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  1. Autumnal

    Passive/SOS Skills Tutorial (No Scripts)

    dinhbat3, I know that there are scripts for it, but I like to try and figure things out without scripting, just a bit of a hobby of mine, I suppose.
  2. Autumnal

    Idea For The Opening Of My Game

    Thank you, Tsarmina! I do have the voice samples all recorded and they sound good, I just need to come up with some pictures or perhaps an area or two to pan across.
  3. Autumnal

    Idea For The Opening Of My Game

    Yes, I certainly wasn't going to have it as only text. I actually DID want to do an Earthbound style opening where it sort of pans over the beginning area, and there will definitely be something other than text on a background. I agree that that's no fun at all either. Thank you again for your input!
  4. Autumnal

    Idea For The Opening Of My Game

    Hmm, I see. Thank you for your input. The only thing is that I know a few people who get bored very easily with RPGs if something is not happening right away. Using a text intro allows me to skip otherwise potentially boring and unengaging gameplay, and get the player right into the action, but I will consider an alternative. Thanks again!
  5. Hello all. Me and a few of my friends have been working on a game for a week or two now, and one of my friends is in charge of all the sprites and tilesets, so I can't really advance too much more until he gets a little more of his work done. So in the meantime, I've been working on an idea of my own game. The general premise is that you take control of a lonely otaku suffering from depression and he begins to loathe life, shutting himself in his room with only the things he loves. He then slips even deeper in his depression and stops communicating with people around him and never leaves his house. Until one day something happens and he's forced to leave the comfort zone of his room and is set out on an adventure of sorts. I want this game to have a very Earthbound-y feel, with ridiculous NPCs bordering on silly, clever dialogue, and interesting enemies. Although, instead of enemies bordering on the silly and weird side of things, I'd like them to instead border on creepy and strange, because I want most of what's going on to be how the main character sees the world. Okay, I've rambled on long enough. I've come up with an opening of sorts that will allow you to see things the way that the main character does. So I'll be putting text on the screen. I'll post the text below, and I'd like to know if it's interesting or engaging enough to make you want to play it, or continue on with the story. Or, is it too deep for an opening of a game, or even too shallow? Is it too much text to start a game with? (I also planned on perhaps doing some voice acting behind it.) Thanks in advance for your opinions. Without further ado, here we go. "Every day it's the same. Wake up, go to school or work and force yourself to be around people." "People who judge. People who hate. People who you learn to hate." "Mother always taught you to be kind, and that what goes around, comes around. That if you're kind, honest and open, other, like-minded people will begin to gather around you." "But Mother never taught you that everyone is two faced. People use others. Hurt others." "Lie, cheat and steal from others. And maybe, that's how you develop depression. You let yourself become vulnerable, open to people, and they take advantage of that." "Well, I was sick of it. So I stopped going to school. I stopped talking with Mother, and everyone all together." "And I shut myself in my room with my video games, anime, and manga. I made a world just for me. One filled with only the things I like. I can't be hurt here, alone in my room, right?" "At least, that's what I thought... But it's all a distraction. Just a distraction from the outside world, and how much it truly sucks." "But now, I'm just alone with my thoughts. My depression, anxiety, self-consciousness and loneliness are all mine and mine alone. It's tearing me apart... But the worst part is..." "I still haven't decided if it's better this way or not." Thanks again for your input! Also, I'm still pretty new here, so if it doesn't belong here, feel free to move or delete it.
  6. Autumnal

    Passive/SOS Skills Tutorial (No Scripts)

