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  1. From what I hear the biggest single issue is events. With Sources rewrite I heard this would not become an issue anymore. If this is true then what would be say the 2nd and third issues I might run into performance wise. Do you think it be possible to make 500x500 worlds? Besides you guys who late large open worlds
  2. Source since you are a smart guy I got a question about the future of my game. I'm going to be starting over because doing 100 x 100x100 maps is just insane and taking too much of my time piecing them together. Because I'm making one massive open world. Now in the perfect world I would love to do 4x 500x500 maps and never do a thing again. With your script the Events should never be a problem at least for the 1000 or so from your tests. Think I could make a world that has 500x500 zones? I would really love to do it for the challenge if you think the engine will support it.
  3. Kane Hart

    Connected Maps

    You can. It just doesn't support negative offsets right now. Yes, but they should be the same tileset. So if I'm still building North South East and West do I just start at like a crazy number like 100,000?
  4. Kane Hart

    Speed Trail

    That looks really sweet. I would say at this time I can't see a need for it but it be cool later on if I figure out how make say Rare Speed potion that you can take and double your speeds. I plan on disabling my sprinting down the road. So for that reason it would be a great little addition Thanks.
  5. Kane Hart

    Connected Maps

    Ahh so I can't do like an entire grid based world. Okay thanks for the info.
  6. Yeah I read and tested it out trying figure and understand the coordinates. I failed. I got one direction working then hours of trying I could not get the next direction working. I even tried visualizing everything with a map but just failed bad. The maps are 100x100 each.
  7. Looking something similar to connected maps with a better support for newer users.
  8. Kane Hart

    Connected Maps

    The best I could get is map 2 to connect to map 4. I tried everything possible to get map 4 to connect to map 2. I also made a small map trying figure it but I guess I'm a bit of an idiot.
  9. Kane Hart

    Connected Maps

    I wish there was an example for this. I gotta keep playing but its a bit confusing as I'm a visual seeing learner. Like I gotta see it in action then tear it apart. I'm trying just basic Absolute Positioning all my maps are 100x100.
  10. Kane Hart

    Crypt-EX, custom data encryption

    This will be a very old bump but I assume that is fine if its relevant. I noticed you talked about certain dll version and this is a bit worrisome because I want to use a custom version the high res one. "System/RGSS301.dll (you must use 301, not 300)" Just wondering if I will run into issues on this. Thanks
  11. Thanks. That actually looks like what I want exactly. I will have to figure this out today but it seems that my planning has payed off to start with. My idea been from the start to make all my maps 100x100. Also been building them in a grid pattern I take a picture of the map and put it in PS and line them up and everything just so I can get a better world map overview. Thanks
  12. I assume its more about not advertising it so easy to do in the first place and such. I mean anything is easily done I mean if you did not buy it your not suppose to use it at all period. But posting say demo just provides more temptation.
  13. Locked or not does it not have to extract temp to run the files?
  14. The world will for sure be more then 500x500 in total size. We are making a large MMO Open World RPG Game. Minus the Multiplayer part unless someone can come up with something simple for seeing playings and nothing else just so you see them roaming around. But yeah a massive part will be exploration and tradeskills etc. In fact will be taking some the zones and add building where you bring the materials and build outposts and such. Not sure how I plan on doing that I hear you can do events but I was thinking just duplicate the same map and teleport the user to it and for now on when you zone you go to that new map rather then the old map. So yeah it's for sure going to be past 500x500 overtime. I been warned not to ouch 500x500 do to events, lag, and stuck using the same tileset. We like have more biomes and such as well so different tiles.