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    Help Summon Aeon System

    Hey sorry about the late reply, had a busy week. I tried your method and it works! I just had to play with the skill cooldown and the respawn time to get the summon to not respawn 2 time with using the skill again. Thank you so much for the help!
  2. jtKen1191

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Yes the screenshots would help me out. It will help me see ifI did it correctly
  3. jtKen1191

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Ok so I tried to add that and it still didn't work. BUT when I added a time to the common event and a parallel process event to deal with timer the skill calls the summon each time. Only problem I've run into now is when the summon is slain, the summon will not summon when the skill is used again. How can I heal the summon once the timer is up?
  4. jtKen1191

    Help Summon Aeon System

    Hey thanks for the reply. I tried just calling the common event through the note tags but the enemy(ally) event didn't respond to the common event that called the switch to activate the event changing to an ally. It only worked when I called the event in effects. 2) Self switch A is triggered when Ryoma Dies which is in the Enemy note tag box. Last image which causes the event page with the self switch A to turn on. That page has the turn summon off switch off. I will add turning the self switch B of to see if that works.
  5. Hey everyone! OK, I've run into a problem with creating a summon skill that summons an ally to help you fight.(Aeon Basically). The scripts that I am currently using are Falcao Pearl ABS and the Battle Royale Add-On. The problem that I run into is that once the summoned ally dies I can't call them back through the skill. I created the normal skill in the Falcao Pearl system where it call the common event that deals with the summoned character. The common event then takes the X and Y coordinates of the player and have the empty event I created for the summon, move the the location of the player, and turns on a switch that activates the empty event and turns it into the summoned ally. Then the ally works fine but when he dies i cannot get the skill to work again and call the summon back. I've tried the self switch when the ally dies but it doesn't work. Some help with this issue would greatly be appreciated. Image 1 is the skill. The note tags for the skill is User Graphic = nil User Anime Speed = 60 Tool Cooldown = 500 Tool Graphic = nil Tool Index = 0 Tool Size = 1 Tool Distance = 1 Tool Effect Delay = 12 Tool Destroy Delay = 20 Tool Speed = 6 Tool Cast Time = 120 Tool Cast Animation = 141 Tool Blow Power = 0 Tool Piercing = true Tool Animation When = acting Tool Animation Repeat = false Tool Special = common_event 2 Tool Target = false Tool Invoke Skill = 0 Tool Guard Rate = 0 Tool Knockdown Rate = 0 Tool Sound Se = nil Tool Cooldown Display = true Tool Item Cost = 0 Tool Short Jump = true Tool Through = true Tool Priority = 1 Tool Hit Shake = false Tool Self Damage = false Tool Combo Tool = nil Second image is of the common event for the skill. Images 3-6 is of the ally event page. Last image is of the enemy note tag.
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