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  1. BCj

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    What was the error?
  2. BCj

    Modifying Symphony + Holders Battlers without tagging

    I'm looking for an edit to the "enter battle" pose a swell, I also haven't been able to get it to work.
  3. BCj

    [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    Presents: In 1630, the continent of Escalia was cast into turmoil when high king Alexis the Third was betrayed by his most trusted advisor Caelmor. Eventually the Caelmor's reign of terror was put to an end by Olivia Corin and her fellow heroes. The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's defeat and follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of control quickly and will decide the fate of the whole continent. No random encounters! Challenging enemies. Make sure to save often! Challenging battle mechanics: Guard has different effects for each character, and is only usable once per battle! Skill Synergies: Some skills will deal more damage or a guaranteed critical if a certain buff is applied! Flavour texts! You can interact with some objects and learn more about Escalia's characters, or you can gain items. Equipment Skills: Some of the best skills are only learnable by wearing your character's specific necklace. Make sure to find them to have access to some of the best skills available! Fully parallaxed maps! Quests! Also, optional sidequests. Custom Sprites and portraits. Custom Menu and Battle Hud. An enthralling story, set in the same universe as my main game, Startide. Do you like Escalia? You can add this to your signature: [url=http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/43003-igmc-2015-escalia/][img=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c113/BabyCatjuh/Escalia/supportescalia.png][/url] If you enjoyed playing Escalia, you can help by voting for Escalia after 7th august 2015 on the IGMC contest site. Your support is really appreciated! (Click on the picture to go to Escalia's IGMC entry and vote!)
  4. Im also offering commission work for Luna Engine. One of my examples (made for my own game) can be found here https://youtu.be/ueS7WvCpoDw
  5. Where are those sprites from if I may ask?
  6. BCj

    Moghunter Monogatari Menu Script Help

    How can you add that transparent option then?
  7. Yes, it works now! One question, how can I change the color of "Rarity" and the dividing line?
  8. Like when the rules display? Just go into the script control + F for each one and comment them out, might take a bit of scripting knowledge. PM me if you can't figure it out, ill take a look tonight (i am by no means knowledgable, but i will give it the old college try) Nope, the Field data stuff like #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * load_field_data - added by Malagar 06/10/2014 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def load_field_data @field_data = [[0, 0, 0],[0, 0, 0],[0, 0, 0]] for n in 0...3 for i in 0...3 if @battle_info[11] == true @field_data[n] = set_field_data else @field_data[n] = 0 end end end end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * set_field_data - added by Malagar 06/10/2014 #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def set_field_data eElements = Config_Triple_Triad::Elements.size eElement = -1 while get_field_limit(eElement) == true eElement = rand(eElements) end return eElement end And it uses the pics like FieldFire.png, FieldNeutral.png and so on. I tried to remvoe it but I broke the script.. I'm no scripter so I don't know what I'm doing, haha. Also your version gives me an error Sixth.
  9. I don't want the 'fields' though, like the neutral field and the elemental fields. Any way to get rid of that?
  10. Where exactly can I turn off the elements + the number overlay??
  11. BCj

    Moghunter Monogatari Menu Script Help

    I asked Moghunter about that earlier and he said it's not possible.
  12. I think it will make it difficult. if you want to use this script as the system core in the game like me, you will have difficulty arranging a database, coupled with the diagonal number. It's just a minigame for me, so I don't need the database And yes, sort of like Tetra Master.
  13. Is it also possible to add diagonal numbers? e.g. like this:
  14. BCj

    Charlesthehurst's Resources

    Oooh I like the one with the ponytail!
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