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    OTHER Seriel's Github? What Happened?

    Hi, I changed my GitHub username from "Seriell" to "Erisa" a while ago, gists aren't redirected and that's why you're getting a 404 despite my best efforts. Your old links should work if you change the username in the URL, but I also made a repository to house all the ones I've made and you can find that here: https://github.com/Erisa/RPG-Maker-Scripts Unlike gists, repositories will actually redirect across username changes so that URL should be good to go in the future. I have no plans to ditch any of my creations, accidents just happen sometimes. Sorry about that! Feel free to send me a message (Through PM here or on Discord) if you have any problems like this in the future. I don't check this forum as much as I should, it's only by luck I found your thread as fast as I did. A forum PM will send me an email and alert me more than a thread can. (Apparently mentions dont send emails?)
  2. Month-long Making! (Contest) I tried to make a cool title. I TRIED OKAY. Ready to make something? Let's go! Heya and welcome back to my crazy run of contests. This one is going to be both wildly different and much more fun (maybe) than anything I've done before, so make sure to read this topic in full! The basic rundown for this contest is to make something in 1 month. Yes that's right, you can make anything. This includes but is not limited to: A fantastic piece of artwork, or a collection of art pieces. A fantastic music track, or an album of tracks. An imaginative game showcasing your game developing abilities (Read on for more details) A general utility script/program that you have designed. Any combination of the above, presented in a logical and concise way (Bonus points if it's all presented nicely basically) Anything else you can think of. Judges: Judging for this contest will be faaairrrlllyyy complex, and as with the previous Indie in a Week contest, the judges will be semi-anonymous, and all handpicked by me. If you want to apply for a judge position, I expect a lengthy PM about it Prizes: 1st Place = Pick 3 prizes + Award icon. 2nd Pace = Pick 2 prizes + Award icon 3rd Place = Pick 1 prize + Award icon 4th Places = Pick 1 prize 5th Place = Pick 1 prize Prize pool subject to change. Any and all prize donations are greatly appreciated. Contestants: Anyone with an active forum account is eligible to enter. If you don't have one, then feel to make one and sign up! Keep in mind if you make a new account your first post will have to be approved, so say hi in the Introductions forum first While i'm not a contestant, I will be making something this month just to get into the spirit of things. Contestants list: @Nirwanda @lianderson @Purple Phantom @Nyuuchan353 @Tarq @Tsarmina @gurisha @Lazzamore @ShinNessTen @Zielach @Loriesquare @ebonknight @RavenBlueIndigo @RoooodWorks Note: If you change your forum display name during the contest, you will still be listed as your original name that you had when you signed up in the contest. Dates: Contest Information made public: 7th November - 6pm GMT Contest start and signups close: 14th November - 6pm GMT Contest end and judging starts: 14th December- 6pm GMT Judging finishes: Around 3 weeks after then game making ends. Depends if the judges submit scores early or not. Results announcement: A few days after judging finishes, or earlier. Next contest: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ FAQs and Misc Details: Almost anything goes! You can submit anything at all as your entry as long as it is able to run/be viewed on Windows 7 or above. (Mac/Linux applications will not be accepted). In addition please do not submit a .psd file. Not everyone owns Photoshop! Regarding asking for help: You may ask other people for help with your project, however they cannot do it for you. They can point out errors in your code/image/whatever and give constructive criticism, but they can't make something and have you pass it off as your own. Plagiarism will not be accepted! Regarding resources used: (IMPORTANT!) Everything submitted must be your original work owned by you. With the exception of an engine's RTP/Default Assests (Including premade scripts that COME WITH then engine. Nothing external.), all resources used in your creation must be made by you and within the time limit. With regards to images this doesn't include techniques/brushes/whatever, as long as you don't copy/paste from your old work. External/freely available resources MAY NOT be used. Tips: Play to your strengths! If you're a natural gamedev, make a game!. If you're a talented artist, draw something!. If you're a skilled musician, make a track(s)! If you're a programmer/scripter, make a program/script/plugin (Resources can be submitted!) This contest was designed to be open to everyone, so don't be afraid to sign up, even if you don't finish on time, you made something you can be proud of! Please put any and all questions in this topic. It's a fairly new concept so don't be afraid to ask if anything is unclear (I've likely missed something out so please ask) Sorry if the timing is a bit awkward, it was going to be later but then things happened so here we are. Happy game making!
  3. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    WELL THAT WENT SWIMMINGLY. Hi. It's me. I completely forgot about this contest, quite honestly, when I became embroiled in University life and forgot all about this website. (I forgot because I forgot, makes sense right?) I'm not entirely sure how many people who submitted are still active but if anyone wants me to go through the entries now I can, assuming all the links are still valid Otherwise, I was planning to do something else after this, so I can jump straight to that or do something resembling judging for this first. Depends whether anyone is around and what they want I guess. Sorry for the uh, over a year delay. Say aye if you're alive!
  4. Post merging works but doesnt delete the merged posts, aaaaaaaaaaa, sorry I made a mess of your posts, editing is broke so I can't put it back. Anyway, we're aware of the issues, seems to be some kind of database issue, will have to wait for RagingHobo to look into it sadly.
  5. Seriel

