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  1. I feel Discouraged by how little responce were getting
  2. If you enjoy the game be sure to go to the Contest link or click on the Grand Nexus Flag on my sign! preess the Blue like+1. estemated game completion Mid September. Adding Features More unique Battle system Improvements. Zelda 4 swords style Multiplayer Sheild Usage Unique Enhanced Skills New Characters + Enemy Sprites New Tilesets Home/ Secret base (Pokemon Emerald Inspired) Mix Overlay Mapping.
  3. Mesumari Setora: In the Leghanic language translates to; Planet of Phantasy. During the infancy of mankind, within the depths of the Synkaru Galaxy there was a grand war. A battle between two Galactic powerhouses. The Ruthless Blood lords of Escar versus the Imperial Epics of Leghan. During the long tireless battles, the Lords of Leghan opened the vault of secrets and prepared for the final assault, hence our story begins. (I stare at my father and shed tears, my brother standing next to me in distress and confusion. The heavy roars of battle above the cathedral rattle the foundation of the building. The pace of his breath indicated suffering as he spoke to us with undying disappointment. “My son’s you have been granted with a royal mission, this will be our last meetingâ€. Our hearts shattered, our heads lowered and tears flowed heavily as our eyes became incontinent. I hold my heart and stare at my father in understanding. “I see your eyes father; they hold emptiness. This mission will result in survival however, in genocide as well; will it not?†I bluntly stood my ground. My father faintly smiled, and shook his head symbolizing accuracy. My brother’s eyes faded to black as he fell to the ground in sorrow. “W... why father? Why should we be the last of a planet to live?†He blasted at him with discontent. My father and I glared at him with empathy; we felt the pain but couldn’t express emotion. His shaking body and fluxuating energy rattled the walls around us. My father’s face grew serious and spoke with the last words we would ever hear. “Your mission is to live and recreate the Kagelorde. If we all die in vain, you my sons as the new Lords will train and obliterate the enemy once and for all!†That said he turned around and walked away with a smile for the final prophesy of our people was complete and the Shihashi De Kagelorde has begun.) Those two children were sent away witnessing the awakening of their families’ secret causing their galaxies obliteration. But they were not alone. Two of the enemy escaped to chase them. Landing on earth they grow up training and growing stronger during Earths grandest historical moments. Obeying their father’s wishes they found worthy Humans who were trained and became Kagelorde. These nine warriors waged a war upon the remnants of the Blood lords, creating grand distress upon the world and shaken the ground with their Immense power and abilities. In the final fight however The Main Lord's fought and in desperation the Boss used a forbidden art that took out five of the nine, and finally escaped. This is where the game begins. In the last moments of battle these grand warriors are looking towards Ostprusen, Where you the Offspring of a Great Battle mage still reside. It’s up to you to take on countless hardships as the Blood lords Generals and Minions work to annihilate all resistance. While you buy the Lords time to unlock the secret of Leghan once more..... Be warned, For the earth might not survive... Character Bios: * Gran Nexus: ** Reaven Urimaka Samatros Urimaka Juztsacki Kinas Olcuran Nimur Antagonist: Nitaros Versangre Odarevlis Urimaka Kujou/Kujou-shin Extra: Caleb Santiago Shinakaru Hioichi Hinari Gonamichi *All other characters not listed above belong to rpg maker vx, ace ** All referred characters and names + title subject to Copyright and trademark to Creator and Grand Nexus Dev. Credits: Music/ BGM: Music by: Lino Rise Title: “Intro Luxor†Title: “pRise Fire†Source: www.free-intro-music.com RFGB Subscribe at: Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Kevin Macleod Source: Incompetech.com Aaron Krogh Source: Rpgmakervxace.net Characters/Overlay/Tile sets: Kaylez: Tree's Celiana: Tile sets Kazzador: Enemy Sprite's Hanzo Kimura: Overlay scripts. Yami: Overlay scripts ruby translation. Special Coding Honors to: Khas Arcthunder: SAS (Sapphire Action System IV Script) Event/ Support. Galv: Galv's Banking script KMS: Mini Map Script Screenshots: Features: Sword Interaction and Effects New MiniMap Feature (Special Credit Goes To KMS for This.) Item and Money Banking System Shops 20 Person Character Selection Gender Selection! Unique, un-recycled, Original Story. Dungeons that will excite your gameplay Amazing Skills to help you take down your enemy's Amazing Soundtracks and Title Screen Timely use of Map overlay! Genre: Grand Epic RPG Game Progression: Game is an hour long, satisfying, demo. We hope to either win competition with your assistance to make the Quad story series a reality! Enjoy: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/82#.U7IDubE26M8