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  1. UberMedic7

    A blank slate

    Many things can change within a week or a month, let alone six years. Looking at the past can be fun but sometimes its pretty embarrassing, it was more like the latter for me when i dropped back here again after so long. I deleted or hidden most of my old stuff, for the better, trust me. I've said many things in varying degrees of stupid, but at least i've grown and know just how stupid this all was, im not perfect yet but i did improve. So yeah this post is a sort of catch-up for the few people that interacted with me in this community. Im not dead just life taking you places and also realising how stupid you once were. I also own an apology to certain people that actually expected things from me but never heard from me since, super late but sorry.... I wont make any promises for anything because god knows if i can keep them, but lets just say things will be different from now on.
  2. UberMedic7

    A blank slate

    I could rant about things day and night, dont worry about that and i could do that here again but im not sure, i can always be reached in places like twitter (@UberMedic7) or even discord for hot takes on anything. I do wish i could just fully commit on RM stuff and actually make stuff instead of thinking of concepts alone.
  3. So after what, 6 or so years i come back here and still see the same people active, very impressive.

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    2. Kayzee


      Most's well at least, so don't worry I got plenty of water. :P

    3. UberMedic7


      hydration is important

    4. Kayzee


      How else are you going to grow more then one head?

  4. Xenoblade Chronicles X is some dope shit fam!

    1. Thejaxinator


      I haven't played it (or any Xenoblade game however) But i hope to get the switch version (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) when it comes out

    2. UberMedic7


      Not like i played any of the previous ones either but this one is fun, finished the story last night and now calmly doing all the side stuff.

  5. "The days which are wrapped in the scene of summer and to pass gently. An encounter with the girls repeated in the sunlight. Summer continues to where aswell. She is waiting in the air"

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    2. Kayzee


      Fiiiiiine.... but now I better see a cute girl in a fancy doll dress for waiting warmly. :P

    3. Rezanta


      Girls. Well, it's seasonal, I guess.

    4. Kayzee


      I guess it is! May Day is traditionally counted as the first day of summer after all...

  6. Is against the rules to make a post on the forums about a pokemon romhack im working on?

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    2. Kayzee


      I want that rant on my desk by 5 PM tomorrow! :P

    3. lonequeso


      If you don't get it done, Killozapit will sprinkle fairy dust on you. If you do get it done. Killozapit will sprinkle fairy dust on you.

    4. Kayzee


      Hey... That's true!

  7. Nothing has changed

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    2. lonequeso


      Or maybe more like "Everyday is Exactly the Same" by NIN. =3


    3. UberMedic7


      @mr horseman



    4. Asharonapaul


      I doubt it, given entropy exists and all


  8. UberMedic7

    Show your Desktop!

    I used to be in TTR's Alpha and Beta. Here's a look at the very early alpha back then, no more than TTC at the time of this video.
  9. UberMedic7

    Show your Desktop!

    My desktop, waifu edition
  10. What if switching to central is an april fool's joke?!

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    2. ashm


      They changed the url since 2-3 days ago.

    3. RetroExcellent


      it's a dedicated joke lol

    4. Crescent


      Huh, I never noticed that until now. XD

  11. Tried out Pokken Tournament (demo) i dont know if it was on easy difficulty by default but i trashed the CPU, but it seems interesting.

    1. magic2345


      I can't wait to destroy planets with mewtwo!

    2. magic2345


      I can't wait to destroy planets with mewtwo!

  12. Like i said before, if that person cannot be trusted as your partner, why be trusted as your friend?
  13. It really varies with each person and situation. Here's a prime example. I used to date this girl, we were doing great but she eventually broke up with me but at that moment, she was begging me in tears to stay friends with me, even though i didnt felt like it was a good idea i agreed but as it turns out, she really was just lying yet again and forgot about me for good not to mention she havent really talked to me since, and that hurt me even more. So personally, no its not a good idea. Why? Because if you broke up with that person, there was a reason behind it, good or bad, so if they dont make a good boyfriend/girlfriend, why they can make a good friend in general?
  14. In 19 days, TES:IV turns 10. Man, time flies.

    1. Chaosian


      What an awesome game it was. Still had yet to have an objectively superior sequel, too.

    2. UberMedic7


      Indeed, Skyrim is good and all but it cant reach Oblivion's charm.

