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  1. Kelesith

    concept building/Leading an Army

    Ha! hasn't stopped me yet! the learnings slow but the gears are moving! Though, I should probably find a new battle system than the one that comes straight with ace. the front view battle system with static battlers, cool as they may look, probably won't cut it with this undertaking.
  2. Kelesith

    concept building/Leading an Army

    Blindga Estriole, you two have amazing ideas. I dunno how I would do those ideas but I have ideas, I really want to do one of them, So far I only really have experience in creating areas, and basic scripts. that Venthros on Youtube Taught me (shameless plug. I know.) I haven't really tried manipulating the stats on anything, well I have, but not much and not to any decent effect. (I either have a cakewalk fight or I get two shot, need to work on it) I don't know how to change the name of the HP Stamina/Magic bars, I don't know how to make new skills and make them decent nor equipment for that matter. I don't make my own artwork battlers sprites and tilesets, and I am only now trying to make my own music. (probably will fail gloriously.) and except for some custom scripts, I am pretty much running Vanilla in all regards. and none of those scripts help me with this I don't think anyway. and I am no coder. I am thinking for the player army a party of 3 or 2 probably 3 the actors being the generals, their equipment's being their command chain (subordinates) Would be the same for the enemy. the more battlers on screen, the bigger the army you are facing. I am thinking of making the items in a Logistics kind of structure. naming them after stuff you would find on battlefields and so on. Guys got any ideas that would help improve this? any other thoughts?
  3. Kelesith

    concept building/Leading an Army

    I've never even heard of the legion saga, much less the suikoden series, will have to check those out. I am pretty new to RPG maker in general so with this concept I am trying out I am probably biting off way more than I can chew, by like leagues. probably make trying it out a pet project. before I put it forward as the main one. I originally thought about the army aspect because armies are cool, war is cool, plus it's an interesting setting when done right.
  4. I know what I am pretty much saying here is pretty difficult or nigh impossible to do, and if it has been done, I have found not hide nor hair of any evidence to support that. This idea is interesting to me but may already be doomed to fail. but hey can't hurt to discuss it, can it? I know about the final fantasy tactics like system and the shining force combat system as well, and I know there is one for RPG Maker VX Ace but I am not talking about that system, nor could I afford that at this moment. I am talking about building a legitimate army, from the ground up until the end of the game. even if it is just a story element and they only really come into play in cutscenes. would it be doable? Have the main story and build the army as a secondary/main plot device on the way to victory? I would say why having an army is relevant but It would probably spoil the possible story of the game I am going to make. Thoughts? Ideas of your own on this? any and all feedback and criticism is appreciated!
  5. Kelesith

    Oh glorious player Statue.

    Update: I re added all of my scripts, all back in my same order, I took away no scripts, and I am completely fine again. I have absolutely no idea what is happening anymore. I have literally done nothing but delete and re add the scripts. and I am fine.. Problem Solved. (How I do not know, why I do not know...) Thank you all for your help
  6. Kelesith

    Oh glorious player Statue.

    It really doesn't help the problem that I only have like 5-7 days worth of experience with this but as I said before, I don't have any events on any of my maps. I am making the maps first, events and so on later.
  7. Kelesith

    Oh glorious player Statue.

    I didn't even begin to make events when this happened, the only events I had were visible enemy encounters but I deactivated and deleted them, along with the test map they were on. I've been investigating this problem on my barren world map. In Other news. Saved and Deleted all the custom scripts. can move again. so I was wrong about the scripts not being my problem Still not sure why any of these 17 custom scripts would break my movement capability. I wouldn't think they have any coding revolving around main actor map movement, when I spawned a npc and had them walk around they were fine, when I was a statue. odd. The Scripts I used were as follows, anyone notice or know incompatibilities I was not aware of? It might not even be an incompatibility, maybe something was buggered in their script code somewhere, wouldn't know which script though, not until I re add them one by one.
  8. Kelesith

    Oh glorious player Statue.

    It is. I take it, it is supposed to be an O? that is the first time I actually ever seen that thing. so small and transparent.
  9. Kelesith

    Does a good story make up for the visuals?

    Story is important to me, even when I say it isn't. Graphics, as long as the game itself is GOOD. I do not care. as long as I can read what is going on from the game. and I can comprehend it, I am good with the Graphics. (except for stick figures.) Gameplay/story first, they fight within my priorities quite a bit. but Graphics is always second rate in my opinion. Graphics in themselves, do not make the game. and they shouldn't make or break the deal you have with something, it should be the game itself. when it comes to these kind of things that RPGMaker is made and used for, I would say yeah, Story is vital.