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  1. Rudi Sihabudi

    Defeat Demiurgos

    Note: Domain failure. Online system is completely down. ;-; Hopefully this disclaimer is noted. This game has few target audience. As clue, this game isn't recommended for advance developers. Not so real, though, but the game has blood animations in the fight and few profanity. Plus, depict murders. Therefore, isn't family-friendly. Here. It is 42.5 MB. That is on Solidfiles. Therefore please click Direct download link to download and avoid malware! Just for demonstrate the online system and introduction. (Purple/gray blend) Hitomi is really strict about something. Including belief, 'Some people should … . Not do it because ...'. She love to learn, so she could understand about what should and should not do. Therefore she need much times for find out about it and she tend to plan about something. Therefore she spend much of her times alone. But even Hitomi is really strict, she will not argue or else, she tend to please the other instead (gray). But, she could hold grudge. Firearm: Beretta 92 with detachable suppressor. So, Hitomi could give damage in distance! Feed system: detachable box magazine (15 rounds). Beware about your bullets! Hitomi's supernatural competence could affect the velocity of the oppenent's firearm bullet. (Red/gray blend) Takato Makoto value the strength above any else. Therefore, she is strong. She believe the strenght could bring people to their best therefore people should value it and challenge everyone, to show their true strength. She will never put herself in lower position than anyone. She is always trying to be the top, with or without harsh attitude. And she will not doubt to loud out her mind. Aside from, she hold grudge to anyone who piss off her. 'Combat knives, or just knives. Whatever.' Makoto's supernatural competence could affect the velocity of her knives. Hitomi was in training program to become killer at this semester. She is hired by one member of her School Committee, Takato Makoto. Her first mission in the training program is to eliminate van Demiurgos. And if needed, eliminate van Demiurgos' subordinates in the van Demiurgos' house. Takato Makoto told Hitomi that van Demiurgos is terrorist, therefore Hitomi isn't permitted to kill either him or his subordinates. Hitomi isn't alone, because Takato Makoto escort her in the mission. van Demiurgos is godly. One of his supernatural competences create natural disaster such as tsunami! Makoto heard that van Demiurgos was hiding in certain house. Therefore, this is her chance with her worker (Hitomi) to eliminate him. For goodness! This credit included in the end of the game and complete credit included in the game's folder. Hopefully, there isn't copyright infringement! TheoAllen: TSBS, and efeberk: ODS. Tsukihime: 15 scripts, including Actor Inventory. Yanfly: 8 scripts, including Skill Cost Manager. Rycochet, Seiryuki, Xypher, DerTraveler, KilloZapit, regendo, GlitchyPSIX, various, Blackmorning84, Galv, Yami, and DoubleX. Tsarmina, Candacis, Celianna, Avery, Timmah and wondertouch. Benjamin Carr and JohnnyR. Sasaki Eri (Ring of Fortune). Here. It is 42.5 MB. That is on Solidfiles. Therefore please click Direct download link to download and avoid malware! Fixer [July 21]: isn't needed for the latest .exe (42.5 MB). The PDF included in the patch, or the fixer. So unzip and open the PDF. It is step-by-step guide with image! Your comment will be appreciated. Please don't be harsh or shoot. Contact me if either you have idea for further development (after you complete the game), or you have valid knowledge for back up the developer. As this game topic is meant to be bucket for comments. Not review, but comments. Just share your playing and please put it in spoiler tag. Thanks. ^^)/
