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  1. Dilvish

    Datsville RPG

    I am starting to pick this project up again. I will at least check up on the latest state of the LeTBS script. I have updated the first post with the newest info.
  2. Dilvish

    Datsville RPG

    I have ported the graphics over to RPG Maker MV. You can download version 0.8.0 here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/groo0cvf07ic1je/Datsville_RPG_v0.8.0.zip I switched from Gubi's TBS script to Lecode's TBS script. Unfortunately, I use a combination of map objects larger than 1x1 square and parallax techniques, and LeTBS does not play well with them. There are lots of graphical issues during combat. Here's a screenshot showing the higher resolution graphics of RPG Maker MV:
  3. Dilvish

    Multi-tile sprites

    I meant sprites that take up more than 1 tile in width. For instance, a person might only occupy 1 tile, but a giant squid might take up 4 tiles (2 tiles high x 2 tiles wide). I plan on using a SRPG script such as GubiD's. In this case, movement on the map is important. Thanks. User Meep007 answered my question in a PM, so I guess this topic can be closed.
  4. Dilvish

    Multi-tile sprites

    Can anyone answer this question?
  5. I like a lot of the new MV features, so most likely yes. But it really depends on if the third-party scripts I use get updated too.
  6. Will there be support for sprites that occupy more than one ground tile?
  7. Dilvish

    Maybe a 3D import Option

    Better support for 2.5D terrain would be nice.
  8. Dilvish


    Oops. I forgot about the erase event problem. Thanks!
  9. Dilvish


    Here is the screenshot.
  10. Dilvish


    Correction: It is not working properly with GubiD's Tactical Battle System. The items are added at the beginning of the game as intended. But then they get added *again* when the TBS battle ends. So, my characters end up with two of everything. What do I do to fix this?
  11. Dilvish


    Thanks. It's kind of weird that you have to use an event to do this.
  12. I put the script right above the Main script. See the picture I attached.
  13. Dilvish

    Datsville RPG

    Latest combat video:
  14. Tried that and got an error: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 450: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'region_id' for #<Array:0x97fde48>