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  1. Chibi's Let's plays

    Okay, I'll see what I can do
  2. Chibi's Let's plays

    Yeah, a lot of those things were fixed/adjusted; text speed, cutscenes, and the big two problems where you were able to destroy cards stronger than you and attack the enemy directly when enemy troops were on the field. Those last two basically meant that whether things worked or not was pretty much random which must have made the game incredibly confusing for you It was useful to me to see some of the erratic behaviour of some of the cards like Erupt! and whatever is going on with the coin randomly appearing (thats what the giant silver 'H' was btw) although I'm sure it must have been a drag for you. I really appreciate you sticking with it, I probably would have given myself a concussion from facepalming by the end. The game autosaves when you quit, I guess I should communicate that and how the card shop works; maybe add a map/menu section to the tutorial. You mentioned the card UI could be improved but I'm not really good at that stuff. Other than what you said above,is there much else that you think might improve that side of things? (Oh, and 'Words' are what I put for cutscenes I didn't get 'round to making yet xD) Thanks again though, really.
  3. Sovereignty: TCG

    Never got 'round to fixing this until just now. So here's the link for working (hopefully!) build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7fx1x0tyf3e6g5/Sovereignty V.Chibs.exe?dl=0 Tbh, I'd been feeling so terrible about stopping working on it when it was in such a state that I kind of tried to distance myself even further. Not great logic, obviously. But now that everything's a-ok I'll probably get to work on it again.
  4. Chibi's Let's plays

    Edit: Okay. Scrabbled around. Fixed one of the two major issues and, while I haven't had a chance to test, I suspect it may have been the cause of the other major issue too. Guess I'll see from your LP :3 Do you stream them live as well? I'd hate to miss it if you do. Here's the latest link https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7fx1x0tyf3e6g5/Sovereignty V.Chibs.exe?dl=0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, just saw your message on discord. So, here's a slightly less buggy version for you <removed> But, idk, its still kinda broken and might not be much fun to play :/
  5. Moved to Recruitment.
  6. Hello again (i got banned?!?)

    Hey Chadzter. Your account hasn't been banned and Idk why you seem to think it is (it should also go without saying that probably no-one in the history of the internet has been banned for the reason you're suggesting). If you're having trouble logging into your old account just try the usual stuff like resetting your password and send us a screeny via this account & thread if you're getting any weird error message.
  7. I made rice crispy squares :3

    1. lonequeso


      Regular or.... special? :P


      Rice Krispies are awesome! I hope whoever invented them won a Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, how could they not?

  8. Been in a manga mood lately. Haikyu is easily the best one I've read so far.

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    2. Tarq


       Add Puella Madoka Magicka and Humanity Has Declined to your list. Always trying to get people to watch those.

    3. Takeo212


      Puella Madoka I think I already saw the ending of (huzzah for AMVs) but I do wanna check it out regardless.

      Humanity Has Declined is new to me though, so I'll check it out sometime next week :D


      Finishing watching Dragonball Kai first~


      Thanks Tarq~

    4. Tarq


      Eww Toei. Stay away from anything those guys touch. I have no idea why they keep getting moneys.


      Humanity Has Declined is kind of hard to find (or was a few years ago) so you might have better luck finding it by its Japanese title (which Idk off the top of my head)

  9. Sometimes people are envious of my fast metabolism. Pretty sure my body is just really inefficient with calories :3

  10. oh hi

    Hey, welcome to the forums. Always nice to see a new face in the maker scene
  11. Good to see several businesses seriously upping their green game recently :) 

  12. Mucking about making a Dishonored-esque stealth game.

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    2. lonequeso


      I played the first one, and yes it was. Stealth games can be fun if done properly. Idk how well a program like RPG Maker would handle it. The best stealth games make great use of your environment. Shadows to hide in, and sounds that can attract or distract enemies. I suppose you could use terrain tags to make "shadow tiles". I'm sure you could script conditions based on how loud SE's play (footsteps, attacks, various environmental elements. There is a Proximity Script for Ace- not sure about MV- that lets enemies "see" the player. 


      The pieces are there, but I wonder if 3D is the better route to go. Alien Isolation is the best stealth game I've played recently, mainly because the PC is pretty frail compared to the enemies. Assassin's Creed has always had pretty good stealth elements, too.

    3. Chaosian


      I started one. Ended up fighting with RPG Maker too much.
      If I pick it up again, I'd probably do it in Unreal, GoDot, or something of the sort. More power to you though.

    4. Asharonapaul


      Alien Isolation is amazing af

  13. What I have been up to lately.

    The turn handling sounds a bit like One Way Heroics, which was a pretty decent game. Do you support diagonal movement? Good that the enemies sound a bit more than just stat dumps but hopefully there's more on offer than what you said so far; a couple more easy ones would be teleporting enemies, or 'fast' enemies that move multiple squares per turn. Fairies seem to be becoming a bit more vogue in gaming lately so hopefully you can ride that wave for some extra support
  14. Nigel Farage's tweet on a trainline stopping selling a certain newspaper:

    "We are heading in a worrying direction. Banning things because you don’t like them solves nothing."

    ...Unlike your continued attempts at banning people from our country?

