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  1. Hi all! Long time since I been here. Just wanted to share something I've been working on. What do you think?
  2. I've so many neat new scripts I'm going to make for MV that my mind is starting to blow up. Help!!

    1. LittleGameDev


      awesome will you be converting your XS - Variable Hud to MV. I would really love to use it in my MV game ^^

  3. 6 more days to MV... Soon... soon...

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    2. Crescent


      Nah, you're not the only one - I'll stay with VX Ace too.


      May be I'll make few games with MV to test it out.

    3. RoooodWorks


      i'm ace as well, i use xp and 2003 from time to time as well :P MV will wait till its $5

    4. Skysagi


      Well, at least you don't live in Brazil, where the price is 3x its real price.

  4. Gonna convert my menu script as soon as RPG Maker MV arrives. Super excited!

    1. Seriel


      Ohhhh! That would be nice!

  5. I bought RPG Maker MV now. I want it badly!

  6. Wow super excited about RPG Maker MV!

  7. Pillars of Eternity! HERE I COME!

  8. Success! I am doing a new Ice Cavern at the moment and progress is going a bit slow but it is getting there. I felt the changes was needed and here is the new look.
  9. Anyone have any suggestion on what I can do if I always tend to loose motivation when working on a project?

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    2. Lanakainea


      u can always work on another one/level designing and if u get bored of that u can use the new maps u had made for the main game

    3. Chaosian


      Cocaine helps.


      That or, you know, returning to what originally motivated you. Be warned, a lot of projects die due to lack of motivation - distracting yourself is a really good way to make that happen faster.

    4. Necromedes


      Spam Amerk's inbox?


  10. @Sinathor: Nice looking map but I feel like you could make it a bit less spaced then you have now, or maybe fill it out with a bit more details? Anyways, been far too long since I posted something so here goes.. Trying to map out a nice looking fire dungeon as well as making my HUD look as simple as possible. Suggestions is appreciated!
  11. This project is not dead, I am still working on it but updates may be very slow! Anyways, I am gonna tease you a bit and let you see how the progress is going in the Fire Caverns. Enjoy this small update and hope for more bigger ones.
  12. I'm thinking of doing a script like Dragon Age 3 investigation system. Where you press a button and certain objects will be highlighted if you are near enough.

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    2. ShinGamix


      Very interested in this. pm me Id love to test and help with input

    3. OneCutStudio


      Great idea. Very useful.

    4. ♥SOURCE♥


      It's a great feeling when you play a game and say "Hey, I like that. I should do that!" Go for it!

  13. Figuring out unique puzzles for dungeons is a challenge! Any suggestions?

  14. Embark upon a great mystery! Help the treasure hunter named Fendix Menair in his quest for unlimited glory. Rumours have been told about a haunted mansion in the dark forest which is said to have an ancient artifact hidden. A perfect opportunity for the young treasure hunter to investigate and acquire any potential loot. Can you uncover the truth about the mansion? Lots of secrets to be uncovered by exploring and solving puzzles. