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    Hello, The site is online, please check again. That was an old maintenance message that had not been removed, it was set as the default message for site maintenance but has been fixed. Once again, instead of making a post here and waiting, it would be faster and easier to private message us to resolve. Edit: I also noticed you have a list and you put my name as the creator, would you mind giving credit to Safire Games instead?
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    Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢

    A previous Admin had approved it and we had a store page previously under game progression. As per your requirements, we have added on the game progression line that it is a commercial game and we have included the cost. It may have been faster to resolve this through a private message, and if you have anymore issues feel free to private message me as responses will be faster. Thank you for your time, Frost
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    Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢

    Our game is now released, check it out! http://www.safiregames.com/?q=node/31 Thank you everyone!
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    Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢

    Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢ Summary: Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢ is a farming game where you save the town and bring peace back! Genre: Our game is a farming/fantasy/dungeon style RPG. -Made with RPG Maker VX Ace Game Progression: Our game is released as a commercial game for $5 USD! Check it out! http://www.safiregames.com/?q=node/3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story: In a world where peace was stolen, you must find a way to bring it back.... You play as a simple farmer, traveling into a new town you'd like to call home, when you arrive you meet the mayor and he shows you around. In the middle of your town-tour you walk upon the towns prized possession, their peace crystal. You're amazed of how beautiful the crystal is, and you can sense its strong powers, but suddenly something terrible happens. It's stolen right before you! Now it is up to you to restore the towns crystal and bring back peace they once had and stop the thief before its to late! Character Bios: Our game has over 40 characters! Here is a few of their bios: Captain Ryan Captain Ryan is a ship captain who brings you to the town, and he runs the boat dock as one of the head Captains. He is very sweet but will stand his ground when he needs to. He is good at giving advice and tries to help as much as possible, people learn alot from him! Brian Brian owns a little shop outside the farm where he buys your crops and sells you seeds. He gets easily bored with how "slow" his shop goes. He likes to talk alot, sometimes making things awkward and asking questions that are weird. He has a wife named Carly who runs their house with a pink, iron fist. Poor ol' Brian! Jennifer Jennifer works at the bar as a waitress, she was lost and homeless but Ellis, the bar owner, helped her get a place to live and gave her a job. She tries to be as nice as she can, but her employer only allows so much while she's on-shift. She is the only one with bunny ears, so she thinks of herself as different, usually walking in the forest alone while off-work. Jay Jay works at the restaurant, along with the talk-less Chef and her sister, Emily. She seems a bit dumb at first, often showing no common sense, but she is actually very smart secretly. She usually doesn't stand up to anything but she will put her foot down to make her lazy cousin, Dave, come to the restaurant and work. She is good friends with his wife, Bailey. Madi Madi owns the coffee shop and runs it by herself. She is very down-to-earth and straight-forward with people, which make alot of people scared of her, or maybe its just her hair! She is close friends with Jeremy, people often say she has a crush on him, but they avoid any questions asked. They both LOVE to drink coffee together, and love to drink it any hour of the day too! Credits: Quentin/Burn Jess/Frost Galv Enterbrain Mack Titanhex Erangot Ayene Gmork Khas Cybersam Moghunter Gotmilk Tsarcube DeadS0L Avadan -Sen? Stormkat/StormCat Molegato GubiD Venka Yanfly Raizen Screenshots: Features: Custom farming system where you can plant crops, let them grow, and sell them later when they are fully grown | Fishing system where you can catch fish to cook/sell (thanks to Galv) | Unique battler system (thanks to Molegato, Copyright © 2012, Raúl Martínez, All rights reserved.) (Animated battlers art by Frost/Jess) | Crafting system to where you can cook and make your tools (thanks to GubiD and Venka) | We eventually hope to add in other features like a marriage system, changeable clothes, changeable characters, a tileset remodel, and even add-ons. We will have future updates, though it may take time! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope everyone will enjoy this game when it releases! We've put the game on Kickstarter ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850772666/noujou-seikatsutm ) and hope to get a Steam Greenlight license as soon as we have the money to do so. We've worked hard on this game and believe it can be something great! We will be doing future updates to make it better and better over time, and we hope everyone will see potential in this game. We want to thank everyone for supporting us so far, we really enjoy this and want to make this our career! Thank you everyone! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Post For RMVX-Ace, The Showroom | Safire Gamesâ„¢ Noujou Seikatsuâ„¢