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    It's me.

    I completely forgot about this contest, quite honestly, when I became embroiled in University life and forgot all about this website. (I forgot because I forgot, makes sense right?)

    I'm not entirely sure how many people who submitted are still active but if anyone wants me to go through the entries now I can, assuming all the links are still valid 😕


    Otherwise, I was planning to do something else after this, so I can jump straight to that or do something resembling judging for this first. Depends whether anyone is around and what they want I guess.


    Sorry for the uh, over a year delay.


    Say aye if you're alive!

  2. Ouch this thread has been spamming my phones notifications by email in the past hour or so, I’m gonna unsubscribe from this thread now lmao these notifications got extremely annoying extremely fast xD


    and uh, there’s a lot going on but I think the next one is 409 (it was 405 when I started writing this...) which for you web devs is a “conflict” error (https://httpstatuses.com/409)

  3. You know that Dropbox DOES kill downloads for asinine reasons, right? (like traffic for example)


    You wanted the link, you've GOT one.


    Reuploaded for the sake of sanity

    While it may be true that Dropbox kills links for some reason or another, the error for the two is different.

    If you read the error for that link, it says that the file has been moved or deleted, which is what happened.

    There is a different error message if a script has been removed due to traffic or other reasons.


    I'll edit a link to that into the OP, gimme a sec..

  4. By the way, Dropbox sucks. Your script is gone. Likely, all of them are now. Oops!

    I'm pretty sure the script went down because the user has either deleted them or moved them. Files do not simply disappear off Dropbox because it "sucks".


    If anyone has a link to the script, post it here and I will edit it into the post.