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  1. Fox420

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Nice stuff man.
  2. Oh nice, I have all the scripts from that one on the script repository. Found some scripts I couldn't get elsewhere on it.
  3. If anyone wants to add script collections together who has a lot, I'd be willing to do a collab with sharing a Dropbox or other folder online to share old Ace scripts.] Here's my personal collection uploaded in a big zip. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qo51tkl12bo409c/%2BRPG Maker VX Ace Scripts.rar?dl=0 There are duplicates, and some alternate versions, plus text, rb, and other document formats.
  4. I use parallaxing, but people shouldn't have to rely on it to get non-square walls or sideways doors. Plus it doesn't really fix the issues.
  5. It always bothered me since I started using RPG Maker, that there are 0 sideways door sprites in any of the makers. It makes no sense, as doors aren't always just going to be up and down in a room. Another one is why is almost every wall asset square.. with very little rounded edges or hexagonal ones. I've seen some, but it's rare. As well as most roof tiles being completely flat.
  6. Needing a few custom sprites + faces for my current project, and could use someone with skill that could help me out. I don't have much extra cash, but I could do a trade if needed. Contact me for more details if anyone is able to help out. My Discord is Samus_X420#1499.
  7. http://rgss-factory.net/2013/09/10/ace-fple-ace-first-person-labyrinth-explorer/
  8. Yeah, you'll need the demo to get those and also the editor to even use it. But FPLE pales in comparison to MV3D.
  9. Already done. Though some require other files in demos or on their original pages that are gone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qo51tkl12bo409c/%2BRPG Maker VX Ace Scripts.rar?dl=0
  10. I've got a veritable repository of old scripts. It's not complete, but between what I've gotten online.. it's over 3k scripts+. I'll do what I can to upload most of them. I've been planning on it for sometime, well updating what I already have online. As well as demos.
  11. Looking for someone that might be able to help me create a few simple animated cursors for my project. I'm using Moghunter's menu and battle cursor scripts and want something unique instead of the stock images he provided. I'm looking to replace the menu cursor icon to a steel gauntlet style that has 4 animations (x4 the width of the original one). For the target arrow and letters, looking for something like a cool dragon claw pointing downward. If someone out there could help me, I'll gladly put your name in the credits and might be able to work out some sort of trade.
  12. No, I want the same one or similar to this guy who was working on an remake of FFMQ on RM used.
  13. I'm looking for a good script for recruiting defeated monsters, or a capture system. No I don't want to use the Crystal Engine as it's 99.9% Pokemon and doesn't fit my needs at all. Can someone help me out here? I want something like Dragon Quest 5's system. I looked at the old HIme's Monster Hunter script but it doesn't work at all, it keeps throwing an error when a monster is captured, plus she abandoned it a long time ago.
  14. Looking for a script to simulate the FFMQ menu style.
  15. Here's some screenshots i took of MV3D. Medieval is cool, but so overdone in RPG Maker.
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