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  1. *yawn* I get tired promoting Galv's and my work: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25462-galvs-random-loot-drops-v-14/?hl=%2Brandom+%2Bloot
  2. I would strongly recommend merging GTBS with Lavy Meta, I have worked with both of them (not in combination) - but im not a expert scripter. And an expert scripter is what you will need.There are a few tactical games (in their beginnings) out there that use Lavy Meta, so its not impossible. Building a isometric system from scratch is almost impossible if you want it to properly merge with GTBS as a part of a "small paid commission" If the isometric map system is written from scratch and combined with GTBS AND you are working with a sane, grown up person who has to pay a rent...well....aim for 3,500 $
  3. Hey, This question has been asked before - on this and several other forums - by various people of varying technical knowledge. Nonetheless, I would like to repeat the question here - because Im one of those people interested in reviving a really good script. I would like to port the RGSS2 "Roguelike Script" from VX to RGSS3 VXAce. The original scripts site (japanese) will be gone early next year, but they allow to use and modify the script after that. The script comes as reworking/redestribution according to its GPL. I have already started translating the script, fixing some bugs and adding new features - but currently under VX. I would really like to port this beast over to VXA because its a rare diamond of a script that adds capabiliites to the Maker that are otherwise impossible. First tests - simply by copying the scripts - showed that I can get it to compile correctly under VXA, but of course there are tons of hidden errors throughout execution (like function names that changed from RGSS2 to RGSS3 etc.). If anybody is interested, just answer here or drop me a line - I would also offer payment for the job! contact me also for my modified version if you are intersted in getting the VX project. Why this script and not SabaKans or any other? Because this is the only script with real roguelike gameplay and mechanics. It removes the DBS completely and puts all action onto the map. In addition, it allows object manipulation like seen in SHIREN/TORNEKO - something never seen in any other script. The list goes on and on... The original, unmodified version can be found here (use google translate, RGSS2 section roguelike script): http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/ And here is a video in action, also a translation + expansion done by someone else (who im not able to contact): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewVipzgESnE Quite a big task, but the script is wonderful. Another idea would be creating it from scratch for VXA while leaning towards a possible MV version in the future. Im not a complete idiot when it comes to scripting, but a project of this size just cries for help! cheers -Fhiz
  4. RPGMaker == Modern Daycare

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      I don't understand, how is RPGMaker a Modern Daycare...?

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      A better alternative perhaps. The parents need to understand what RPGs are though.

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      Radiant Arin

      I think that he means RPG Maker is interesting enough to hold his kids for a while. Though, without proper context, I can't make an accurate conclusion.

