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  1. after a fatal computer error that caused me to lose ALL my stuffs :( I'm FINALLY BACK <3<3<3

    1. OMG_Crash


      only a casual 2 months gone :(

    2. Necromedes


      I've had that happen to me several times myself... I feel your pain...

  2. I'm finally back after completing the entire ruby tutorial on codeacademy <3

    1. Glasses


      Congrats. Learnt anything useful?

    2. OMG_Crash


      actually alot, I feel more than ready to tackle my next scripting challenge now!

    3. Glasses


      Nice! What's your next scripting challenge?

  3. Crashsteps (an enhanced footsteps script) hi, and welcome to my first script release. I was planning to make this part of a dual release, but I'm having some difficulty with my second script and it looks like it may take some time to get my head around it so I thought I'd let you guys have this one first introduction Credits Features Required Scripts Compatibility Links if you are having any problems with this script, please leave a description of the problem you are having below. if the script is not working/playing sound, please use play-test mode and view the console, the console will print if the file name is incorrect. check this before commenting. Custom footstep sounds should always be placed in "Audio\SE"
  4. My appologies for not creating much music in the past few weeks, I've been pre-occupied with scripting ^_^. -- Expect my "Crashsteps" script soon =D

  5. OMG_Crash

    Crash's Music Park

    Not Just a Temple series uploaded!
  6. OMG_Crash

    Crash's Music Park

    @TheGuardian Thankyou for the kind words! My appologies for the late reply I was staying with a friend for the past week, the joys of attempting to complete Grandia 1, 2, 3 and XTreme in 7 days =) Happy days @everyone else: I decided to randomly upload a sound effect, because.. you know.. I can
  7. OMG_Crash

    CSCA Achievements

    Is it just me, or is Casper's website down? I'm unable to access any of the links. are they backed up anywhere? or is this a temporary issue?
  8. OMG_Crash

    Crash's Music Park

    Thankyou for the support Allusion! Truth be told I've never really had anyone to evaluate my work, so the only thing I have is comparison to others, and I think we all see the flaws in our own work better than in others, maybe I'm better than I think.. Or maybe I was just in the zone when I made!! but hey, if you enjoy it, it doesn't matter how good you are, you should never give it up, right? *cue next comment: "give it up"* xD EDIT: 30th May 2014 UPDATE ::: New BGM - Cave Of Mystery uploaded! =)
  9. OMG_Crash

    Crash's Music Park

    Thanks TheoAllen! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and don't worry, I plan on making this forum a some-what home of mine =) I'm sure you'll see me around
  10. OMG_Crash

    Crash's Music Park

    Hello and welcome to my first RPGMaker VXACE community post! This post is for my music, what I create, any edits I've done etc. I AM only a novice, but I guess we all have to start somewhere. Please note that my output rate isn't GREAT, as I DO do this only as a hobby These are the rules for my songs please quickly scan before listening and read fully before using With all that out of the way, here are my project(s)..: [to be continuously updated and added to as songs are released] BGMs: [battleMusic][Pre-Looped]Come At Me - Crash [Dungeon][Pre-looped]Cave Of Mystery - Crash [bGM]Crash - Not Just a Temple Series Sound effects: [Menu]error Remakes:: (Please note, these remakes may still be protected under copyright laws and therefore credit to the original author MUST be given and use of these songs are for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. I have only remade them so as to add looping points in for use in personal projects, If using in a commercial product PLEASE CHECK whether the original is still protected by copyright law, I will hold no responsibility for improper use of materials) If you would like a song remade or a loop added to an existing song, please contact me on here and I will see what I can do! Alternatively, you can try contacting me through my skype: "crashes2ashes" and we can talk on there. [Remake][Grandia]End Of The World - Noriyuki Iwadare