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  1. Thanks you for your advices ! I just missed something when I set up the wall tiles, something about forgot to hold shift I guess. It works now ^^ I'll try first KillZapit's version and then your's when you'll release it Thanks you two for the work you've done !
  2. Hi everyone ! I follow this topic for a copple of days and I'm glad people want to make this script even better ! The improvments you want to add Malagar are awesome (especially to use 4 tiles in a map !) That's why I just created an account, to show that I am interested in your proposition to release your script's version Waiting for your answer, I'd like to ask for someone help in the use of the script. The demo works well, but when I'm trying to create dungeons myself, it isn't working. When entering the dungeon, it display this message : "Script 'Dungeon generation' line 686: NoMethodError occured. undefined error method 'put_to_random_place' for nil:NilClass" Someone said he had the same probleme in the first page but I didn't get how he succeed to manage it =/ If someone is able to help me, I'd be very grateful ! I have to admit I'm quite new in rpg maker, and the difficulties I have with English does not help me ^^ I have to apologize if my post isn't well written but I hope I've been understandable ! Thank you in advance for your answer !