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  1. Japhasca

    Restricting characters from Moving south (down)

    If I understand correctly, you want them to be able to occupy the tile, but only from the top side? If you want the tile inaccessible completely but don't want to have a different graphic set with different move restrictions, a low-key solution is to put events at same level as character where you don't want them to move, and don't assign a graphic.It can look messy in editor if you have a lot but I've used this as a tweak a lot in VX ACE (especially when I am displaying a map graphic as an event to save on tile usage, or making a big event, like a large being you can talk to) and RPG Maker only flags the bottom middle tile as the event itself.)
  2. Japhasca

    How to make team name?

    I'm not necessarily one that could outright answer your question, but I think a few more details might help. Are you having issues with just being able to input the name and save as a variable? Or are you trying to make the picture above, as an example, interactive where it can be entered there?
  3. @roninator2 Thanks for the heads up! I recopied the original into them in case anything had changed. Looks a like nicer now, too!
  4. I modified the title script to work more properly with what I wanted to display in my game, so I thought this might be interesting for people who wanted something similar. I'll explain a couple sections (with caveats) and then show the entire script at the end. I removed a couple of things (like biography) that I'm not using, but I'm sure they can probably be re-implemented. I also only show the integer value of numbers and percentages as I'm not concerned with anything beyond that. I don't script and it took a lot of guesswork, web searching, and assistance to arrive at this, so I apologize if it's a bit messy. CHANGES (bolded so they are easier to spot): At the start, here is how I changed the menu options with some removals, renames, and additions: For the parameters section, I changed font size, did some renames, and removed ones I don't use, although they can be added back in. This sets up names for the elements and states. You can use more or less, but you might need to mess with the font and column settings if they don't fit well or look bad. The spaces at the start of each string leaves space to draw the icons. I had to add in the menu items. I left in some I didn't use because I was afraid to mess too much with this, but they don't show up so it works. It's a bit messy though. Additions to call the new windows. Example of where I changed the number of columns drawn, and changed column.width. I hashed out the column.width original lines in case I screwed up and needed to revert to the original version. This is where I changed the presentation of the parameter values to remove anything after the decimal place. etc. This fills in elemental resistance. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out where to put in the icon drawing commands. Everywhere else I put it worked, but always failed to draw the last icon. The way element rates are stored, you have to multiply by -100 and add 100 to get a positive integer value. The icon numbers of course refer to my sheet so that would need to be edited if someone else used it. This fills in state resistances, with some big caveats. For my game, the characters are either immune to a state or not; I don't use % resistances for them. This looks at the immunity variable and returns 0% if it's false and 100% if it's true (0 or 1 times 100.) I imagine if you use % resistances, it would work similarly to elements as above, BUT if you use both you'd have to have it figure out which on to prioritize and how you'd want it displayed. Because the basic game setup adds in luck to state application, 100% resistance is NOT the same as immunity. FULL SCRIPT:
  5. Hi all, I'm requesting help with a script plugin that would let me set a custom skill by notetag for an enemy when they are inflicted with a state that includes the effects "Attack an ally," "Attack an enemy," and "Attack anyone." Reason being all of my characters use the attack command, but monsters have specific actions tailored to give some flavor in verbiage, so when they are under those effects and the dialog reads "X attacks Y!" it breaks some of the feeling I'm going for. Something that would allow me to specify skill by number, like: <Attack ally: ###> <Attack enemy: ###> <Attack anyone: ###> If for some reason they are unable to use that skill, if it's not too complicated, I would want it to either pass their turn with no action taken, or maybe produce the dialog "X is unable to act!" or give me an option to use an alternate (non-action) ability, such as: <Unable: ###> or perhaps produce either that or a dialog output, at my option: <Unable: ###> <Unable: [enemy's name]" is unable to act!"> So I can choose what I would want the enemy to do in that scenario. This would be for a (hopefully) commercial product, and you would be credited under. We can discuss a licensing fee if you like. The only other script I have in place that requires using the monster's note box is modern algebra's Drop Options 1.1.0, so it would have to not fight with that if there's an issue with the notetag order. Thank you! EDIT: Incidentally, I did try the action command to force an action at a very high priority when an enemy is under the state that causes one of the above effects, but the effect of the state overrides it, and attack is still used.
  6. Japhasca

