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  1. Geoff Moore

    Hey hey hey!

    I been absent / kinda lurking like a big lurker, and I'm still newish, so I should say hi! I got RPG Maker VX Ace at the start of June, just in time for IGMC 2014, and I learned it as I made my game, Oh! Ko!, which was pretty well received. I haven't made a thread for it here, but you can check it out by clicking the little Oh! Ko! button in my sig if you like. Since then I've been adding stuff to the game for a post-comp release and more recently getting distracted by making RPG music, which has been fun. If you want to listen to my stuff, it's big link in my signature. So yeah, that's me. I do other stuff as well, like work and eat. But RM is more fun.
  2. Geoff Moore

    Soundcloud embed issue

    Aha, I see. Thanks.
  3. Geoff Moore

    What VST Plugins do you use?

    Fruityloops here too. The 27 meg orchestra soundfont is pretty good, especially if it's smothered in reverb. I'm pining for EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, but it's pricey. I like your track a lot, phraktol. If I was going to criticise, I'd say a key change somewhere would be cool, but maybe just a brief one as I also like the oppressive feel you build with the repetition. Nice work
  4. Hi, I just posted a music shop thread here: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/26924-misty-mountain-music-hut-open-free-giveaways/ For some reason only my first two soundcloud links are showing as embedded tracks, and the other three are just vanilla links. They're all in the same format, can anyone help me sort the others out? Thanks for reading.
  5. Hey all, I've just opened my music shop here, take a look if you get time: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/26924-misty-mountain-music-hut-open-free-giveaways/ Any feedback is much appreciated (and sometimes awarded with freebies!) I've been more active on the other RM Forums lately, but I'll hopefuly be spending some more time here now. Thanks! :D

  6. Geoff Moore

    Triggering script after event processing

    Thanks for the help, KilloZapit. That seems to do the trick, but now my game is freezing at random points during move routes. I've change a few things, so I can't be sure it's the $game_map.interpreter.running? that's causing the problem. I think I'm going to try a more simplistic approach to my idle animations, but your advice was definitely helpful. Thank you!
  7. Geoff Moore

    Triggering script after event processing

    I see... kinda! Thanks for bearing with me, I'll explain what I'm trying to do. I've made an idle animation parallel process for my player character which I disable by turning a switch off whenever the player activates an event to stop the animation going screwy during events. (I'm aware there are scripts to handle idle animations, but they won't work with my project because of the way I have things set up.) After each event has finished I need to flip the switch back on (I said off earlier, I meant on) so the idle animation can play again. If the easiest thing to do is simply add a turn switch on command to every event, that's fine - there's just a heck of a lot of them to go through...
  8. Geoff Moore

    Triggering script after event processing

    I just need it to turn off a switch at the end of event processing, I could put it in every single event in my game but scripting it would be much more convenient. I should have mentioned I know nothing about scripting. Is writing a script to run after all map events harder than one that runs before them?
  9. Geoff Moore

    Save menu shortcut hotkey?

    You rock, thanks! This can be closed now, if I have any issues with the script I'll post in script support. Thanks
  10. Geoff Moore

    Save menu shortcut hotkey?

    Oh, nice! How did I miss that?? Am I okay to use this in a competition game (with credits, of course)?
  11. Geoff Moore

    Check current map?

    Awesome! I tagged the topic, you can close this now. Thanks everyone!
  12. Geoff Moore

    Check current map?

    Ah, sorry, gotcha. I was having trouble finding the map ID, got it working now. Thanks! A couple of follow up questions, if that's okay, just want to be sure I'm getting it right. Here's my current event: 1) To make it run I'm setting up a normal event on each map that's also a parallel process that just calls it. Is that the correct way to use parallel processes? 2) Is the above code the tidiest way to set up my conditional branches, or can I use "else if" conditions to avoid all that nesting? Thanks again!
  13. Geoff Moore

    Check current map?

    Is the map ID the name I've given my map? I can't work out how to set the variable to the map name (e.g. Bedroom), only a number. I want to have a parallel process display a different picture depending on which map the player is on. Sorry if I'm being dense!
  14. Sorry for posting in the wrong place, and not being more helpful. I'm using this awesome tutorial: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/12299-getting-started-with-parallax-mapping/ I followed it step by step, so I suppose the issue is with the Fixed Pictures script? I don't think I messed anything up.
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