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  1. When a game attracts a player with it's story, the game will be remembered more, at least for myself. RPG games have been and always will be one of my favorite genre of games that include storie that aren't rip-offs that sell-out year after year. It's the reason why I'm interested in making a game myself. But I want to ask, does the story of a game really help out with how good it is? If that's the case, then let me share the story I plan on making as a project. The setting is at a strange moon like planet (Earth-size), preferable a academy filled with students. The planet itself can sustain humans and other creatures alike. However the others who are non-human are not too far in categorizing them as "beasts". A young girl is the explorer of this ancient academy. Her companions are not like her, since they range from a walking teddy bear to a wolf like man. She is by herself as she faces against the world filled with those who doubt and praise the moon they live in. But beside what is shown by text, the true story is about someone in a dark phase of their life. The moon is really just the darkness people are in when they are depressed. The academy represents how everything works on strict regulations. Cross the line and your considered a "Doubter" to their society. There is more into it but for now I have not finished writing the outline of the story. The story is still in development, but I do encourage critics who can help me tell this story a bit better. I will refer back the question if the story is the true purpose of a game, then how? And if it's yes, how can I make a story like mine become a decent game? I will post the artwork for the story as soon as they are sketched.