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  1. krikke93

    Automatically change dialogues?

    Oh wow. All this time and never have I ever noticed that. Thanks alot!
  2. krikke93

    Fade type when transfering player

    Found it. It was located in Scene_Map under the method pre_transfer and post_transfer though it didn't help me out with my problem. Maybe anyone else had this problem with Victor's Light Effects? When you transfer from one dark map to another dak map there's one frame without light effects (completely bright), ending out in a fast flash at the start of a new map. I'm hoping someone can help me out here, it's really frustrating me edit: I've noticed that when I use fadeout and fadein in an event (teleport) when transferring maps this doesn't occur. The darkness gets to load before the fadein ends, but I really want my transfers to be instant, without any fades :/
  3. krikke93

    Tinting screen through script calls?

    Yeah, I know. I solved my problem by calling a common event which tints the screen. Thanks for your help
  4. krikke93

    Tinting screen through script calls?

    I get an error saying undefined local variable or method 'screen' for Cycle:module. There's probably something I have to add before 'screen', but I can't seem to figure out what. I know what you gave me is not for inside a module, how would I go and call this within a module?
  5. krikke93

    Performance issues

    Okay so I've tested with the HUD disabled and it's exactly the same. I also double-checked every map for parallel events and I couldn't find any, so that's not a problem. Now, what I did figure out was (stupid that I've never tried this) alot of lag in one of my cities. This only happens when my game's at night. Night turns on all the lanterns hanging in the street, so alot of light effects. Strange because I tested walking around without Khas' lighting effects and it still lagged. There also isn't any increased lag in a small village I made (it has less lights though). This all still doesn't explains why there's tiny lag-spikes at really random moments. (even when I'm walking in a completely empty map, though this lags less than a map with events) EDIT: I also tried playing my game with everything else on my computer closed. I closed Skype, browser, steam, anything. I even disabled my internet, so it's definitely something ingame.
  6. krikke93

    Performance issues

    I'll check if disabling the HUD helps, but I doubt it, since it's hardly showing on my screen (you have to press a key for it to pop up). There also aren't any parallel processes running (afaik, maybe I forgot to delete some, will check too). Anti-lag scripts probably won't help because they just disable events when you're out of reach and my maps are maximum size of 20x20 with only a few events on it so far. I might try an anti-lag script when everything else fails though. Thanks for the advices, I'll check them out now.
  7. Perfect! Thanks
  8. krikke93

    Intro Cutscenes?

    If all your images follow right after each other without any overlapping, you can just use "show image" but overwrite the last one. For example your first image has ID 1, make your second image the same ID (1). Then at the very and of all the images, you can set the self switch to ON. This way you won't have to use more than one event for multiple pictures.
  9. Is there another way of calling a common event through scripting? I also thought that when I use reserve_common_event it changes the variable "common_event_id" in Game_Temp, so what I tried was changing that back to 0 after every common event call ($game_temp.reserve_common_event(0)). That didn't do anything either EDIT: I disabled a script which I thought I already did, and it seems like the problem lies within this one. I am calling a common event at the start of the game through this one using the reserve_common_event call. I'm going to look into this after I get back home. EDIT2: Problem solved, here's a quick explenation for people having the same problem: I had some scripts running using $game_temp.reserve_common_event(#event_id) This, however, caused multiple common events to interfer with each other as they were reserved at the same time. For some reason this made accessing a common event from the menu or any other scene than the map impossible (probably due to events already being reserved, but never executed). My solution to this was adding Hime's Scene interpreter script to my game. Next, I replaced all the common event reserving calls that could interfer with each other with: SceneManager.scene.interpreter.setup($data_common_events[#event_id].list) I hope this might help people with the same problem. This thread can now be closed.
  10. At line 136 it says "check_common_event", where would I find this? I've checked in Scene_MenuBase and Scene_Base since those are its parent classes, but I can't seem to find it. I also used $game_temp.reserve_common_event(event_id) alot in my scripting. Maybe this made something go wrong?