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  1. Sovereignty: TCG

    The AI is now seven cards smarter and finally has a full deck of 30 to play with so I thought it worthwhile to provide a new build. I doubt I'll provide another now until I've given every NPC a personalised deck (which could take a while). In other news, free card Wednesdays is now a thing. Just pop along to the shop on that day for a booster of your choice. And then, just to flesh out this post a bit, here's the title screen and trailer I made recently Title: Trailer: If you want to give it a go then here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrzc6tjjwhxe63b/Sovereignty V5.2.2.exe?dl=0
  2. Trailers are a lot of work:


    1. Chaosian


      Shit man, looks absolutely awesome though.
      I did not expect to see this ever getting even this far. Supremely legit.

    2. Tarq


      Thanks dude. Always nice to hear a kind word :)

  3. Made a title screen after all this time: hZRgP8a.png

  4. Sovereignty: TCG

    Time for another update by my reckoning. (Its a touch slimmer this time around as I was a little unwell for a couple of weeks.) First things first. Here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qk34qrdvdmfsrvl/Sovereignty V5.2.1.exe?dl=0 So, my favourite thing with this update is the basic time/day system I put together. It gives the player a slight suggestion of progression and allows me to make a few time-based events like weekly tournaments and card giveaways. You can see the first system in place actually; that card with a name next to it is a targetted skirmish and you get double moneys for winning in time The enemy AI can play three more cards; Two Counter cards and a Battlefield card. I'll probably start work on customizing the enemy decks/AIs for the next updateso it should be actually fun to play pretty soon. There's also that new shop I linked a vid for a while back: There's a bit more to this update in this second spoiler. I've wrote it a few times now and for some reason the unspoiler after the YT link just...isn't working?
  5. 'Well, we had our first child on th NHS, and can you belive we had to wait nine months?!'

  6. Pretty much how I spent the weekend:


    1. Rikifive


      Shopkeeper Carpets? Nice! :D 


      Also there's a typo "pahse" at 0:11. :P 

    2. Tarq


      Oh no. Cannot unsee carpets.

    3. Rezanta


      Lol Riki at it again.

  7. And with the latest build out I think I'm due a couple of days reprieve

    (or at least the pleasant thought of one).

  8. Sovereignty: TCG

    I wanted to make the game a little more UX-friendly this time around so here's a list of some of the changes in that regard: There's new cards ofc. Not just those Battlefield cards above but also Counter cards. Counter cards work like Command cards but can only be played in response to something your opponent plays (dw, the game prompts you when its okay to play them). All the new cards are available for free by going to the card shop (...the, uh, person(?) whose face is a card on the overworld). The really big news though is that the game is now BUG FREE!!! Okay, not quite. But all the problems that caused it to crash or sieze up during skirmishes have been solved thanks to some rejigging of the base systems while I was implementing the Counter cards. There's still some minor stuff with certain cards but I'd be surprised if anyone ran into anything serious this time. What's that? A link, you say? Well. Alright. Just this once: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7kvn01eui6bcqe/Sovereignty V.5.1.exe?dl=0 Don't tell your mother.
  9. @TheoAllen made a really cool transition tutorial over on the other forums. You can check it out here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/ace-how-to-make-evented-transition-effect.93025/

    1. Kayzee


      Hmmmm, you know I tend to use transitions a ton for various things (mostly as a replacement for normal fades) but I don't know if I ever had a need to use it during events like this. One trick I did do with it though was use Graphics.freeze in an event before a battle so I could clear pictures without updating the screen. That might be a handy trick for people who want to display pictures momentarily before a battle. I believe Graphics.freeze doesn't update anything if the graphics are already frozen.

    2. TobiObito4ever


      Oooh... Interesting. I'll look into that in the future.

  10. Sovereignty: TCG

    Just dropping by to say Sovereignty now has over 100 cards! (read: 101) I'm not providing a new build today as the new cards need more work done but I will show the new card type I mentioned in the last update. Battlefield cards! ...yes.Trow cards. Can't count to trow yet? GitGud. (I dont have a background for this one yet) Each of these cards make some slight changes how the game is played and can have a significant impact on playstyle/deckbuilding. The change in background image was just for funsies . I also have plans for another new card type that is going to do way more to up the strategy and dynamics but that is going to require some big changes to the base systems which I'm not willing to mess around with for, jeez, at least another week :3 Man, how far this has come since the first prototype.
  11. Started making a trailer for Sovereignty but there's so much I'd like to show that it seems impossible to keep down to just a couple of minutes,

    1. Chaosian


      Nah, that's how you know you have the potential for a good trailer! I have to do a lot of quick cuts to keep the pace high.

  12. Sovereignty: TCG

    Three weeks already huh? No wonder I have so much stuff to show off here. Art: Gameplay: Hmm, I know there's been other stuff but I can't remember it. Well, you'll see if you play I guess. As ever, thoughts, feedback,bug reports all hugely appreciated. Here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzv8r5s6rlyfwfv/Sovereignty V5.exe?dl=0
  13. TarqWorldMap.png

    :/ Its 640 x 480 but the gallery shrinks it for some reason. Will be the correct dimensions if you right click and save though.
  14. TarqStuff

    Words. Good ones. None of those frou-frou ones.
  15. @SaeryenA lot of discussion is aimed (for lack of a better word) at you because you represent the other side. It would be pretty nonsensical, never mind quite difficult, to debate with the people we agree with, no? That being said, again, I've seen absolutely nothing mean-spirited in this discussion. Even @ShinNessTen behaved himself :3 Nothing has been said specifically about your game, only games that show symptoms of being bad games. if you're concerned that you're seeing those symptoms in your game then your choices are: 1) Keep doing what you're doing because its your game. No-one has any business telling you not to because its your time and money. 2) Consider what changes would be necessary to make the game better in the eyes of the majority. Instead, you are attempting to demand a third option where others play what they consider bad games, which is unreasonable because then you're making demands on other's time and money (see option 1). Its comparable to demanding that someone who dislikes pop music must listen to the radio since, eventually, they will find one or two songs tolerable amongst hours of dissatisfaction when they knew, beforehand, that this would be the case. This didn't really start out as a discussion about social ideology but since you are determined to 'view the effects on other people' then lets try approaching that third scenario in the way Shin said earlier: For the purposes of making your game more viable (and therefore make you happy) you want others to lower their standards and spend gruelling hours playing through games they know, from past experiences, that they will not enjoy (which makes them unhappy). It just isn't going to happen. Nor should it. So, again, no-one has said to stop making your game (so far as I can see no-one has even criticised it). Frankly, my own opinion is that you should be making your game because you enjoy the very act of game creation, not for whatever happens afterwards. However, if you get agitated because you merely suspect someone is criticising your game then perhaps it is best to stop because some people think the Venus DeMilo looks like rubble (by the by,you don't get to decide whether someone else's criteria of a good game is 'superficial'; the subjectivity card cuts both ways).