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  1. givecake

    Pushing Objects into Water to Make Bridges

    You likely have your last page of the boulder event set up wrong. It needs to be set to below characters.
  2. Ah.. Sorry Nestat, and guys/girls. I was being a dork. I suddenly realised you have to put the waits and things AFTER the text, because there is a chronological sequence there.. I was putting all the waits before the text, and getting a blank box for those numbers of seconds, then the text would load and disappear almost instantly. >_> Thanks. ;D By the way, would any of you anything about the enemy appear issue I wrote about in another post? Two enemies are set to appear halfway through a battle by a 'summon', and they've been set to do that by right-clicking on them in the troops editor, but I can see them as soon as the battle starts. Any ideas as to why that might be?
  3. Hey Nestat. Thanks for the reply. This is not quite what I meant though, the waiting commands bring up a blank window until the time expires, right, but I want the window and text to appear for exactly 1 or 2 seconds before disappearing by itself and the next action is run. Does anything like that exist?
  4. givecake

    Enemy Appear issue

    Hi Wren, thanks for your reply. Here are the screens.
  5. givecake

    Hiding an enemy battler while animation plays

    Awesomeeeeeeee! Thanks man <3
  6. givecake

    XS - Item Durability

    Hi Nicke and all. Is there a way to set an item to be invulnerable? That's all I'm after, love the script. Thanks!