    1. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      I feel for you! At least you are not living in Scandinavia where politicians screwing us over is par for the course >_>

  15. Read through a previous blog post from around this time last year and feel like doing a followup of that socially conscious type stuff. So, life's still pretty messy right now, eh? We keep seeing everything Brexit and Trump touch getting worse, yet we don't stop them. Granted, props to the yank's courts and some politicians for taking firm stands against Trump at times; they deserve a lot of respect for standing up against someone as downright dangerous as that dotard :3 I guess its weird for me to see people dig their heels in rather than just concede making mistakes. Remember when people considered recognising errors and learning from them to be a positive trait? For people who aren't keeping score with Brexit it currently looks like this: -We pay a tremendous divorce bill that will likely range between £40-£60 billion. Would you like me to write that out with zeros? Remember that a huge campaign point to leave was all the extra money we'd save by not contributing to the EU. -We will continue to be aligned with the European Courts. ...But we'll have sovereignity* ofc (no, not that rad card game). Even, if this wasn't the case, sovereignty would have minimal impact on a layperson; it just means some other asshole rules over you...and its not like we've got any particularly competent people in office atm. And that applies to both major partys. *You will not have sovereignty. No substitions or refunds. -We're begging for access the single market and customs union. And ofc we would. Unfortunately, see above. The overwhelming majority of EU policy is for the purpose of harmonious trade. Wont oblige? Then you don't get access to the single market. And all that legislative nonsense about worker's rights. Well, why do you workers want that anyways? You've got just enough sovereignity so that companies can eliminate H&S standards for marginal profit (but hey, its not like you can put a price on human life otherwise). -Immigration has been reduced. Or, the 'no-one wants to live here anymore effect'. Aww ****. Now who's going to toil the fields while I play xbox? Don't be surprised when the same legal migrants we belittled and shoved out are given a golden handshake in five years to return. Guess who foots that bill. -Inflation is ballooning. Y'know how before Brexit people were saying, 'Mannn, the acceleration in inequality is really problematic.' Yeah, that's not better now. Sorry, I don't want this to be too Brexit-centric (although, obviously I'm more informed on UK politics). One of the most interesting aspects of it though is the refusal by both major parties for a second referendum. I kind of agree since the alternative is to regularly revote on this topic in case the consensus ever generally does favour leaving again. My main issue though is that 52-48 is not a clear enough result and we should have set a threshold figure, say 70%, to warrant this would-be massive change; if there was a genuine majority politicians wouldn't have to pussyfoot around issues to avoid damaging re-election prospects. Sorry again, its really hard not to get dragged into this ¬.¬ So, we're still seeing a raise in the political far-right. Jeez, we still might lose Merkel. She's really the last, best hope for humanity right now. One of the more amusing things about this is the British general populace's inability to recognise what the far-right is. Recently, its a become a catch-all insult used by airheads if someone says something they disagree with. Same as snowflake. As a literary man it saddens me to see language become the casualty of politics. Actually, one more fascinating thing about Brexit. A lot of people who voted for it admonish Trump; "Trump is racist, Trump's an isolationist, Trump only puts his own interests first.". Its phenomenal to me that they can say this with a straight face. Climate change is still, well, changing the climate. We're actually seeing some improvement in that regard when it comes to infrastructure, but the attitude of the general populace is still the issue. What's crazy is we're really seeing effects, even here in mild-weathered Britain. When grids go down businesses lose money. Those wildfires in the states aren't free for governments to put out. No-one benefits, people almost universally recognise it as 'man-made' climate change yet we continue to behave this way. Its unfathomable to me. Amusingly, someone actually tried to scold me at work this year for turning the lights off in rooms that weren't in use (naturally I reminded them they were not my line manager and that other's shouldn't have to suffer because they're too lazy to raise their arm when entering an exitting a room; Mama Nature's a milf folks, lets help her maintain her youthful exuberance). Automation scares were a big deal a this year; Heck, 'they took his jooob' was practically a campaign slogan for Trump back in '16. Here's the funny thing about automation and any form of universal basic income; they'll almost definitely never happen (or, at least, in such a watered down form as to be unrecognisable). And its largely because of the people these systems would benefit. Now I'm not talking about the truly down-and-outs like the homeless, the beggars or the otherwise unemployed; they have zero to lose. Its the working classes and smaller merchant classes. And yes, these people would overwhelmingly gain from such social advances but they would lose something, and that something is purely cerebral; they would lose the perceived meaning of the labour (and all the associated struggles of just getting by) that they've performed 'til now. Perhaps more importantly they would lose a level of distinction; out-earning others provides a sense of accomplishment; from this we can gather that some level of inequality is actually desirable by some (to an extent, myself included I suppose). My observations have been that the outright racism that sparked last year's entry has largely cooled down. In fact, everything kind of has. Maybe its the emptier bellies lowering motivation. Maybe the reduced immigration figures means we see less supposedly objectionable people. My view is that people are pretty regularly engaging in complete disassociation with the world; we read about Kimmyboy in Korea, how we're Putin up with the Ruskies, and that Trump's always got something funny to say. And then we just go about our day. I suppose its kind of necessary; its out of our hands anyways right? But it feels like people are really sincerely trying to find happiness now, to force it, because who knows when the bomb is going to drop. Well, I've been at this a while now and more will probably follow in the comments so now here's Tom with the weather...