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    I enjoy many things, including publishing fiction, reviewing, Minecrafting, toying around with game development (also use Unity), and world-building. Moderator on Game Informer Online, and a reviewer.

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  1. Iedawahato

    "Do It Yourself" - Crafting

    I'm liking this crafting script.
  2. Iedawahato

    CSCA Encyclopedia w/ Bestiary

    I've been trying to add this script to the script editor but it never shows up in the game. I've got the Core Script and I have been pasting it above other scripts, but I'm guessing it's obviously not correct. Is there a particular way I'm supposed to paste the Core Script into this and other CSCA scripts?
  3. Iedawahato

    Fantasy Bestiary

    Finally was able to download it. Have to say it looks great.
  4. Iedawahato

    Fantasy Bestiary

    They're not outdated, the server's down. Nothing I can do about that. Okay, thanks!
  5. Iedawahato

    Fantasy Bestiary

    Hi, I tried to check out your script, but the download links aren't working. Could you update them?
  6. Enjoying the game so far. I've actually plugged way more than 30 hours into gameplay.
  7. Iedawahato

    music academy Music Software Tools

    I've been using Reaper, and I have to say it's awesome that you included it. It seems difficult to get used to at first, but there are plenty of useful tutorials on youtube for newbies. I think it's important that you note that the private license for Reaper comes fully featured and doesn't miss out on any of the features that the commercialized version has, so both versions are essentially the same. It's an all-around great deal for those who don't want to spend a lot on a DAW but don't want to trade in functionality. Great to see you included Audacity, since I think it's a great program to use for those who don't have the money yet and it's the one I started off using before I bought Reaper. I do have to add Adobe Audition. A stellar DAW with incredible functionality to it. It's much smoother to use and is great for editing. Doesn't burn too much CPU and is highly compatible.
  8. Iedawahato

    Gray: Wisp of Magius

    Thanks, I definitely will.
  9. Iedawahato

    Gray: Wisp of Magius

    Hi, I tried out your game. I found it was solid, but I feel some areas could've been improved. Overall, I'd like to see more from you in the future. As it stands, this game has promise but it's so short that it feels like a demo rather than an actual game. It is nonetheless a solid first effort. Since you said this is more of a prelude I'd like to see more attention focused on the world you're building and the narrative that unfolds in it rather than an overemphasis on "fourth wall" elements. Nice job.
  10. Iedawahato

    Esper Wing Chronicle FULL GAME

    Thought I'd try out this game. Unfortunately, there's a problem. While trying to find the Pagoda, I literally got stuck. As in, can't head back the way that I came. I can enter the lab, and view the dormitory, but that's about all I can see in there. There's no forest I can enter outside, and the only way back to my ship - through the mountains - is unenterable; Yi-Qo basically mentions the source of the Demi-Child is south, and blocks me from leaving. Am I missing something, or is this a possible glitch? I'd hate to have to quit testing this game after the hours I've put into it leveling up the characters; mine are 25+ right now. EDIT: It's a glitch. The scene I described appearing is the one involving Yi-Qo when you first meet her.
  11. Iedawahato

    Sonorode's music for free usage (CC)

    This is some impressive music. Your pieces definitely have a sense of character to them.
  12. Iedawahato

    Free to Use Music

    Nice music. I've enjoyed listening to your work.
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