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  1. anyone here bored and willing to playtest my project? i'm looking for errors involving random useless items in your inventory, with either no name, or a number as a name. oh, and also spelling errors.

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    2. Rezanta
    3. Tarq


      This was a big problem in the past.

      Basically, due to the low no. of downloads a lot of security software say that it 'could' be infected because no-one has confirmed that it isn't. It goes straight to code red though because, well, its security software.

      So, yeah, don't worry about it, probably zero cause for concern.

      If I'm correct then its disappointing these software companies haven't improved their logic in all this time.

    4. _____


      alright, i looked into stuff, and it's good now. if any of you are still bored and willing to playtest it, here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvsu7ouczfotxel/khrs.exe?dl=0