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  1. So... I'm trying to add a diffrent battle system I found into my game, how do I do it?

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      You can place scripts in Script Editor (F11). Must be above Main and below Materials.

    3. NeverBetter
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      I'm not quite understanding what I need to do... I'm kinda still a noob to RPG maker...

  2. I'm quite... lost... about how to start really learning how to use VX Ace... I'm so confused by what I've seen thus far, and I feel lost...

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    It was my PC, thank you, and thank you!
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    Okay, thanks! My nerves are slightly calmed. Thanks!
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    Hello... Gah, sorry, bad at introductions, gimmie a minute. Shuffles papers around Ah ha! Got it. Nice to meet all of you who were oh, so kind to click on this humble little thread, it's not much, but it's my first and it's my own. So, how you all doing? Good? If not good, why not? Anything the OP can do to improve your mood? If not, my apologies. Now, onto the thread! As you can see, my username is "NeverBetter". Technically, it's suppose to be "IItNeverGetsBetterThanThis", but 15 character limits and such. I recently was gifted RPG Maker by someone I know, and so, in my attempt to use it, I failed. Hard. Like... I don't even know how, but I deleted my character event(I have done a little ROM Hacking of Pokemon, so I know a little, not enough to make my own game, but enough to kinda build a map with a given tileset, as well as set warp tiles)And can't figure out how to put it back. Yes, I tried Ctrl+Z, but I for some reason couldn't undo it. Forgive me community, for I must look like an idiot and therefor hath failed you. So, next I tried watching tutorials, and still was lost, and in my quest to learn how to use RPG Maker, I stumbled upon this place. Anyone here willing to teach a noob how to RPG Maker? If so, then please help me... (Long introduction is long) Now, away from the formal side of this intro thread, more about who I am. I'm 17, never technically made a videogame in my life(I've always wanted to, though) I'm a little Kinda Very Absolutely nuts. I've enjoyed RPG's since I was young(Kingdom Hearts, or Fire Emblem anyone?) and I normally either use PC(MASTER RACE MASTER R-/shot) or Nintendo consoles to play most of what I do play. I normally don't talk so... Formally, but I'm incredibly nervous. In fact, I'm down-right thinking maybe I shouldn't have joined, for I am extremely bad at talking to people. I'm generally pretty nice, and some people say I'm wise. I don't know about that, but I like to have a lot of fun with people. I'm a bit excitable in some occasions, but I'm more or less chill most of the time. To the Mod who will approve this post: Hello! Nice to meet you. I hope you're not having too hard a day managing the forum and that I didn't upset you with anything I said in this post. Have a nice day! To everyone reading: You all have a nice day, too!