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  1. It has been a while now, sorry for the delay. I am a student and had not much time to investigate that further at that moment. So I was trying that snippet from you now and crossed a problem. Idk what the reason is, but I'll explain what I did. I placed it under materials, and above all the other few scripts I am using. I have changed the state's variable to 27 since it is my "hardened" state. Then I have created one skill with <penetrate> in the note and one without; both are exactly the same despite the note. I have created a troop that gives the enemy the state right at the beginning of the battle. Then I opened up a battle with him, regular attacks, and those two skills still do typical damage without any regard of the <penetrate> note. I don't know what causes the problem, but maybe you guys could find it out with me. I am using "Victor Engine and Victor Materia", and one snippet, which I call "battle log", that counts victories and flees. Could that be the problem? I would appreciate any further help with that; thanks in advance. Best regards, Blackcloud
  2. That is exactly what I was trying to figure out, maybe was thinking way to complex for it, but I will give this a shot and will let you know if it works for me, thank you all for your opinions already, didn't expect it to be that fast :). Just one more thing, does this also count for normal attacks since they are never allowed to deal more than 1 dmg on an enemy with that state, not even with a critical?
  3. Hello, I am using a certain enemy type in my game which is "hardened". There I want to make sure if an enemy has the state "hardened" that it only gets 1 dmg per attack or skill (unless we use a special skill for hardened enemy which can do normal dmg). My first Idea was a common event with a condition "Enemy state "hardened" -> second condition "Which skill is used" -> if normal attack or skill -> force action for a 1 HP hit, else -> normal dmg skill is used. Therefore I need the information on which skill is being used, is there a script command or any other idea how I can implement that? I am fiddling around with that for a while now and can't come to a proper solution. If you need any further explanation let me know, I might don't have the perfect way to describe it yet.
  4. Blackcloud

    Skills that can crit in RM VX

    Well I managed to do it so thanks
  5. Blackcloud

    Skills that can crit in RM VX

    Hello, I've tried to make single spells that have a chance to crit but actually I don't know how to do it. I just want the triple hit skill to have a chance to crit. Would be nice if some one can help me and would be nice if it can used in the note tags like <critical chance> or something like that. Oh and I'm using the RPG Maker VX not Ace. Greetz Blackcloud
  6. Blackcloud

    Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    Hello, I wanted to try this script out, but I cant download it from your site. It says its disabled because of to much traffic. Could you maybe reupload it on an other site? I really want to try your script . *edit Nvm, I found it on your site x)
  7. Blackcloud

    Maximum amount of gained gold

    Thanks! That shall do it
  8. Blackcloud

    Maximum amount of gained gold

    Oh btw. can I limit the variable to an amount of "9999999" ?
  9. Blackcloud

    Maximum amount of gained gold

    Okay Ive tried it in an new project and its working, guess there must be something with the other scripts I use? *Edit: OMFG im super stupid, Its working now. I just forget to disable 1 variable from my game, dunno how that happened but I just was to stupid to see this variable lol! *head meets desk* Thank you !
  10. Blackcloud

    Maximum amount of gained gold

    I placed it under "Materials" and above "Main". I only used this on the map, one NPC is giving gold by the normal "change gold". And an other npc is giving a message box with \v[55]. If I increase the money then to 10 the NPC says 10. But if give me +1000 the NPC says 1020, which must be 1010 normally. Ive tried it with any other variable which is not used atm. Im not using any script which would change @gold or game_unit.
  11. Blackcloud

    Maximum amount of gained gold

    I will try this, thanks . *Edit: Dunno why, but It always doubles the amount of gold if I gain gold. 0+1000 = 2000 2000 + 11 = 4xxx =/
  12. Blackcloud

    Variable with variables

    digits = $game_party.gold.to_s.split("").map(&:to_i) $game_variables[15..20] = digits numbers = $game_system.playtime_s.to_s.split("").map(&:to_i) $game_variables[21..28] = numbers Why does this reset all other variables if I use it? and I mean all.
  13. Blackcloud

    Variable with variables

    Why should I not use this? $game_variables[13] = $game_party.gold $game_variables[14] = $game_system.playtime_s digits = $game_party.gold.to_s.split("").map(&:to_i) $game_variables[15..20] = digits numbers = $game_system.playtime_s.to_s.split("").map(&:to_i) $game_variables[21..28] = numbers Ive tried it, and it worked for gametime and gold. I just want to understand, because Im not that good with scripting . Oh btw. on your profile it says you are from germany? Would be easier for me if you explain it in german .
  14. Blackcloud

    Variable with variables

    Ima try this . *Edit Thanks this is working fine for me . Would this work with gametime to? ($game_system.playtime_s) *Edit 2 Yes it does, I tryed it the same way it didnt worked. Than I tried it like that This was working fine . Thanks for all your help Btw. is the maximum amount of game time 99:99:99? Or can I increase it?
  15. Blackcloud

    Variable with variables

    Well thanks for that, but I still dont get this to work properly for me =(. Im not that good with using scripts, and hope you will help me a bit more =/. So in first case i want to use this for getting each digit of my gold, with an maximum of 999999 which means 6 digits. So ive tried this as a call script: But I guess this cant work, it will give all variables an amount of 1 but variable 4 will get 0.
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