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  1. Hirador

    Dark Cloud Remake version 0.2

    Looking forward to your feedback.
  2. Hirador

    Dark Cloud RPG Maker Edition Version 0.1

    Thanks and you too!
  3. Hi again! Sorry for taking so long. Life caught up to me. Anyway, I fixed the intro Added 3 dungeons added several scripts added Macho's cut seen Link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xn26lqb72ipopj/Dark%20Cloud%20RPG%20Maker%20edition%20v0.2.exe?dl=0 Have fun and remember to post any bugs you find! PS: just to let you in on what I have left to do to complete the Demo version of the game: I have to code most of the weapons so they upgrade into the new weapon * I have to figure out how to create Dran's tower in the center of the map I have to settle on the initial stats for each character I have to code the Georama system into the game properly * Figure out how to make elemental attachments increase the elemental power of the weapon. Beyond this, I'm very pleased with how cooperative this is going. Any questions? I will be more than happy to share what I plan to do with this game. Ask away! And do you think I should make a Japanese and European version as well? If so, it will probably be made with a translator like google or something like that, so if you know of any good translator software or internet translation sites, please include it with your comments. * in the game, but doesn't do anything.
  4. Hirador

    Dark Cloud Remake update! v0.1.5

    I think the reason is that there was a temporary glitch with the system. Try to play it again, and if it is still broken, it should be fixed by my next update.
  5. Hi! I've got the new update. Here's what's new. Introduction cut seen. clearer path of what to do. Dark Cloud weapons script. Other scripts. Other stuff I think. Removed macho's sword. And the link! : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fm4r6rxyprs7fz8/Dark%20Cloud%20RPG%20Maker%20edition%20v0.1.5.exe?dl=0 *This entry is outdated! Please go to my latest entry!*
  6. Hi! I'd like to announce a remake that people were requesting for a long time. One of the first RPGs to come out for PS2. Dark Cloud! I have been making it for a wile and would like to finally release my first level. Eventually, I'd like to make the first world the demo and the rest of the game the complete and the demon shaft + Chronicle 2 Special edition. Here is what I have so far= (link removed) The mayor + items received at beginning of game Norune Village theme added Divine Beast Cave theme added Dasher added Skeleton soldier added Bat added Norune Village added World map added Macho's house and Characters added Macho sword added Baselard sword added all Toan's Swords created Xiao's wooden sling shot added Toan and Xiao added Atla added treasure chests added I plan to change the items as the game becomes more complete. As of right now, I am the only one developing the game, so please be patient! Anyone willing to give me content to add is more then welcome to do so. They will be credited for there help and if they give me anything from someone else's website, I will either credit the owner or the site. Helpers will get the limited edition of the game when it comes out. That will take additional time as well, so you might end up waiting longer. Please give me your thoughts and most of all, have fun! PS: I will not reveal the location where I hid the Macho sword. You must find it yourself! North-center is the Mayor's house. South-East is the cave. *This entry is out dated! Please look at my latest entry!*
  7. Hirador

    Dark Cloud 2 Remake!

    Now I'm not an expert or anything, but I think it might be possible. The weapon upgrades shouldn't be that big of a problem. The 3 biggest problems is the Georama, and the random dungeon floors. The Georama is mind boggling to me right now. I don't think you can do it unless you have several copies of the map and after each item placed, you'd have to make the player go to an "edit" mode where he/she can walk to a specific place and have a pop up box say something like,"are you sure you want to place this here?" Maybe have the Georama items as regular items that have the option to be placed down. Maybe a crafting house in palm brings to make the Georama items. If this can be made possible, I think the Georama will be more possible then you think. The random dungeon floors will be a challenge. I don't think this is possible without a random generating code for the level. You can make several maps and have them spawn like that. I think though this part can be left out without any problems. If the Georama can be dealt with, everything should be a breeze! Weapon upgrades can have a script that once you have leveled up, you can change them into something else through a weapon's shop or something, right? (I don't really know yet, but maybe not). Even the inventing can be possible. Interact with a special item to get an idea. Open it in inventory to see the requirements. Take it back to Max's shop to show the idea to Fredric or an idea table. If all required photos are present, give player the recipe. Show the recipe to the table again with the ingredients to make the item. Oh yeah, I think it is possible. Good luck and can't wait to see the results!