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  1. Hit Rate vs Evasion

    I'm looking to change the way the Hit and Evasion rate formulas work. I want it so I can do Hit Rate minus Evasion instead of how it checks each one individually. Any help is appreciated. I'm not great with the scripting but I generally can make small changes to the base script and this one seems to be out of my reach.
  2. Haven't worked on my game in a few months, I figure it's time to get back to it.

  3. window GlitchyPSIX Variable Window Color Script

    Thanks for this, I want my players to be able to change the color of the window at the beggining of the game, and this script made it way more managable.
  4. Learning Ruby is a bit easier than I thought.

    1. Kayzee


      I kinda think Ruby is probably much easier to learn the more you "get" the concepts it's based on. I found it really easy to learn, but this is coming form someone with a basic understanding of C++, Java, Lisp, and even Assembly, so I understood a heck of a lot of what it was trying to do. Like for example, Ruby's way of passing blocks like with an Array's .each method is so much easier to understand if you understand lisp or lambda calculus.

  5. Restore/Set after Battle/Level

    Thank you, it works great!
  6. Restore/Set after Battle/Level

    Thank you for this script, is there a way to have the actor only gain the HP/MP they received from the level up?
  7. Thank you, I was going to ask how I could check for variables and stuff but I figured that one out. I guess I didn't need to make a thread for this.
  8. I'm trying to make a spell that would let the player warp out of the area if need be, something like they are low on items or need to rest at the inn etc. Is there a way to do this via eventing?
  9. YSA - Simple Anti-lag Event

    Is there anyway to get this script, because the dropbox is down. I would be most grateful for any help.
  10. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    It has done that for me before, they still look like they are in the back row but they do take front row and deal front row damage.
  11. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    Thank you very much!
  12. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    I'm not sure if this suppose to be a bug or not, but when I put my mage in the backrow his magic damage output is greatly reduced. I don't know if that is suppose to happen or not.
  13. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    It worked just as I wanted it to, thank you very much for you help.
  14. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    Thanks, I didn't see the visual battlers before, I kinda like it. And this helps with what I wanted.
  15. mrts Simple Battle Rows

    I'm just using YANFLY's Battle Engine, I have tried making it a state to some effect, but it goes away if they die :/