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  1. So, its actually can't immediately be mirrored hmm... (and you actually edit the window base whereas i just go around windows message and found nothing) i need to learn how to write more than just editing script >.> anyway, i have tried your code and its works smoothly thank you so much
  2. As soon as im back to my PC, im going to try that (i actually know about that mirror stuff but didnt know how to apply it to the script >.<)
  3. Hmm... i see so the game need to be refreshed (or something like that) before the change applied Thank you, it works now
  4. Yep, its exactly the thing i need Thank you
  5. Hello all, i'm here need some help with adding / removing actor. Since the default engine can only add / remove actor manually (add actor A, add actor B, etc.) i need a way to add / remove actor directly by using the variable to determine which actor will be added / removed. It does can be done by using conditional branches, but looking at the number of actor i have, it will become a very very (very) long event ._. So can someone give an idea or maybe this can't be done unless using script? I can provide further info if it still not clear enough Thx