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  1. If I lay down certain tiles it'll have this brown ground box around it so it blends into the ground. Other ones have the light blue around it to blend into the water. I want to be able to control what terrain surrounds each tile, cause I have these ice tiles I made but every time they go into the game they get those brown boxes around them that make them look like ground and not floating ice. Help would be appreciated.
  2. coolcatkim22

    What's the origin of your username?

    It comes from my e-mail, When I was ten my brother was helping me set it up but I couldn't come up with an original name for my address so my brother made it coolcatkimmy. I usually used coolcatkimmy as my username but that started to be taken most of the time so I changed it to coolcatkim22 because I was born on the 22 of May.
  3. coolcatkim22

    What are you working on?

    I'm working on a RPG, genre fantasy/sci-fi. I'm really just now in the world building phase and only briefly done an rough outline of weapons and attack moves. I create a world map and a good chunk of history; working on character bios right now. I'm going to have ten classes and four races. They'll be about 30 characters a person can add to their army but only can battle with four at a time (may change this later). It's really basic but I hope to add a good deal of puzzles, special class only features, and end game content to make it work.
  4. coolcatkim22

    Armour required to use Skill

    Okay thanks. Uh, another question, I know I keep asking more but ideas keep popping into my head and I don't think I should be making seperate threads for all the things I want to have. I want to have long blocks of text in certain spots but I want to give the player the opportunity to stop reading anytime they want. Like, above the text box will be a smaller box saying "'x' cancel" and if they press x they'll be exited out of the text box. Any ideas on how I could do that?
  5. coolcatkim22

    Armour required to use Skill

    How would I do that though? I don't see any options in battle formula to put in a weapon variable. I don't see anything else on the skill sheet that would help with that either.
  6. coolcatkim22

    Armour required to use Skill

    Thanks, that's the kind of script I was looking for. Also, thanks to the others who replied too. One more question. If I want a skill to be usable without a weapon but is more powerful if the user has one equipped, how would I do that? Is that possible with that script or is there another script I need or some way I can do that with the program.
  7. coolcatkim22

    Highest Variable Wins

    Okay cool. Thanks again Mr Trivel!
  8. coolcatkim22

    Highest Variable Wins

    Oh wait, never mind. I fixed it. I didn't put an underscore in when I typed the script into the control variable insert. Quick question though, how is it suppose to work with branches. Like, going down one branch if so and so variable is highest.
  9. coolcatkim22

    Highest Variable Wins

    I tried this and my game crashed. Think I'll just use the other method that was mentioned.
  10. coolcatkim22

    Highest Variable Wins

    Oh okay. Thanks guys!
  11. coolcatkim22

    Highest Variable Wins

    Hm, maybe. Though I was hoping to have more then 2 variables so there'd be more variety of reactions.
  12. coolcatkim22

    Transfer not working

    Yes, that's what happened. EDIT: I fixed it.
  13. coolcatkim22

    Does a good story make up for the visuals?

    Eh, yes and no. It also depends on everything else. Like sound and mechanics. If your game has okay graphics, sound, mechanics, etc, but an awesome story then yeah it makes up for it. But if everything else is really bad, well, you still could have a good game but you might as well write a novel if that's the case. Not to say that I think you should give up on your game. If the graphics aren't half bad then go for it. It's just you should weigh how much bad graphic brings down the game in comparison to the story lifting it up. I think your graphics are fine though so I don't see a real problem here.
  14. coolcatkim22


    I'm new to this forum and to the maker. A friend of me sent me his download of the program since he wasn't using it so now I'm using it to make a rpg. Anyways, nice to be here