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  1. Miss working on my game : (

    1. Silenity


      How come you stopped working on it?

  2. blackalchemist

    The Pixel Dojo---[Total Tuts: 15]---Latest: 01-11-2015

    Such awesome Tutorials, very userful, thank you /o/
  3. blackalchemist

    Charlesthehurst's Resources

    so much cool stuff dude. very well done. congrats. /o/
  4. blackalchemist

    Oh hai!

    Welcome /o/
  5. blackalchemist

    The Dragon Divine Chronicles: Phoenix Seed

    Good idea dude. keep on.
  6. blackalchemist

    So I am New to Parallaxing....

    THAT VILLAGE HOLY MOLLY. dude you`re awesome on parallax background. You`re using Gimp right? do you ever tried Photoshop? it`s a cool tool to work too. Just a tip: try to avoid straight lines on the base of the houses, try to put some grass so it blends with the environment a little more (as you did with the trees) There are some cool scripts for parallax but i suggest you try out and find the one you think is more suitable for you project. Some Paralaxes Scripts: good work keep it up.
  7. blackalchemist

    Overlay Mapping

    This is the most user full think ever created, Thanks so much for your effort.
  8. AHAHA thanks budie /o/ Thank you /o/ HOLY CRAP thank you so much. yes most of the graphics are made in vector, and don`t worry you will got the hand on vector im sure of it o/. *High Five* The project started on VX, and i just... keep the tittle the same??? ..... ALRIGHT IT`S FIXING TIMEEEEE /o/ Thank you.
  9. blackalchemist

    Art poo

    Your welcome, your art is amazing.
  10. blackalchemist

    Socks is here

    WELCOME /o/
  11. A tip: Somethimes the simpler the best, did you consider try to make the game mechanism simpler? You have a complex time marker ( days, hours, minutes ) but you actually don`t use all this information on the case. you could simple count just the days! no tree will grow on minutes, no special plant or rare fruit will grow on hours. take game harvest moon for example: you plant seeds, and it takes days to grow, as the days pass your seed grows in to plant. tha magic happens on the twilight of a new day. think about it this could be userful... hope it helps and give you nice ideas. keep up.
  12. blackalchemist

    Nymphe (pre-development discussion)

    A plus sie heroine? YES, i liked it. its something you don`t see often (by myself i never saw it), thinking outside the box it`s the first step towards a great game. Keep up.
  13. Thank you very much sir /o/ Thank so much, it`s that a game on your banner you`re working on? wanna see your stuff too. i`m a sucker for breaking stuff too ahahaha thank you very much, did you made your avatar picture? it`s gorgeous. thank you soo much, yes, YES i like the idea of the change the color on the HP bar, i think it`s gonna stand out more. i will do it, thanks for the hint /o/
  14. blackalchemist

    Issue with 4 direction tile Passage

    i think what you have there it`s a graphical design problem, the way that the graphics locate you light pole will aways make a conflict on you sidewalks. the answer to that is simple: you could make the sidewalks larger. on this way you improve the movement of the characters and interation with the scenario. then one way to do this is by preventing movement on the lowest part of the street light (map settings or a bellow character event) or You could Insert Pixel Movement to your project.
  15. Thats just awesome, i mean the hole idea of the game it`s something new and cool. i loved the designs and the concept, kind of put me into making a full custom game too. i am looking forward so much to see this project... alas, Galv i used a lot of yours scripts on my project and i wish to thank you for that, would you mind if i give Toby a cameo on "Celtica" my game?