  5. Hi, Im working on a new script collection (Item Suite) that simplifies Galv's Random Loot and my Random Shop + Random Drop scripts even more. I would like to get rid of ALL notetags (min-rarity, max-rarity blah, blah...) and make the system as simple as possible. The new formula will spawn items according to their PRICE. Where the price is a rough measure of an items rarity, even if it is not buyable in any of the shops. I would like the designer to be able to define a amount of RARITY LEVELS. The final formula will take the average party level as well as the rarity level into account and spawn the corresponding item. My example currently uses 5 rarity levels, but it should be changeable to any number: 1 = Very Common 2 = Common 3 = Uncommon 4 = Rare 5 = Ultra Rare During the game. No matter if its a Treasure Chest, a Enemy Loot Drop or a randomly generated shop inventory, the designer would use a simple script call that features just one argument: The Rarity level. rnd_drop(1) rnd_shop(4) rnd_loot(3) # ! please note that the script call also takes the average party level into account ! And here is the beginning of the script. A mixture of pseudo-code and ruby code. #1. Average Party Level (100) i = $game_party.battle_members.size avg_level = 0 for member in $game_party.all_members next if member.nil? avg_level += member.level end avg_level = avg_level/i #1 - 100 #2. Some Constants to work with ITEM_MIN_PRICE = 1 ITEM_MAX_PRICE = 99999 MIN_RARITY = 1 MAX_RARITY = 5 #Max Number of Rarity Levels RND_FLUCTUATION = 5 #random fluctuation in percent #3. The Formulas to work with def rnd_loot(rarity) rarity_steps = (ITEM_MAX_PRICE+1)/100 / MAX_RARITY # 200 rarity = MIN_RARITY if rarity < MIN_RARITY # 1 rarity = MAX_RARITY if rarity > MAX_RARITY # 5 factor_rarity = rarity_steps * rarity #200 - 1000 min_rarity = (factor_rarity * avg_level)/2 #100 - 50000 #To high, hould start at 1 max_rarity = (factor_rarity * avg_level) #200 - 100.000 #apply fluctuation in percent #get random item according to final min/max rarity end My Question: Now im running into several problems. The script must be able to evenly distribute the price-range between a possible min_price (min_rarity) and a max_price (max_rarity) while taking into account a variable number of RARITY LEVELS and the parties average level. Also keep in mind that I would like the RARITY LEVELS to be adjustable by the designer, as well as being able to state a ITEM_MIN_PRICE, ITEM_MAX_PRICE Does anybody have an idea how I could solve this idea in a more elegant manner?
  6. Hey there, While practicing and trying to get better at scripting, this little snippet was created. This script allows you to implement random shops in your game. Please note that I am not the best scripter out there. I also like to keep my scripts simple. This system is designed to use the same notetags as Galv's Random Loot and will interlock with my other scripts (Random Drops, Simple Rarities) later on to form a little system (Item Suite). Get the most recent version (1.0) plus a demo project from my DropBox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18289607/RPGMakersScripts/Random%20Shop%20v1.0.rar The script itself can be found on PasteBin as well: http://pastebin.com/ySiLsHLR Introduction This script allows you to use a script call to randomly generate a shop. Add notetags to items to specify level requirements and rarity values. The shop inventory will be generated automatically according to the party level and the notetags provided for items. Shops can sell items of specific types, subtypes or custom defined families. Using a clever combination of type, subtype and families - you can tailor the random shop to offer only items of a very specific type. Like only Armors of the Small Shield type, or just Weapons of the Sword type and so on. Note that in this very first version, the shop inventory is re-generated every time a player visits the shop. Persistent shop inventories will be added later. Right now its highly fluctuating - a bit like in Disgaea. Version 1.0 Limit shops to a maximum amount of items Include only items of certain rarity and level bounds Use the <noshop> notetag to prevent items from showing up in the shop. Modify the shop price +/- by a percentage amount (optional). Full Documentation #=============================================================================== # +++ SIMPLE RANDOM SHOP +++ #=============================================================================== # + Original Script by Fhizban (also known as Malagar) # # + Version 1.0 # + Updated August 2015 # + For RPGMaker VX Ace # + Free for Non-Commercial and Commercial use # + Requires no other scripts #=============================================================================== # DESCRIPTION #=============================================================================== # This script allows you to use a script call to randomly generate a shop. Add # notetags to items to specify level requirements and rarity values. The shop # inventory will be generated automatically according to the party level and # the notetags provided for items. Shops can sell items of specific types, # subtypes or custom defined families. #=============================================================================== # INSTALLATION #=============================================================================== # + Put this script after Material but before main. # + Add some of the notetags (described below) to the items in the database. # + Add a new event that represents a shop to your map. # + Add a script call to the event that will generate a random shop (see below). #=============================================================================== # DOCUMENTATION #=============================================================================== # You are required to setup two different parts to make this script work: # 1) Add Notetags to your items in the database. # 2) Add the script call to your events (chests). # 3) Optionally you can change the configuration below to your taste. # # 1) Editing Notetags: # You must specify the following notetags for all ITEMS, WEAPONS and ARMOR that # you want to randomly appear in your events (shops). If any items do not have # these tags, they will just not appear in a random shops at all. # # <family: x> # The group or family the item belongs to # # You define these families yourself (1-99) # <rarity: x> # The rarity value (1+ higher is rarer) # <level-min: x> # Min level of player for item to show (1-99) # <level-max: x> # Max level of player for item to show (1-99) # # Optional notetag for ARMORS and WEAPONS only: # # <lucky: x> # All equipped lucky items of the party are added to # # calculate the total chance to get rarer items. # # New Optional notetags for all item types: # # <noshop> # Item does never appear in a random shop (requires Simple Random Shop 1.0+) # <noloot> # Item is never found as random loot (requires Simple Random Loot 1.4+) # <nodrop> # Item is never dropped from an enemy (requires Simple Random Drop 1.0+) # # 2) Using the script call: # By using this script call, you can randomly populate a shop. Go to your event and add # a new command to it, choose script from the very last command tab and insert the # following line. # # EXAMPLE: # # random_shop(0, 1, 10, 50, 1, 1) # # SYNTAX: # # random_shop(type, rarity_min, rarity_max, price=0, amount=0, subtype=0, family=0) # # type # The type of item to be found: # # 0 = All Types, determined randomly # # 1 = Item # # 2 = Armor # # 3 = Weapon # # 4 = One randomly determined Type # # rarity_min # Min and Max Rareness determine the item rarity that # rarity_max # the script call will obtain when successful. You can # # state any number that you also use on the notetags # # of your items. Example: # # rarity_min=10, rarity_max=50 # # The script call will generate a random number 1-50. # # An item can only be obtained if it has a rarity # # EQUAL or LESS than the generated number. # # price # OPTIONAL. This will alter the price of all items in # # the shop by X percent. It is also possible to set # # this to a negative number, lowering the prices. # # amount # OPTIONAL. This limites the shop inventory to X items. # # If not set, the default maximum amount limit is used. # # subtype # OPTIONAL. This only applies to WEAPONS or ARMOR and # # will be ignored otherwise. Filters the random loot # # to drop only items of the stated type. # # (e.g. 1 = General Armour) # # family # OPTIONAL. Family can be any number or 0. # # 0 = drops any item of the stated type/subtype # # x = drops only items of the stated type/subtype that # # share the family. # # Using a clever combination of type, subtype and families - you can tailor the random # shop to offer only items of a very specific type. Like only Armors of the Small # Shield type, or just Weapons of the Sword type and so on. #=============================================================================== # COMPATABILITY #=============================================================================== # + Should be compatible with most other scripts (like YANFLY engine). # + Can be combined with my other scripts to form the complete ITEM SUITE: # + Simple Random Loot # + Simple Random Shop # + Simple Random Drop # + Simple Random Rarities #===============================================================================
  7. bm Blackmorning's Base Script & Basic Scripts

    A bit late to the party, but thats a great script! The statwebs are something I have been looking for a while.
  8. loot Galv's Random Loot Drops v. 1.4

    Thanks a bunch! Galv commented that part out, and I totally did not think about other scripts. It seems he knew that it wont work. Your solution is perfect, will be integrated into 1.4
  9. loot Galv's Random Loot Drops v. 1.4

    (sorry double-post) Script was updated to v1.3 - this will be the last version for a while (aside from bug-fixes). You can now filter the loot even more to just show up items of a specific subtype (thats the ones you define in the Terms tab of the database). Documentation was updated as well and there is now a proper sample project. ---please check out the opening (top) post for all the details---
  10. Access Subtype of Items

    Yes exactly. Thats those entries that can be changed in the Terms tab Thanks I'look it up after work. EDIT: So thats wtype_id and atype_id right?
  11. Out of Combat state duration

    alright, thanks a bunch! And now: Where the heck is this located in the default scripts?
  12. Argh, I guess Im blind: Googled, searched the forum and searched the code. Still nothing. Can somebody please help? So i can filter items via script by accessing the various item types like: $data_items $data_armors $data_weapons but there are those "subtypes" defined in the Terms tab of the database. How can I access these via script? And if a "out of bounds" item subtype is accessed, does it return NIL? I would therefore add a IF statement to check if the subtype is actually available? thanks in advance!
  13. Hi there, I need a bit of information, can anybody help please? Say there is a State that lasts X turns, that state continues to exist outside of combat as well. At least that is the information i got (unless you specify the state to end at the end of battle). Now my question: How many "turns" (inside battle) does such a state last "outside" of the battle? It seems to be something around 15-30 steps, but I could not find a exact information in the code. thanks!
  14. Why not check out my update on Galv's random loot? Its easy to use via notetags on items and saves you from having to maintain large loot lists http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/25462-galvs-random-loot-drops-v-11/
  15. Fhizban's Simple Party HUD

    After some discussion at the german boards, script was updated again to v1.2 You can get the most recent version at pastebin: http://pastebin.com/jwD03aDe