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  1. AmazingKazuki

    Button-Press Live-Action Battle System

    I'm not 100%, but I am sure there is a way to get all of what you want in a script or maybe you could contact someone to try and tackle such a task. However, is this something remotely like what you want? I know there are a few scripts that kind of deal with something similar, just got to look for it. Link
  2. AmazingKazuki

    Game problem!

    First thing, we need the event page, because... well... Wait, are you trying to go up into the water? Because water tiles are marked, by default in the database, as impassable. Seeing the map and thinking it was with the event page has kind of confused me.
  3. AmazingKazuki

    Stairs don't work anymore!

    Can you take a screenshot of the event itself? That is where the problem most likely is. I had this problem happen a long time ago on a practice project, so maybe I can dig it up and recognize how I fixed it though the file.
  4. AmazingKazuki

    Bullpup Shooting Engine English translation

    I have sent the owner an e-mail in english and what seems to be the language that the script was in, which came up both mostly spanish or portuguese. Hopefully I hear back from them soon. As the e-mail may not be used anymore. I'll post or edit this post when I get such an e-mail.
  5. AmazingKazuki

    Followers Don't Follow Player During Jumps

    Here we go, Queen. I did a little digging, and experimenting. You will have to do the "cutscene" approach. Gather Followers Change Followers: OFF Fadeout Transfer Player: to where you need them to go Change Followers: ON Gather Followers Fadein It worked for me.
  6. AmazingKazuki


    Welcome, QEL. You sound quite interesting if I could say. I'd love to explore the world, especially Japan. Skipping right into the RPG Maker part, yes. It is more for the SNES or old school RPG feel but I have seen plenty of amazing games that would say otherwise. You just need to know some ruby and play around and you never know what you could get. I've seen a few RPGs, button smashers and turn based, I've seen amazing art work through parallax mapping, and even graphic novel games. Don't worry, though, no matter what you might want to make can always be changed around and someone can help.
  7. AmazingKazuki

    More than one item to trigger event?

    I think that the method that Queen put is completely doable. In fact, if you don't know much about scripting in ruby, it might be safe. But has it's flaws. You could wait for Tarq or another scripter to come along. However, to make this as simple as possible... is there a way you can tell us more about this item? I used an item currency once, which I had to do something similar to what Queen said. But there may be another way around it if we knew more information. Like: 1. If this item is needed in bulk, how high of a number are we talking? 2. Is this a regular kind of item that will be used in bulk throughout the game? 3. Is it going to be only for quests/events/shops? Edit: Not sure if Queen put this in the long explanation, but if you're using it a lot.. Go to Control Variables and set the game data to the item in the inventory and have the variable marked as set. You'll have to do this in each event that you're needing this. It just tells the system that the variable is equal to the number of items you have, I believe. That way if the variable is 1, 2, 3, or more, it should automatically set.
  8. AmazingKazuki

    Game problem!

    Like Takeo said... not much is on the event page and posting as many more as you can think of will help. Maybe one of the map if you don't mind, along with the tileset in the database so we can check all possibilities. Also, depending on the tile of going up, maybe the four-way passage option would be a good screenshot to make sure. From the event page, however, nothing is keeping you from going up. Pretty sure it is safe to assume that it isn't the cause of this problem. You simple have a trigger with player touch and nothing more.
  9. AmazingKazuki

    Bullpup Shooting Engine English translation

    Can you link me to the script(s) you need help with? Google Translate isn't the best but I can try to help you out. However, if you could also give me the original creator's contact information as well.
  10. AmazingKazuki

    Game problem!

    Kobe, I'm going to go ahead and ask for screenshots. I doubt anyone can help much without them at this point. Take one of the actual event and maybe where on the map it is happening within the database.
  11. AmazingKazuki

    Tiles not properly showing up?

    Your welcome. Let me know how it goes, because it may very well not be the case as well. Regardless, good luck with the sheet and the game.
  12. AmazingKazuki

    Tiles not properly showing up?

    Honestly it sounds like spacing. When you made them, did you use a grid in the program to map the appropriate locations? What I mean is in the image program or on the tile sheet, if the block is moved over just outside of the grid for the database, it'll appear broken and distorted. I don't have the information on me but if you look up on youtube or maybe a tutorial on here exists of creating one you can find a way to fit it to the grid you need.
  13. AmazingKazuki

    Need Unique Gameplay

    Hey Dragonspirit, I remember saving a "runic enchantment" script to my bookmarks a few weeks ago. So I dug it up for you. I know you said you went through a few and they weren't in english and I haven't actually tried this one myself. Also, the Materia may need to be placed in a certain order in your scripts to actually work. Maybe at the top, or under a few battle cores. I don't use that one either, so I couldn't tell you. I can try to look into it if you post a link or inbox it to me. For now, here is the runic enchantment by Grimoire Castle. LINK
  14. AmazingKazuki

    Drain only recovers a % of the damage it does

    Not a problem. Good luck with the rest of the game.
  15. AmazingKazuki

    Text Box Gets Cut Off or "Shortened"

    Awesome! What I would do is create a dummy map (a test map) and just make some random dialogue events. Keep checking them, play with the variables if you would like. The script and variables should keep working throughout though. Good luck with the rest of the game.
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