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  1. Cactush

    concept Purgatory setting concept

    That is still really clever, and it gives me a few ideas on how to tackle the layout of the land. That's a fair point, I've been giving it some thought. The overall idea is pretty much that, the names and class are practically the same. They're more like titles given to the 'player'. But the way you explained it gives it some clarity, and a bit more depth. I think the main problem I have now is more gameplay related, as for the most part, the player will have a one-man party. Is it worth having upgradeable stats for some freedom? Or purely linear calculations that are made with being a solo party in mind? And the skills will need to also help fulfil that purpose, but I think that's the easier thing to cover.
  2. Cactush

    concept Purgatory setting concept

    Thank you! I did plan on something like that, but the details are a bit of a 'work in progress' still. Having the old enemies/events of the player's past was a big part of what I hoped to incorporate, whether as a boss fight or the other way around and reconcile peacefully. Interesting, never heard of this series, but it definitely seems interesting enough to do research on. But you're right, I do need to define what my vision of purgatory is, which tbh seems rather fun. I find the whole thing with Planetscape taking place in a city really interesting too, I love games that have a controlled setting like that.
  3. Hiiii, I remember you! *Hugs*

    1. Cactush


      Hey! *Hugs* I remember you too!
      Sorry for my late reply, internet died couple days ago :\

      Place looks a little different since the last time I visited, is it quieter than usual too, or is that just the timezone difference?

    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Unfortunately, a lot of people moved on from RPG Maker. Some of us that are left tries to keep Centrals heart beating. We've been getting quite a few new ppl lately which is nice.

  4. Hiya, I've been stewing on a story setting for a game that I wanted to share to iron out some kinks, and then work on other things like how the game would play, etc. Here's a small summary of the premise along with the characters just for a start. You have woken up in a musty cell. The echoing of pained murmuring is all you can hear. As you inspect your cage, smoke seeps in through the walls, and manifests as a cloaked figure, it's face masked, body ethereal, and not fully solid. "Are you confused, young one? You must have many questions." the figure speaks out, "But first, I have one I must ask of you...Do you remember how you died?" You do not want to believe your ears, but the gaping hole where your heart should be forces you to accept the truth. The figure melts the iron bars of your cell away with a wave of it's hands. "I can fill you in on the details later, but now we must escape." So the basic premise of the story is that you are a lost soul imprisoned in Purgatory, the void between life and death. You are neither fully dead, or alive. How did you end up here? That's your decision. All you know now is that you have to escape! You choose between dialogue options that carve your backstory as you go, these decisions decide your alignment, the path you will take to escape, who will join you, and who will oppose you. The early decisions will determine your class, your class will form your appearance (maybe, still in doubt on that). The classes and their brief backstories are as follows: The setting of the landscape of Purgatory is very dark-fantasy. Gritty and mysterious, the "twilight" to the black and white settings associated with Heaven and Hell. The undead however, include figures from many timezones. Samurai, Modern soldiers, barbarians, School-boys, and medieval knights alike all wander the void. Some may help you, others may hinder. The enemies vary depending on the class you play as, some have unique mid or final bosses, but there are 6 main bosses that are universal. But the main goal is always to slay The Gatekeeper, who guards the entry/exit between Purgatory and the living world. That's as far as I have really, I'm very bad and very slow with world-building, but the idea itself intrigues me. What do you guys think?
  5. Cactush

    Dark Knight Skills

    Dark Knights, Knights that aren't necessarily evil, but definitely are no Paladin, we've seen them in Final Fantasy, with AoE skills that take HP, we've seen them evolve from then. But I wanted to see what skills you guys think of when you think of Dark Knights, I find them quite interesting. I always thought they would be cool with with Frost or "Anti-Magic" skills, sort of like a Reverse Magic Knight.
  6. Woah this took off. Ok yeah I was extremely bad at explaining in the OP, and I'm also extremely late with getting back to this, life is a bitch. But to clarify with everyone, here's a little more back story. It's a little similar to the story of Pandora's Box, where there's this powerful maguffin that has centuries worth of evil creatures trapped inside that tempt the outside world with promises of great power if they just open the box. What would you do if you heard that great offer of power? Would you be tempted to open it, despite the risk? Or would you leave it alone. This story falls with the scenario of opening it. Our protagonist, opens the box, knowing full well of the dangers, so he could attain the power it promises. Doing so however, also releases the demons and other calamities stored in the box. This is where the "Heroes" come in, while for the most part they are not playable, they are the reaction to the player's actions. They consider you just as big a threat as the real demons and blame you for everything, so a fight will happen between them eventually, the difference is how they will see you if you are a "noble demon" or a "complete monster" in terms of evilness, based on the player's choices ingame. This is where I'm having trouble providing a well-thought out motivation for opening the box. Some of you said Selfish-ness or Self-delusion and I liked that, however I need the reasoning to be strong enough to commit to such an act, but redeemable enough so that I can have fun with a "redemption" sub-plot that the player can choose to do, otherwise he can be evil forever, otherwise it'll just sound like a cop-out. If there's more I need to say I will, I will admit, writing is one of my weak points so I may have still missed a tonne of helpful information.
  7. Have you guys ever struggled with making a good villain? I am. The villain of my game is the main character, and I am struggling with finding an engaging reason to make the plunge into being antagonistic. The plot basically has him betray his friends in a crazy bid for power, but after his initial power high, he starts to see that he has screwed up massively and is hurting people. My problem is that I don't have a reason to betray them that seems plausible. Any ideas?
  8. Cactush

    Episodic format?

    How do you guys feel if a game is told in episodes, and each episode is basically it's own game? Sort of like games like Life is Strange or the Walking Dead games?
  9. Cactush

    Plot ideas for a villain protagonist.

    So, say that the Aspiring Villain must have an enemy of some sort, why not make their encounters comical? Would you guys approve of a rather comical relationship between the Villain and their enemy, or keep their encounters more serious?
  10. Cactush

    Enemies for a single member party.

    So, how much would Status effects be put into place here, you don't want to plague the player with different status effects every fight, and you don't want the player to have access to lots of ailments...would you?
  11. So, for the majority of my game, the protagonist fights by himself, but has a vast array of skills to cover him, but I've noticed the fights have been either really bland, or impossible to win. Any tips for making interesting, but balanced fights?
  12. Cactush

    Plot ideas for a villain protagonist.

    That is...uh...quite the story, but interesting nonetheless. But to the point, I do like the idea of having a protagonist be evil, and stay absolutely evil. But in the end, I need a proper motivation for doing so, and proper "heroes" to oppose them, so to speak. Maybe I could do it in some form of episodic format, build up the villain from zero, and by the finale have then be an absolute creation of carnage.
  13. Just because I want to make a game with a villain as the playable character, but I don't wanna make it generic. Spill your ideas people!
  14. Cactush

    Battle System designed around States.

    I mean broken as is, "hey I can inflict all of these ailments, now the enemy can't move and he's bleeding and silenced, and all I have to do is attack him and he'll die and I won't get hurt." broken.
  15. Cactush

    Battle System designed around States.

    So if I want to set-up battles to revolve around the affliction of states and using them, how would I implement them for combat without it being broken?