the images and basically used it. i hope you were talking about visual equiment as in :