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  1. Sorry about the feed spamn im downloding a mmo caused a huge lag spike. I am going to get ff 14! Cant wait :D

    1. Kirimash


      Final Fantasy XIV?! I don't even *falls off chair* What? I *falls again*


      ...Good luck.

    2. corneredcosmos


      ? Lol okay so far so good

  2. I should really fill in my pics word bubble.._ suggestions?

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    2. Kirimash


      8 updates? WOW.

    3. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Why u spammin updates, bro?

    4. corneredcosmos


      Huge lag probs becuz i am downloding a mmo.

      Like your suggestion apple :D

  3. corneredcosmos

    A very Energectic Person is...

    Yeah i could see that, not a bad idea i would just like to neaten them up with some ink~!/greyscale. Always adds a good touch
  4. her but I'm not Greetings RPG maker Developers! A week has passed the fireworks are gone and we're only getting older! It turns out I have a real problem with getting myself to do pixel art or any computer related art. you can make amazing pieces, but it seems i am more so attached to papper. This is a problem since I have alot of pixel art to do and it doesnt help having to juggle family and work at the same time! D: All of those things together and deciding what to do for fun is near automatic to whats fun to me. Good old paper sketches yessir! I would take up doing one of those anyday! I've been practicing daily the completion above was done in two days one character at a time I am truly in love with it so far thinking about adding more, but first its time to get my foot down and get myself on more battlers to match the walking sprites I did! I have done a splew of them here's a peak at two o3o It will be truly exciting to see these in battle poses! Until we see each other again Keep on Chugging your Mana potions and game on! CC
  5. corneredcosmos

    Goals and What Will happen

    @Vectra thanks, I'm sure they'll see this. @ladyminerva Thats true and thank you for the words
  6. corneredcosmos

    Cosmos's Space Junk(Drawings)

    thanks riki ART; http://cassiuscosmo.deviantart.com/ Im too lazy to put each indvidual photo up here
  7. I lost my cellphone for about 3 months or more now... I'm such a good friend o3o.(i had a friend who I could only contact via cellphone XD)

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    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Give them time.

      Try asking for your phone records in the past x months. It might be tedious but at least you'll have their number.

    3. Kirimash


      Do you know where you lost it?

    4. corneredcosmos


      No idea and trust me i have looked everywhere... its gone.


      Yeah I am sure they will

  8. Final announcement for the Tears of The Sky thread, a formal end to a problem is within; http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/blog/610/entry-2012-goals-and-what-will-happen/

  9. Greetings Fellow RPG Makers , Its been some time since I came out and connected with the community and I am certain there is a buzz about me somewhere, what its about I would rather not know. I would however like to formerly close an issue I have been dealing with, concerning rights to music that was exclusively made for Tears of The sky. I had a discussion with the composer and it turns out we had a huge misunderstanding on what that word meant. I believe its solely my fault as I am new to commissions and their exact terms, so I would like to return those rights to the music made by Simon Dlsea/ironcroc/saltwatercroc or oceaniqu and I do not wish to own them or use them. I do not deserve them i let my emotions towards the fellow get the better of me and i should never no one should ever let that happen. I sincerely apologize to those that got caught up in this situation. Concerning the project itself i still care about it, but its on the back burner as i am working with a group called Mystic Edge as their artist and all of my work is knowingly theirs and only theirs. i am not the leader of said team, so i dont have much privilege to say anything else but that. We are working steadily to bring out a game as soon as we can a rather large one as far as i know. i have been working hard with them creating pixel art and character concepts! I am exhilarated for the moment when you will get to see the fruits of our labor Until next week I will keep you all in the dark! CC
  10. Thanks for the rights to the music. However theres been a change, I relinquish these rights back to the rightful owner. It appears there was a big confusion and I apologize for that. The music when the game will be released will no longer be a part of it. All rights to the music belong to Croc.
  11. corneredcosmos

    Cosmos's Space Junk(Drawings)

  12. corneredcosmos

    Cosmos's Space Junk(Drawings)

  13. corneredcosmos

    RPG Maker Chat Group!

    Well there is a second motive here. There is a certain member whom I wish to avoid at all costs. He causes me a high amount of stress and depression just seeing him.(For personal reasons I wont divulge into.) So I thought why should I let this guy get in the way of me and a chatroom? Thusly I decided to create one without him.
  14. corneredcosmos

    RPG Maker Chat Group!

    Yo everyone! I figured since the other groups getting pretty full why not start up another give those who haven't joined a good opening to connect with each other. Sooo if you're interested in joining the group just contact (nayllon@sbcglobal.net) on skype or Nathan CorneredCosmos! Or just ask a buddy about it! Some simple common rules in the chat we should cover 1.Be respectful 2.Please keep controversial conversations to a minimum 3.Please avoid any gossip....we don't need that 4.Do not harass other members or else there will be consequences. 5.We're all developers here, we shouldn't discuss ANY illegal activities. Or anything that would regularly get you banned from these forums. 6. To enter the chat officially we need your forum name. Hope to see you in the new chatroom!
  15. corneredcosmos

    Cosmos's Space Junk(Drawings)