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    Thanks so much everyone! Got it now. I was on the right track but was using the ? wrong. value = sprintf(fmt, (@actor.state_resist?(21)? 1:0) * 100) will give me a result of 0 or 100 depending on if the state is resisted or not (I'm not using % rates so this is perfect!)
  7. Japhasca

    Calling state resist variables in scripts

    EDIT: Got Icons to work. Still can't figure out how to get the state resists.
  8. Japhasca

    Elemental Resistance and Weakness in menu

    Not trying to necro, but I'm working on a similar issue. I was able to pull elemental resistances with @actor.element_rate(n) within the main Yanfly script needed for the plugin above, but I can't for the life of me figure out the variables or the methodology to pull state resistances (immunity OR rate.) I've been looking online for hours.
  9. Salutations! I've begun using Yanfly's Ace Status Menu script to add more visibility to in-game parameters. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/ace-status-menu/ I've added functionality to display elemental and state resistances. For elements, I was able to use @actor.element_rate(n), and, with a little math, displayed them as positive integers. For states, I tried @actor.state_rate(n) but it returned their chance to inflict states on attack, rather than their resistances. Question then, what variable stores state resistances? I'm assuming there would be two per state, since items allow both a state rate and a state resist; and if I'm correct, would the latter also be stored as a boolean? I'm also trying to figure out how to add an icon from the icon file before the name of each element and state, if anyone can help with that too. EDIT: ADDED The state thing is what I'm most concerned with, but as far as adding icons, in keeping format with the rest of the script, the strings placed into the slots above are set up like: ELEMENTS_COLUMN1 =[ [:firZ, "Fire Resistance"], [:iceZ, "Ice Resistance"], [:thuZ, "Thunder Resistance"], [:watZ, "Water Resistance"], [:earZ, "Earth Resistance"], [:winZ, "Wind Resistance"], [:ligZ, "Light Resistance"], [:shaZ, "Shadow Resistance"], ] # Do not remove this. And the part that displays this and the value is like: when :firZ value = sprintf(fmt, @actor.element_rate(3) * -100 + 100) I'm not sure if I simply can't add an icon before the string, or if I am just doing the syntax incorrectly. The entire section (and what I'm trying to do with states) is set up like the parameters section in the base script, with some tweaks to column number, and display width. I aped the setup of the menu options by duplicating what was in the base script as well.
  10. Thanks so much! I'll give it a shot :) In the class the tag goes in the note for the skill itself (where you have them listed by level.) Didn't have any problems getting them to work except at first I was having the new skill delete it self as well so I was very confused!
  11. Salutations! Tsukihime provided a wonderful script that would allow a skill to replace another at level up with very minimal work, designer-side. It can be found here: There's also a script included that provides compatibility with Yanfly's Victory Aftermath, which can be found here: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/victory-aftermath/ The issue is, when a skill is replaced, it WILL show up in the aftermath level up display, but "New Skill" is missing. If the level up does not have a skill that replaces another, or has a skill of both types, "New Skill" will appear. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at this and see if there's a fix so that "New Skill" will appear in both situations (honestly, I wouldn't mind it if it always appears at level up, even when nothing new is learned.)
  12. It seems like you have been away for a while! Welcome back!

    1. Japhasca


      I've been chugging away on my project slowly and surely! I've missed the forums :(

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      *giggls and sprinkles some fairy dust on you, then gives you a big o' hug!*

  13. This is kind of driving me crazy because I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing this. My speculation has run to "maybe there's too many things in this column" but that doesn't seem to be the case. Basically I have an event that is visually jail cell bars, and is set to same level, action button, and begins a conversation. (Meant to be the character behind the bars.) However, the event on the right, where I want it to be, only works if I ctrl-walk in the editor and use it from the sides. It does not work from above or below. But, I copied it (the left one) and that works fine from every direction. What gives? EDIT: I figured it out. After all these years, it's still the simplest things that can get you. Below the event is one sent to below, touch, but when it's turned off, it swaps to a new, blank page set to below, action button. That was trumping any adjacent events.
  14. Oh dear lord. Thank you, I didn't think it would even be in there because the troop eventing is so shallow.
  15. A specific enemy. In my test, the first, so I use 0 for troop_id.
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