    It's probably because you can't force an actor to use a revive spell if they're already dead.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm really new here, but I'm kind of proud of the Passive Skill ability I found out using no scripts. (I do have scripts running, but they do not affect how this script works!) If you're a newbie too, hopefully this helps you out, and if you're an expert, maybe you can give me tips to streamline it! For those unaware, Passive Skills are skills that are unable to be used, instead, they activate automatically, usually under certain conditions. Anyway, without furthur ado, here's what it looks like outside of battle: And here's what the skil looks like in battle. Notice how the skills are greyed out so you can't manually activate them. Here's the Berserk Passive skill activating automatically, healing him of Berserk and making him immune to it. And here's SOS Critical in action: Okay, so let's get down to how. First you need to make a Passive skill, then give it to all the characters (either through the Actor or Class tab, depending on how you want to do it.) Then underneath it, you also have to seal those skills. This makes the Passive skills viewable, but not usable. Here's my SOS Critical Skill. It inflicts a state on the user that turns the Critical Rate up to 100% for 3-5 turns. Make sure you set the Skill Type to Passive. And here I have it so he learns SOS Critical at level 25 and Level-Headed (the immune to Berserk passive skill) at 35. I'll make a point of this in a minute. Now here's where things get tedious. Not difficult, just tedious. You have to put these conditions in EVERY ONE of your troops if you want the skills to be able to activate automatically. Now what if I'm inclicted with Berserk, but I don't want him to be able to be immune to Berserk until level 35? Easy, just make a conditional branch that says If [Actor] learned [skill], then have it check that [Actor] is inflicted with[berserk] and if yes to both of those, then have it force the action. If no, just leave it blank and it won't activate until he learns the skill. If you're making immunity skills, (like I am now) make sure you se the condition from Don't run (the default) to When the end of turn. So at the end of every turn, it'll check the conditions. Now if you want a "When HP is low" skill to activate, you'll need a new event page for every character that will have an SOS skill. The set up is completely the same with the exception that that condition is changed to "When [Actor] HP is below x%" In this case I have mine set to 20%. And that's all there is to it! What kind of awesome, unique Passive/SOS skills can you make? I'd love to hear your ideas! I have an SOS Haste skill, SOS HP Regen and SOS Magic Spring(which makes magic casting costs 0%) and a few immunity Passive skills. I'd love to see what you guys (and gals) can come up with! Thanks for taking a look!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm really new here, but I'm kind of proud of the Dual Casting spell that I made using no scripts. (I do have scripts running, but they do not affect how this script works!)If you're a newbie too, hopefully this helps you out, and if you're an expert, maybe you can give me tips to streamline it! For those unaware, Dual Casting means you cast two spells in a single turn, setting up the opportunity for multiple magic hits or perhaps a debuff followed by an even stronger attack! Anyway, without furthur ado, here's what it looks like in action: My magic character uses "C.A.R.D.s" to use magic, so all those C.A.R.D.s are actually spells. Also, EP is my game's version of MP. That might be important later if you're lost. I have it set to cost 20 EP, and only spells that their combined cost is less than or equal to 20 are able to be casted. (Which is all of them, in this case.) So after using the skill, the animation will play on your target, and you'll be greeted by this text box. Then you'll get to pick which spell you'd like to cast. Since vanilla common event only allow for 4 choices, I had to use the "Another..." option a number of times. Your options, my dear? After rocking that first slime's world with an Aqua C.A.R.D., you're greeted with another text box. This allows you to pick your next target. Depending on how many enemies your game will have on screen at once, you can edit how many enemies you can pick from to your liking. Since I know I will never have more than 5 on screen enemies, I have it set to 5. If, for some reason you've decided you don't want to cast your second spell, you can cancel out, but it does end your turn.(As it should.) So there's what the spell looks like. Nothing special. All the fancy stuff is in the common events. Okay. So let me explain if you don't follow, although I imagine it's pretty straightforward. (I mean if I can do it...) First, bam, text box. Easy. Next, it's time for a loop, and inside you're going to have your options for which spell to cast. Upon picking your spell, it will force your character to do the action, restore the MP that the spell requires (after all, it already costs 20 MP to use the dual casting spell as it is.) and then breaks the first "choose your spell" loop. If you look over this, you'll see a conditional branch. You see, my character starts with the 5 damage spells and dual casting from level one, however, she doesn't learn the Defense Down spell until level 3. Therefore, the game gives her extra options if that spell is learned. So you could set this for every spell that the character learns. It would be tedious, but entirely doable. So, she's given her choices. If she hasn't learnd "Defense Down C.A.R.D." yet, she's given her other options. (Therefore, : Else) The Dual Spread Lv.1 spell is set to target an enemy automatically (and doesn't actually do anything), so all the forced actions are set at "Last Target." If you keep choosing "Another...", it'll keep looping around to the beginning. After you've made your spell choice, here come text box 2. Now here's when things can get a little hairy if you're new to this.(like me) We're going to have a loop inside a loop. One loop for enemy choice, and one for the actual spells themselves, like above. Other than having a loop inside of a loop, the settings are pretty much the same, except instead of hitting "Last Target" you change the Index to match whichever enemy. (Index 1 for enemy A, 2 for B, and so on) You can see the start to the conditional branch of the Defense Down C.A.R.D. again too. Now, you're going to want to make sure you break the loop above, there (right after Repeat above) otherwise, you can keep casting those spells on the enemy again and again. I'm not going to put the entire event here, but I will link you to the imgur album here so if you want to see ALL of it you can. Honestly though, it's pretty much the same all the way down. If you see anything wrong here, let me know, I'd be happy to fix it up! Thanks for taking a look!