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  1. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Mmm no I'm gonna say you can only use the RTP of your engine. The idea is to see how much you can do yourself, I only allowed RTP because starting with nothing in RPG Maker is pretty tough!
  2. Seriel

    Hello again!

    Yay, welcome back! ^u^
  3. ashes999, please don't double post if at least 72 hours (3 days) hasn't passed since the last post. If you need to add extra info to your post, use the Edit button. (I've merged your posts for you) (Also not to nitpick or anything, but I put that huge quote in a spoiler to keep things tidy ) I don't know about disabling it game-wide but a client-wide fix for Chrome would be something like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/disable-webgl/nlapleiepodflfbclacdhmbldadobpah For me I fixed the same issue by updating my graphics drivers.
  4. Seriel

    Yanfly's GabWindow Issue

    Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  5. Seriel

    Character Transforms in Battle

    Moved to Ace Script Requests
  6. Seriel

    Selectable Windows - Need help scripting my own!

    Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  7. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    I'll decide how to do the judging when I see what everyone has made. If you all make games, I'll just use IIAW style judging, but if you don't then I'll think of something else. I'll also do everything I can to make it as fair as possible.
  8. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Rule change! I've decided to change the rule regarding Default Assets to now include any engine. External resources are still prohibited. All contestants so far have been signed up. Music counts as a resource too, yes.
  9. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    The judging will be awkward and kinda based on how much effort we think you've put into something. And that shouldn't be the important part anyway, the prizes are an incentive for you to do something. The real prize is that you get something done. Will add the new people and hopefully elaborate more when I'm home.
  10. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Yes. But not any DLC. Added you all to the contestants list. Edit: Anything made during the contest period (A month starting a week from now), yes.
  11. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    See I knew this title was bad! xD I'll think about it~
  12. Seriel

    Indie by Night

    That's why it'll be the weekend before christmas, so everyone can spend holidays relaxing, not struggling to get their games out.Hahah maybe its just because college work gets more serious in the holiday season lol.
  13. Seriel

    Indie by Night

    Welp rip my plans for a month long contest. Unless I rush it of course. Also making a game in the holiday season has gotta be rough. (At least for me)
  14. Seriel

    Looking to Establish a Team

    I could probably join in with this in some of my free time. I can make maps fairly well, and I'm told i'm good at general game dev (Whatever that means) although i'm not too good with stories and plots. I can also write fairly reasonable dialogue sometimes, but usually that's only when I get inspired (So rarely) lol! Edit: Oh, oh! And if this is Ace then I can script reasonably well. No big battle redesigns, but I can poke and adjust things here and there. If it's MV though then I can still script, just nowhere near as well.
  15. Seriel


    Welcome! Enjoy your stay! ^.^
  16. Seriel

    Help making a continuous Boss Rush?

    Moved topic to MV Plugin Requests
  17. Seriel

    Using a Key Item goes to a menu

    Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  18. Seriel

    Using a Key Item goes to a menu

    Set the item to run a common event. That common event can then use choice menus to show the contacts (You can use plugins to make certain choices show at certain times), and take action based off of them, you just need to even it all as normal.
  19. Seriel

    Hello there!

    Welcome, enjoy your stay! As for the restrictions, your first post needs to be approved before you can do things like change avatar, but I've just approved your post so you should be good to go! Have fun~
  20. Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  21. Got it! Basically your starting map (The one with the event in it) is too small. It's the minumum possible size so it's only showing 544x416 pixels onscreen. Change your map size to literally anything bigger (This worked for me, but anything big will work and won't make a difference:) You should see the map is much bigger now: And then it works! See the first spoiler to see the finished result.
  22. It's ShareX And yeah, checking properties is a great way to see your images size if you're not sure.Worst case scenario you can resize it to 640 but it might look a bit weird depending on the image.