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  1. Busy to the extreme ... my game will have to wait ... :(

  2. Green0ak

    Cait's Graphical World

    Wow amazing, very good Cait! Thank you very much!
  3. Green0ak

    Cait's Graphical World

    Oh sorry, I had not noticed that you replied. Well, I am in need of these wardrobes: (marked in red)
  4. Green0ak

    Cait's Graphical World

    Cait, I liked a lot of your tilesets, but could you make these same wardrobe in a opened version ? Thank you in advance!
  5. Green0ak

    multi engine Jonnaz Resources

    Is ready! haha e.e Everything is perfect man, now I'll be able to continue my game! Thank you very much! Safety and Peace! -Green
  6. Green0ak

    Jonnaz Day-Night Demo

    I had already read it (and even liked), but I decided to comment only now. Well, first of all, I downloaded the demo and I can say that the method you used combined with the khas script made ​​the map look beautiful, gorgeous even. So my request is: Do you think about creating a tutorial of how to edit the map image with this shadow effect I found it amazing? (yes, it may seem simple to some, but for me it is not) Well, that's it! Despite the simple map this method you have used made ​​it very professional. XD I really liked it! Man I took a look at your 3D work, and I can say they are awesome, very good indeed! I hope that you may one day work with it, since it's your big dream, do not give up!
  7. Wow man! A zombie game where you are a zombie? You definitely have to finish this game, I love games of this type! (my favorite game on my phone is "Zombie Tsunami" haha) I loved your concept, amazing like all the work you do! This proves that when I said you had a chance to win, I was not wrong. haha Well, here's my attempt to create a cool name: Zombiefection (a blend of the words "zombie" and "Infection") Yes, I suck when it comes to "naming things" hahahaha Keep up the excellent work, I'm waiting to have new information of this project. Safety and Peace, Brother! -Green
  8. Green0ak

    Cait's Graphical World

    Wow, awesome resources! The "Dungeons Tilesets" and "Science fiction Tilesets" will be very useful in the project I'm developing. Keep up the great work Cait. Congrulations! Safety and Peace! -Green