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  1. Well if one of you are able to make a version for Ace, I'd be your friend forever. Hehe.
  2. I have so many damn scripts and demos collected, so it's no problem.
  3. Here's the demo I reuploaded. @Rikifive https://drive.google.com/open?id=19Gt0Ma0mMd3PMEzm8LMDmotgzm_iTTK_ I have it downloaded so I just put a copy up on my Google Drive page for ya.
  4. Well if anyone could help me change it to work with Ace, I'd really appreciate it. Been wanting to make a treasure hunting game.
  5. That's good news. I have no idea how to code myself, I do have experience with the engine and working with pre-made scripts. And yeah.. sadly a lot of people hosted stuff on Dropbox years ago and that site deletes files if more than 10 people visit it within a certain time frame.. like a week or so.
  6. https://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,38156.0.html
  7. I know it's a long shot, but since most people who worked with VX regular and Ace making scripts are no longer active I'm seeing if anyone that's still active could help me convert a script. It was made in VX but I'm wanting to see if someone can remake it for Ace possibly. i'd pay a little bit of cash for the help if needed.
  8. MV doesn't have nearly as many scripts, plus the aspect ratio is so annoying. And it looks like pretty uninspired. I've seen the video of AnimeBryan's work, and mine has a lot more to it. Plus I've been working on my remake over 2 years, putting a lot of effort into mapping, features, and new content.
  9. I've been working on a passion project, remaking Dragon Warrrior/Quest 1 on RMVXA. I need someone to make a video recreation of the Gameboy port's intro. I have 0 experience with animation, and could use a helping hand. Since it's IP is from Enix, it's a free project so I can't pay, but I do parallax mapping and am pretty handy with some other stuff. I could also use the help of a really good pixel sprite artist to recreate some characters from the SFC DQ1.
  10. Fox420

    Shadow Quest

    I'm pretty handy with parallax mapping, never tried it on MV but VXA I do all my maps that way with a script and Photoshop. My work is up here mixed in with my other art; https://www.deviantart.com/shadowfox420/gallery/?catpath=/
  11. I need someone to recreate a short video for my project, as I have no experience with animation stuff. I'm doing a passion project (free) of remaking the classic Dragon Quest/Warrior from NES/GBC. I wanted to recreate the intro video from the Gameboy Color port where the princess is kidnapped by the Dragon Lord. I have the video saved online for reference. I could do some other work in trade for the help, or contribute some good assets I've collected over the years. I have some skills in Photoshop, and am good at parallax mapping. I've included some of my map work here.
  12. I can do some map making or give some nice resources in exchange for the help.
  13. Looking to find someone who's familiar with either Mog's script that can help me make a animated title screen for my remake project on VXA. Trying to recreate the original Zelda title screen but 3D-ish for my 3D remake project. Could either use help making the art for it, or showing me how to use the script's functions to do it myself.
  14. Looking for a script to do something similar to the old Mystic Quest Item/Menu HUD, or Zelda ALTTP. If anyone has or knows of where I can get one I'd really appreciate it. Something like in this old video.