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  1. Mmm. Its been a long time. How's everyone keeping?

    (And how are some of my favourite members in particular? @Rikifive @Kayzee @lonequeso )

    1. Rikifive


      Hey, hey, it's been ages indeed! Good to see you again! 😁

      I'm still here; working on these silly things of mine. 👀


      How about you? How are things going?

    2. Tarq


      Cool! Anything new to show?

      Did you go back to your MLP project after?


      Yeah, life's been great but super busy. Took up dancing and got a sidegig acting so I haven't had any free time for the better part of two years. Now there's this lockdown I've no idea what to do with myself 😅

    3. Rikifive


      Hmmm... not really? 😛 I've been working on various things, but everything is still far from completion, heh.

      I'm switching between projects quite often... Currently I'm working on a metroidvania and this is the latest progress:



      Some other things can be found in my profile, nothing too exciting though.

      As for the RPG I was working on initially ... I think ... that I doubt I'll get back to it. The scale is too big to handle while having real life job, so I guess I can say, that my job killed that project. I'm trying to work on smaller projects and even these go slowly, heh..


      Hey nice! That's great to hear you're trying things! My real life isn't exciting in any way, it's that endless loop of the same boring job. 😅 👍

      Oh yeah, I see. I normally go to work despite the quarantine, so I can't complain on having too much of free time. 😛


      Glad to hear you're doing fine. 👍

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