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    That said, the localization for both of Overclocked and Record Breaker are really bad. Like, super bad. Record Breaker is probably worse than Overclocked in terms of the quality of the voice-acting: while the voice of Daichi was done well, and the VAs were generally competent, it feels like half the time, the poor inflection and delivery makes listening to the characters talk feel like a grinding experience. I heard of some homebrew rip of Record Breaker that removed the English voices with Japanese (as you don’t have an option to play the game in Japanese dub), so if you have a homebrewed 3DS and are looking to play Record Breaker, that is probably the best way to enjoy the game.

    Although i've only played record breaker, I disagree with that. The voice acting was perfectly fine for me, didn't see anything wrong with it, in fact it added to the immersion to make the game much better than it originally would be on the DS (Which I played until the end of the first day before realizing a 3DS version exists and playing the whole story on that instead.)

  2. If YOU are going into a PUBLIC place, why do you expect that other members of the public should cater to YOUR wants without offering them anything in return? You went to a public place, knowing full well the public would be accompanying you. The business operates itself as a public establishment, welcoming all. If it was a private event and the organizers didn't allow children, that's one thing. You go to an establishment knowing full well the Public is welcome there, so expect some crying babies. Yes, even at movie theatres, which is more annoying to me, but whatever. If you're spending your money for an infant to absorb light patterns that have no relevance to their existence, that's your thing. I would just rather not hear any crying.

    What if the parents just moved to the area and don't have any family or friends in the area? What if the babysitter cancelled on them at the last minute?


    When you sit down at an expensive restaurant, does the menu, or even restaurant policy state that once you have commissioned a meal, your space will be free of annoyances? Or that all babies will be silenced? I haven't yet seen anything like that, so expecting it seems unreasonable to me.


    Paying your money at a public space does not buy you any special privileges.



    Nice character!

    In all seriousness, apart from the game-specific stuff this seems to be a very accurate female version of me IRL (Apart from the bit about her older brother)


    Anyway, I really like this character and can't wait to see what you can do with her!


    Well, do you want me to post even more about her? xD


    Sure if you want to xD

    Can't way to see this game is all :D

  4. I would post my opion but it's already been said :P
    So i'mma put a quote.


    Should unsupervised kids be allowed to participate in an online community? Sure, why not. It allows them to broaden their experiences, learn new things, and maybe contribute to the community.

    If they break the rules, then they will be warned, and if they continue to do so, then they will be removed from the community like any other place.

    Perhaps they will run into experiences such as getting scammed, or people steal their work, or anything else that are real-world problems that people face all the time.

    How a parent chooses to raise their kids is up to them. Some of them take a hands-off approach, others choose to monitor everything they do. And anything in between. If the point of the question is actually "should parents be monitoring their children's internet activity" that is a completely different question.

  5. I also agree with this. everyone should read this.

    I don't think age nor relationship experience is an issue. Ya love someone, or you don't. There's no rules, no equation, no guidelines. I'm honestly a bit tired of hearing people everywhere like "He's worth dating if he..." or "You can't get anybody if..." or "If you do this and this, you'll be worth dating" and yada yada. Everyone is individual with individual boundaries and preferences, and there's always another who agrees with them.