  2. In that case, I have tried some ideas but I failed. Still, the next sequence would be active immediately after the counterattack. It seem the counterattack is meant to be bonus attack by the engine. Therefore should be active immediately after or before the other sequence. I had wrong assumption. I thought the problem is the sequence haven't finished but interuppted by the next sequence. So, up.
  3. Let me know your counterattack's code or sequence. I think I know the cause. Probably.
  4. I think below could be difficult to understand, therefore here the demo (6.4 MB): http://www.solidfiles.com/d/30a833d39c/ That is on solidfiles, therefore click 'Direct download link' to avoid malware. Okay. So I have tried. Probably I have the idea. Assume I try it only with TSBS and Yanfly's scripts, for the battle. And I assume you have been familiar with TSBS. # - These are possibly causes for the no-counter damage problem, your first problem: 1. The sequence for the counter has no damage ([:target_damage],). Therefore I try to set these on TSBS' config for the counter sequence: "Opponent_counter" => [ [false, false, false], [:wait, 55], [:action, "Opponent_assault"], ], "Opponent_assault" => [ [false, false, false], [:move_to_target, -10, 0, 15, 10], [:wait, 15], [:target_damage], <- This is needed. [:show_anim], [:wait, 40], [:goto_oripost, 15, 10], [:wait, 15], ], 2. The counter sequence isn't assosiated with the enemy. So I try to set this on the Enemies' note too: <sideview: Amida> idle : Opponent_idle critical : Opponent_11 hurt : Opponent_damaged evade : Opponent_miss return : Opponent_defensiveness counter : Opponent_counter <- This is needed. collapse : Opponent_losing </sideview> The result: After the 'Counter!', the enemy (Amida) attack the actor (Fudo) and give a damage to Fudo. You could see it in the 'Battle Test...' of the demo. # - For the summon problem, I assume you need your boss' subordinates for accompany her during 50% HP state or below. Therefore the subordinates should be at there, isn't just show up then disappear. Plus, the boss would summon again if the subordinates was defeated. Since TSBS Addon Battler Summon only would summon an enemies then the enemies is disappear, therefore we need another way. It is a bit tricky: using variable + TSBS Addon Battler Summon. I set these on TSBS' config: "Amida_summon" => [ <- This is the sequence for the Summon skill of Amida. [false, false, false], [:pose, 1, 1, 10], [:if, "$game_variables[1] == 2", "Amida_idle", "Summon_1"], ], "Amida_idle" => [ [false, false, false], [:pose, 1, 7, 10], ], "Summon_1" => [ [false, false, false], [:if, "$game_variables[1] == 1", "Amida_idle", "Summon_2"], ], "Summon_2" => [ [false, false, false], [:summon, 2, :self, [50, -5], 3, "Subordinate_idle", 3, 0], [:wait, 10], [:script, "$game_variables[1] += 1"], [:pose, 1, 7, 10], [:pose, 1, 1, 10], [:summon, 2, :self, [30, 10], 4, "Subordinate_idle", 3, 0], <- Yes, Amida summon two of her subordinates. [:wait, 10], [:script, "$game_variables[1] += 1"], [:pose, 1, 7, 10], ], "Subordinate_idle" => [ [true, false, false], [:pose, 1, 7, 15], [:pose, 1, 8, 10], [:pose, 1, 7, 10], [:pose, 1, 6, 10], ], "Subordinate_losing" => [ [false, false, false], [:script, "$game_variables[1] -= 1"], [:pose, 2, 4, 10], ], And I set this on the Troops: 'Amidas' is the name of Amida's subordinate. Of course, I had setted the Summon skill on the 'Skills', and so on. And here the result: Good luck. Hope this could help. Let me know if there is a problem when implement the ideas to your game. Since this is my idea therefore I should be responsible for it.
  5. Rudi Sihabudi

