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  1. Hi, Chaosian!

    1. Chaosian


      Oh shi-! Hi Vectra! 😮

  2. Whoops! Keep your games tight, guys. https://techraptor.net/content/steamwatch-steam-developer-called-out-by-community-for-stealing-games

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I'm glad that I don't use Steam for distributing my games...

      Because...f*ck this nonsense; people that do this deserve to be backhanded.

    2. Takeo212


      There's always someone, isn't there?

  3. Chaosian

    Request Lovecraftian sprites

    Don't think I can help you, though I will tell you for free, that should should be more specific. What kind of sprites do you need? Characters walking around on the map? Battlers?
  4. Chaosian

    Returning from hibernation

    AlliedG, now that's a name I haven't heard in quite some time. Must have been around when I first joined. How's life, how are the projects?
  5. Chaosian

    Saryn-Eye Patch and Headwraps

  6. Chaosian

    New Emoji?

    I feel like we used to have more.
  7. Chaosian

    Leaving The Actor With 1 HP

    Isn't there a way you can start a battle with events, and have it continue if the player loses? I think that'd get you pretty close to what you're looking for.
  8. Chaosian


    Hmm, even at max size I can't really read it. Something's up with this viewer.
  9. Chaosian

    I need help.

    Sounds like a cool idea, mate. Don't think I can help with a custom script, but you might want to check this out:
  10. Chaosian

    Beginer Guide

    Definitely a lazy developer, myself. While it depends on the complexity of your game, a good game should be able to convey most of its mechanics without text boxes, or signs - especially an RPG Maker game. Players tend to be pretty smart (too smart ), and will go a lot further than you might expect without any guidance. As long as players know what the keys are, that works. I wish I had footage of it still on Youtube, but back when I worked in RPG Maker my project had very simple tutorials that basically amounted to the keys appearing on the screen with a sound playing in the background. I'd associate the functions of keys together by grouping the tutorial at the same general times, and then slowly pad out the first 15 minutes of the game with these. So it looked like: Opening cutscene with dialogue. (Player must learn to press enter on their own.) Player finally gets control. Arrow keys show up with tone. WSAD shows up with similar tone. 5 seconds later enter shows up with faded, and lower tone. Even if the player is not standing in a place where enter is used (difficult because the starting room is very small and has many interactables in it) they know from the dialogue scene beforehand and now the tutorial that enter is in use. Player goes through more dialogue and title comes up. Player enters second real area they have control in. Q shows up with tone similar to the first tone that shows up. When the player presses it, it opens the save menu. As I would go on, I'd teach the player about using their inventory and the like in a very similar way.
  11. Chaosian

    Tank Chain Armor

    Better than leather amor.
  12. Chaosian

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    Oy, you're right Vectra. People should pay you.
  13. Chaosian

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    So my question is where the activity feed went off to, I can't find where people's stupid little microblogs went! Those were great!
  14. Chaosian


    Hey there, not too many old regulars from way back when. Most people have moved on since, unfortunately. Did you have anyone in mind who you were thinking of? It's possible they might still be around...
  15. Chaosian

    Just Some Overview For ToE

    Fantastic designs, and some pretty good art. I'm not too familiar with your project or characters- but I really like the progress! It's a bit strange to try and pin-point the setting from the designs though, the first two look fairly modern, but the last looks more fantasy, like something out of Lord of the Rings or Banner Saga (which is a super good guy buy it now omg). Maybe it's something in the middle ground, like Avatar? Since you opened up discussion, I currently only have two pieces of concept art that are publicly available with regards to my project, and they're basically the only public record of it at the moment. They're both of the same character, the deuteragonist, but I'm very satisfied with the results. [1] [2] Love my characters, but you have to always be able to let them die.
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