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  1. That method will only damage the user if the attack doesn't miss the enemy or get evaded. If you want an ability that damages the user regardless of whether it hits, things get will get more complicated depending on your battle engine.
  2. I found this by having a "steady" state that reduces an actor's chance of being knocked down. When using an ability that has a strong chance to knock down its own user (via forced action), the user being in "steady" doesn't seem to reduce their odds at all. Messing around more, I've found it's apparently a general rule that if an effect on a skill has a percentage chance to apply a state, the target's "state rate" is only taken into consideration if they're an enemy. Allies' rates are totally ignored. For example, put a party member in a state that has 0% rate for poison, then have an ally attempt to inflict poison on them with a skill that has some x% chance to poison. The odds remain that x%, and the target's supposed immunity doesn't actually come into play since the attack isn't from an enemy. Is this actually built in or am I misunderstanding something? Is there a workaround to have allies' state rates apply?
  3. I was already messing with Nelderson's script of running a common event before a skill as a possible solution as well, but I'm having the same problem with both in figuring out who the skill's user is. I've been going with your Common Event Variables script to see who last used a skill/item (not sure if there's another way), but that's a step behind if I check it before a skill is used. It hasn't written over game variable 10 with the new user's ID yet, so the user is considered to be whoever went just prior to them. Edit: Nevermind, I'm dumb. There are some really simple scripts to change each actor's "attack" to other identical-looking skills. I haven't totally implemented it to see, but by making them unique I shouldn't ever need to check who the user is.
  4. Festy

    IceDragon's Craft System, unfinished?

    Thanks for looking into it so much. I haven't exposed myself to programming apart from one Java class years ago, so I'm pretty weak with this. The clunky controls were a big reason I wanted to look into Window class stuff. I think ideally left/right selects categories like it does already, up/down selects inventory items only, and accept/cancel would add to and remove from the list window on the left. That was my plan to avoid blank ingredients: making it so the list window doesn't ever have a cursor on it to begin with. Would it take a lot of changing to make it behave like that?
  5. Festy

    IceDragon's Craft System, unfinished?

    Wow, nice. Thanks a bunch. I was expecting the solution would be worlds more complicated than that, but it seems to work without hurting anything. When I said in the first post that it was functional apart from unselectable options, I apparently spoke too soon. There is one crash I've found: line 56: NoMethodError Undefined method 'db_id' for nil:NilClass It's gotten by selecting ingredients such that there's an empty space between them, so I think the empty space is getting treated like an ingredient instead of just ignored. I'll look into some tutorials later and see if I can get more control over what can be selected, so maybe it can be made impossible to arrange things like that. In case anyone's reading this later, the crash can also be triggered by picking the empty space at the bottom of the player's inventory lists in this crafting window, but that space can be removed by removing the "+ 1" on line 206.
  6. Festy

    IceDragon's Craft System, unfinished?

    Bumping with another advantage if the player's selecting ingredients: there can be more than one way to make the same outcome without menus getting ugly. For example, say a green herb and blue mushroom might make a potion, or green herb and slime fluid could be used instead. Going with the "recipe list" method of most crafting systems, the player would see "potion" listed twice because there are two ways of making it. With a "select ingredients" method like IceDragon's, they instead only see and select from what's in their inventory.
  7. Festy

    Consecutive "show text" windows in battle.

    I thought in-battle banter would be a more common thing, but I can't find anyone else who's wanted to use multiple text boxes sequentially, so I guess this is a weird problem to have.
  8. Festy

    IceDragon's Craft System, unfinished?

    Considering what I'm using it for, it's a lot better to select ingredients instead of select which finished product you want. I can try to explain, but the reason might be hard to get across without seeing it. If my game has 50 pieces of basic armor, and each could be infused with one of five elements, I potentially have to scroll through the 250 element/armor combinations before finding the particular one I want to make among everything else in the recipe list. If I'm just picking ingredients, I only have to look at what's currently in my inventory and put a few things together. I haven't found another one of these "select ingredients" instead of "select outcome" scripts apart from IceDragon's. I've tried Vlue's Advanced Select Item and Mr. Bubble's FF5 Mix scripts as workarounds, but neither can capture the functionality like this does. Edit: Don't know if it will help fix the problem, but this looks like it works similarly to IceDragon's in that you select ingredients (including weapons and armor as possibilities). It's for a prior version than Ace, though.
  9. Resisting the "death" state only stops moves that apply it as a state. Monsters that are immune to death will still be killed when their hp hits zero.
  10. Festy

    State that acts as 'death'

    Under "troops," you can have the battle check at the end of every turn for whether all characters are afflicted with the state. If so: force game over. For not being targeted, you might have the state set TGR to 0%, but a problem with that is skills that target "all enemies" would still try to hit them. I don't think there's a non-scripting way to have those ignore a character unless they're actually dead.
  11. Festy

    Weather Region Script?

    I would fence off the region with invisible events. If you have a field where there's nothing, and a northern region where it's snowing, put events across where you want the weather change to happen with priority at "below character" and the trigger at "player touch." In this case the blue events would fade weather to "snow," and the yellow would fade it back to "none." It's also worth noting fades only work if they're into or out of "none." Trying to fade from rain to snow or something would make the change instant instead of gradual.
  12. Festy

    Weather Region Script?

    Page 2 in regular "event commands" has where to set weather effects. Add them into the transfer event that moves the player into the region that will have that weather. This naturally looks a little messy (either the transition happens before the weather change, or vice-versa), so I hide them both between a "fade out" and "fade in." The only weather script I've gotten was to keep the effect running through battles too, in which case this one works. If the same region can have different weather, then it's smart to set a variable (0 for nothing, 1 for rain, 2 for storm, 3 for snow, or even more for different intensities). That will come in handy if you have any buildings or caves where weather effects are turned off, so it knows what type of weather to turn back on as the player leaves.
  13. Got it going perfectly. Thanks a lot. Yeah, it would be confusing with just a number. I added a tiny bit to your script to have it be consistent with the display of the normal inventory (showing "x14" if the player has 14 of the needed item). Thanks again for your time.
  14. Not next to the MP bar. Just in place of where the MP cost usually goes when you're selecting skills, like where the 50 is here. I believe the Yanfly script lets me replace that with a string, but not a variable.