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  1. RavenBlueIndigo is a mind rapist, beware! :P

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    2. UberMedic7


      mind-blown.... hehe....

    3. LadyMinerva


      lol xD Not the kind of thing you always run into though...

    4. Heartfeltcurse


      The court of Law finds that... Phraktol is guilty of being mind-raped by Ravenblueindigo, and therefore, phraktol shall receive 25 years of inprisonment, no early release possible. *bangs hammer* case dismissed.

  2. I've been collaborating on music with a few folks, much more to come, but I'd love a listen and a comment on my songs so far! https://soundcloud.com/crowboat-1

    1. RavenBlueIndigo


      Not bad. But it needs more cowbell.

    2. phraktol


      needs so much moar cowball

  3. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Sorry I havent posted in a while, Mr.PowPow and Meiri, I haven't forgotten about you guys! I will get your songs finished asap!! @Kuronekox, after I'm done with their requests I may open up for more requests! Until then I always appreciate comments and downloads on the free songs I have up on my soundcloud!
  4. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Sure! I'll get started once I'm done with Mr.PowPows
  5. Still taking on ONE free music request! Need a song for your game? Check my thread for info! I'd also love to hear your feedback on my current songs! Here's the thread: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25801-free-music-and-ill-take-some-requests/

    1. The Dragon God

      The Dragon God

      Still got room for one more? Need a song

  6. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Ok cool, I'll give it a shot! This'll be my first time doing 'battle music' so hopefully it turns out good (I've been hesitant to try a battle theme yet, but this will be a good opportunity to try!)
  7. Want some free music? I'm taking two more requests! Check out my thread! http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25801-free-music-and-ill-take-some-requests/

  8. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Finished the song for LadyMinerva! Would love to hear some feedback from you guys on these songs or any of my other ones.. I'll also take 2 more requests!!! Read the original post for my requirements! Here's the song I made for LadyMinerva:
  9. Got a midi keyboard! My music production is going to be on a whole nother level! :)

  10. phraktol

    Video Game Inspired Album *Released*

    Loved it man, when I got some extra dough in my Paypal account I'll pick up a copy! Great work! We should definitely collab some time
  11. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Update 1: Finished Kotori-Chan's request. I'll get yours done ASAP LadyMinerva! Would love to hear you guys' feedback about the new song! Hope you all like it!
  12. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Thanks so much! I'll be waiting! Alrighty, I took a listen to the songs you had available and I have some very nice things to say! 16-Bit something - Reminds me a lot of the music from games like Castlevania because it has that creepy feeling around and it really feels like I'm in a dungeon or a castle with a sense of danger lurking around... I have a way to compare them somehow lol, very nice overall I really like that one! Trail of War - Love the chorus to add that sense of uneasiness in the song, a great ambience to use in games that have some tension before the climax. Not Quite Sure - Same thing like Trail of War, the ambience and some kind of dark echo (kind of like a wind sound; had headphones on though lol) but much calmer and it gradually decreases the tension in my opinion. Very nice! Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it!
  13. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    Ok, LadyMinerva! I'll start messing with something for you as well! So I have my 2 requests and I will be working on them. I may take on a few more afterwards! Thanks for the interest so far, and if you're interested in giving a critique of my songs I have up, I'd love to hear your overall thoughts! feel free to comment on the song itself or here in the thread, I'd appreciate some good constructive criticism.
  14. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    ok! I will work on something for you this evening!
  15. phraktol

    Free Music and I'll take some Requests!

    can you provide me with a couple example tracks to listen to? just something to get me inspired
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