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  1. Antioch

    'Splain Your Username

    There's this game called Space Marine... and there's this guy in it called Antioch. Since he was one of like three named characters to not die I stole his name. Also it sounds pretty? Edit: I can't spell
  2. Woot. Exams finished a few weeks back and I'm done with college forever. Time to get busy methinks.

  3. So, after some deliberation, I have decided to dedicate the next three years of my life exclusively to starting, developing, finishing(!) and publishing a commercial project, complete with a full graphical overhaul (my poor wallet)! (Starting in August!)

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    2. Antioch


      Looking forward to it, will prob keep a blog or something along that line running as I go along.

    3. lianderson
    4. Chaosian


      Quite the commitment. Good luck.

  4. ♫ Happy Birthday to me, I now have responsibilities ♫

  5. Just had a look at the Wooden Ocean, looks amazing. Not quite as good as To the Moon but definitely up there

  6. Welp after a bit of inactivity I've finally moved in with my boyfriend. Back to work again I guess.

  7. It's that time of year! Exam results day ;c

    1. Saturnity


      Good luck!!!

      ~Tosses you the luckiest of lucky fortune cookies, ever~


    2. JuJu


      Good luck :o

  8. Antioch

    Pun Wars

    Please... understand that you're going too far - just not funny, k?
  9. Was thinking of having the MV (fantasy) rtp tiles re-done in a slightly pixellated and darker edit. Any idea of how much this might cost to have done?

    1. Amysaurus


      Mmm... it depends on how much of the default tileset you want remade, but it's rarely cheap.

    2. Antioch


      Effectively all of it including relevant doors/flames etc.

  10. Antioch

    Generator Issues

    The only fix was to manually delete the generator folder, since when I tried to just uninstall - reinstall nothing changed for some reason. Thanks for the help though, would have taken me a lot longer if I carried on brute-forcing it
  11. Antioch

    Generator Issues

    Jackus you beautiful thing, unfortunately the files still seem to be there, and not working. The problem with this is that it (Steam?) appears to recover files from somewhere, although I have made an effort to find a delete anything outside of my project files. I don't suppose that you know what the inherent issue with the files themselves is (i.e. why they are only showing up as preview images but not on the sprite-sheets themselves) to use as a possible workaround?
  12. No longer dead, this feeling is nice.

    1. Cookie Ninja

      Cookie Ninja

      Being alive is great! ^~^


  13. Has anyone ever requested an rtp re-do for a project from an artist?

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    2. Antioch


      Oh my bad, forgot to specify. I meant in the way of tilesets, so that it doesn't look so much like an RM clone but still allows you to draw out maps and then switch in the new graphics later.

    3. Amysaurus


      Yeah, I've worked on a few projects like that. It usually works out pretty well because the requester can make the maps beforehand, meaning they only have to pay for the tiles they need.

    4. Antioch


      That's the plan! How much does something like this normally cost?

  14. Antioch

    A floating island and other things

    Looks really good overall, however the crystal at the top of the second image should probably have a shadow that points the same way as the other objects on the mountain.
  15. Antioch

    Menu SE

    Then something must be blocking it? I have no idea what's going on anymore... Cheers for the response though
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