  15. UberMedic7

    Protection debate

    As a great, big, black man once said, Respect has to be earned, just like money, but sadly there's people out there regardless of age that will always falsely think of high of themselves therefore treading others like shit. When it comes to relatives i cant give a proper answer, since the most interaction with relatives i have is my parents. But it is nonsense when the "kid's" of the family turn into the family's chew toy. "Hey X go get us that, Hey X why didnt you say hello? Hey X! We going out for dinner with your uncle" This whole "Join us in this family activities because i said so" ye, its pretty stupid. If we want to we'll do so. Now for people in general, personally in all my school life (and even now in the classes i take) almost nobody had any respect for me, they would make fun of my last name at best. Now you probably think "then how do you deal with this?" Short answer is: Waiting. Long answer is: Yes, its annoying and i with i could but them down once and for all, but on a realistic take, trying to earn the respect of disrespectful people doesnt worth it, people respect others for their values, not because they chance or adapt or showoff for something they're not. For example when a girl likes you she respects you as a guy and because of your unique looks/nature/attitude therefor liking you. Your friends respect you because they know who your truly are and they're not stuck in theories about you that are not real. I know it can be difficult to endure disrespectful people, believe me i do but all you can do is pay as less attention as possible, and as i say (or heard it somewhere) The opposite of love is not hate, is ignorance. Why i say this? Well its simple, hatred will get you nowhere, but ignoring one is way better. For one to hate one it takes time and effort which im sure you dont wanna waste on such people, and ignorance on the other hand is better and more effective, a bit difficult to achieve sure but it's worth it.
  16. Anyone around here familiar with Digimon World DS aka Digimon Story? I need some pointers on certain things.

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    2. UberMedic7


      Uhhh i now play the first one, Not Dawn/Dusk.

    3. Mr. Moneybags

      Mr. Moneybags

      I only own World and Dusk ;_;

    4. Izu.


      Ah, sorry, I've never played the first one. So I'm afraid I don't know. ^^;

  17. I do want a new Elder Scrolls game, but ever since Fallout 4 happen im really cautious and worried about its potential quality.

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    2. Yuugami


      Well, you have two solutions to your problem:


      1) Find trust in another franchise and developer.




      2) Become like me, who is a major fan of a certain jRPG franchise, and who will ignore/forgive all gameplay and other element shortcomings because why the fuck not, I just want more games from the series. = )

    3. Shiggy


      @yuugame I really like how you totally assume the blindness of your fanboyism ^-^

    4. Yuugami


      I mean, I would be the first one to point out where Shin Megami Tensei does a lot of things wrong, but at the end of the day, I'm still willing to pay full price for any games in the mainstream title. THAT said, I probably won't dump money into something like the Persona 4 dancing game, you know?

  18. UberMedic7

    Loving on the video characters?

    MAH WAIFU! Anyway, for the selective few that know me also know that i approve of 2D (or 3D in some cases) girls! I am fully aware that they are not real and probably never be (sad times) BUT i have the right to admire them or even like them to a certain extend. I do have a list of girls i like and most of them originate from games. Liking fictional characters is ok, i mean say you like some character from a TV series or a movie, thats the same with Video-games, comics and anime. This also proves that the creator of the character did a great job at creating a character that triggers such feelings to people, this also shows much about our personalities. The characters you like in games and such provides insight of what you like in real persons too. So in general liking fictional characters helps you understand what you like for real as well. And for those who are curious about mah waifu list i can provide with a file that includes them and my reasons for liking them.
  19. UberMedic7

    Babies at five-star restaurants?

    No, no, no NO! Annoying children are annoying children hence they cannot appreciate fancy places, or ANY place in that matter. Im not going to fancy restaurants mainly because of the lack of money, but it does happen into other places too, coffee places, other places to have a meal. I do understand that raising a kid is hard, but that doesnt mean i have to take their crap when im out with my friends or my girlfriend (hahahah girlfriened, good one *ahem*) Find someone to babysit or have fun with a TV meal instead.
  20. UberMedic7

    Show your Desktop!

    My new HD desktop.
  21. So now we have video-game characters being models for fashion designers. Whats next? Doom guy in recruitment commercials?

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    2. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      I think its good, now we highten the unrealistic aspirations of the public^^

    3. UberMedic7


      For this specific choice, they could have picked other actual better female characters

    4. Cadh20000


      Well...at least she is pretty to look at...

  22. >It is a boring overrated snore of a game. >Implying Undertale isnt.
  23. Is it possible to create a skill/spell that act like metronome in the pokemon games?

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