    New user :)

    Hey there Tonko! Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy it here
  6. Seriel

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Oh what the heck, its over the weekend so count me in. I'll make some Glory Quest-esque thing but with a bit more time, don't expect much
  7. Seriel

    IBN II: Ho-Ho-Holy Humbug!

    Likewhise, if you struggle for judge spots then lemme know and I'll be happy to fill one. I won't be entering but good luck to all who do!
  8. Seriel

    Dark and Bright - Steam

    I added your game to my Steam wishlist, gonna check it out when I can ^^ Congratulations on finishing and I hope it turns out well!
  9. Seriel

    Anyone got Bubble Blog Guest party script

    That script is available here, on a "Lost Script Reupload" topic someone made for situation like these:
  10. Interesting joke but yeah I was trying to meme on a phone and got the numbers mixed up 415
  11. Sorry I tried to write the pun but I guess the request entity was too large (https://httpstatuses.com/411) yes that hat makes no sense I know shh (411) edit lmao im any idiotthis is 413
  12. I’ll probably check this thread every now and then now we’re https://httpstatuses.com/411 i was going to make a pun about length required but it would be so bad I decided not to
  13. Ouch this thread has been spamming my phones notifications by email in the past hour or so, I’m gonna unsubscribe from this thread now lmao these notifications got extremely annoying extremely fast xD and uh, there’s a lot going on but I think the next one is 409 (it was 405 when I started writing this...) which for you web devs is a “conflict” error (https://httpstatuses.com/409)
  14. Seriel

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums! If you want general tips and advice for RPG Maker stuff, we have Tutorials sections for MV and VXAce that might help (Click the engine name to go to the section)
  15. Seriel


    I've banned both of the users you linked on the Discord, send a message my way if any more arrive.
  16. Seriel

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    I appear to have lost all the permissions that come with my Admin rank xD I cant edit/delete/move posts/topics or post in locked ones. WEIRD Mine work-kaz
  17. Seriel

    Blood Magic

    While it may be true that Dropbox kills links for some reason or another, the error for the two is different. If you read the error for that link, it says that the file has been moved or deleted, which is what happened. There is a different error message if a script has been removed due to traffic or other reasons. I'll edit a link to that into the OP, gimme a sec..
  18. Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  19. Seriel

    Blood Magic

    I'm pretty sure the script went down because the user has either deleted them or moved them. Files do not simply disappear off Dropbox because it "sucks". If anyone has a link to the script, post it here and I will edit it into the post.
  20. Closing this thread since it's solved. If you want it reopened, let me know! (PM or the report button)
  21. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Yeah, when I came back here after stuff happened I forgot about it until I was violently reminded via an email notification threatening to stab me ;( Heh, I've downloaded all entries and I'll score them in a bit, hold tight
  22. Seriel

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    Woah, woah woah, I forgot! I'll try my best, hang on just a bit longer...
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