    Problem with Bust-Images. x x;

    Hm.. can you show your Message Busts's script settings?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate those. It is helpful. The first post of the game thread has been updated (I think almost everything: the episode, synopsis, gameplay, characters description, and the screenshots). This BUMP will explain what I did so far to solve every problem. So rather than I say everything is solved, I decided to explain how I solved it. So anyone can know or predict, "Are the problems really solved?". And I could get useful feedback before the game being painful again. • Text or the dialogues problems • Gameplay problems • Eventing and mapping problems • Battle scene problems • Online Play problems • Game design problem Because of the demo link is removed for a while, before the B version has completed (I don't know when), may I ask moderator to move this thread to The Showroom? I have changed the tag.
  7. Rudi Sihabudi

    Need YSA's Classical Active Time Battle.

    https://github.com/suppayami/rmvxa-collection/tree/master/old-ace-scripts Choose: catb.txt
  8. Yup, I was planned it. I'll put special thanks on Ending scene for the stream and everyone else on the stream. Also try to fix every problem. And I agree with you about everything else, Theo. Also, I apologize my past bump was lead to new problem and misunderstanding for anyone about the stream. I'm glad Arin has said something about it and fixed it. Yes, let's move on from this misunderstanding and this issue. About the game, please do not play it before the new patch. There are so many errors (Kotori has found one of them, and its error so annoying) in the last patch and I must try to fix every problem which found lately. I has fixed every errors and problems which I found on the last patch (also fix every problem which Kotori found). So the online mode is fully functioned -even if anyone has slow connection or not stable connection, its no problem at all. But I need time to fix every problem which found lately also waiting for my friend in the "real life" who has studied in English program to fix the grammar and the spelling errors -he was busy lately. Everything is need about five weeks, I think. And so the next patch is about fix the game. Very well, let's move on, and I hope you have a nice day, everyone!
  9. I found Arin has made stream for my game. I was surprised. Thank you very much for her stream. It was so helpful. And I really sorry made everyone there piss off with my game due to the bad design or because anything. Yeah, even myself doesn't want to watch it until the end. But I must, as its developer. Here the stream link, http://www.twitch.tv/radiantarin/c/5928083 so anyone can know everything that made players piss off with a game and will not do the same mistake. Yeah, probably it was only me who can do its mistake. Now I know why my game was so bad and doesn't worth to play at all for now. Yeah, maybe forever. But it doesn't mean I give up. I'll always try to improve my game, remove the bugs, and hear any feedback from any players. Because I must finish this game with its main feature. As always, feel free leave any comments about this game. If something bad about me, do it on PM. At least, let me keep this thread as a game feedback thread. That's help me a lot. Well, if anyone doesn't want to hear about this game anymore, or even about me, let me know on PM so I'll not disturb anyone here with any update and I can start to think about other way to gain feedbacks. Again, thank you very much for the feedbacks and I really sorry made everyone piss off with my game. I didn't feel insulted with any comments about the game or even about me. Because it was helpful for my game. Oh, and I really sorry if this game was insult anyone due to its main feature. I really didn't mean that. Please let me know if that happened. I'll fix it. Because its definitely not philosophy.
  10. Rudi Sihabudi

    XS - Journal

    Edit this line in the script if you doesn't want to get random icon (icon number 184): # // Cancel icon. #icons << 184 unless icons.include?(184) # // Draw icon(s). Yup, just put "#" in front of line 203: icons << 184 unless icons.include?(184) I'm not sure about "wonky" and "it either changes it or doesn't show it at all" problem. The first problem isn't clear what do you mean (Hmm.. what is wonky?). The second problem, I think it doesn't have relation with the icon in the journal list.
  11. Rudi Sihabudi

    Impassable Tiles Are Passable

    Do you change this 'Star' in B: If you change it into 'X', then all tiles in A will be impassable. If 'O', then all tiles in A will be passable.
  12. Rudi Sihabudi

    Alice vs Marisa with TSBS 1.4 (+ Apples! ^^)

    Have you seen Theo's video setup demonstration? TSBS is simple, imo. Yeah, at first it looks daunting. But, later looks simple. Well, I guess that is every learning experience. And thanks! Whoa, cool. My favourite is when Reimu give Big Punch to Kasen! And it looks challenging to try / convert some her Action Sequences in TSBS (and make new one!). But it seems I must make bigger the game resolution if I decide try her later. Let's see. I'm glad you love it, Minerva. ^^
  13. Rudi Sihabudi

    Alice vs Marisa with TSBS 1.4 (+ Apples! ^^)

    I got it from downloadable ripped Touhou sprites (there are Alice etc. which looks like a compilation for every character). So I'm not sure if it only from TH7.5. Oh, the battleback is from TH10.5.
  14. Rudi Sihabudi

    Alice vs Marisa with TSBS 1.4 (+ Apples! ^^)

    Little test TSBS Battler Summon. Credit:
  15. Rudi Sihabudi

    XS - Journal

    Hmm.. I could not replicate the error. I was successful with your setting. So I give you this (1 MB). Maybe you can found what is the different between what I did and you did (which is the cause of the error, I guess). EDIT: Oh, I see why you got the error. Please start a new game. You will get error if you install a new script and test it from the saved file ("Continue"); Well, sometimes.
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