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  1. Willing to pay for sprite work to recreate these monsters.
  2. Looking for a person or two who's good at creating icons, and someone to do animations for a remake project I've wanted to do for years. Been wanting to remake FF Mystic Quest. I have someone working on the UI, but I need someone that can recreate the items from FFMQ. Also someone that can recreate the spell animations from the heroes and bosses. And someone that can recreate the enemy sprites only VXA styled. I can offer map work in return, or work something else out in return.
  3. Ah, either way I took it down. I'll just remove that for a future zip. Plus it's useless without the dll file, and the graphics.
  4. Ah. I guess he still wants payment on the commercial side. But it's free for non-commercial use. arcthunder.blogspot.com/p/terms-of-use.html
  5. Oh, Khas took away the paid thing for his scripts. He made them all free after awhile when he took them down off of Steam and other sites. You can't even get them anymore. The Ultra LIghting script at least. I grabbed his free copy of the MV version after he made them free to use.
  6. Ah. I forgot I had any plain VX scripts. I took the link down for now. What paid script is mixed in there?
  7. Oh yeah. It's been many years now. I've also had help from a few fellow RM users to get a hold of some scripts. I've got a lot of assets for VXA though, including free and paid.
  8. Yeah, I've just been lazy about it since it would take a long time.
  9. Here's some that would probably work with it. Shadowmaster - Fantasy Bestiary Battle addon.rb Shadowmaster - Fantasy Bestiary Scan addon.rb Shadowmaster - Fantasy Bestiary.rb Yanfly Ace Save Engine.rb Yanfly's Status Menu.rb Yanfly's Equipment.rb Galv's Menu Options.rb
  10. I've collected a lot of different scripts over the years. So I had to upload it as a zip folder, as there's thousands. Though there are a lot of duplicates. I need to clean it out someday and get rid of the extra copies. There should be ones to fit the extras already in there, so it'd just be having to patch or make them compatible.
  11. I have different scripts that are already made. I don't care about trophies, save, item images, etc. Here's my script repository file as a zip, maybe it'll help with a lot of it.
  12. Yeah, all I really need is the menu UI to replicate how it looks in FFMQ. I've seen some people replicate it on old YT videos.Yeah, all I really need is the menu UI to replicate how it looks in FFMQ. I've seen some people replicate it on old YT videos. Something like this.
  13. Looking for someone that can help me with an old dream project, with creating a custom UI script to replicate one from an old Final Fantasy game. Never had help with it in all the years I've been on here and RM.net. Looking to recreate the menu UI of FF Mystic Quest. If someone out there is proficient with Ruby Scripting for Ace, please contact me.
  14. Fox420

    Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2000 Tracks

    Nice stuff man.
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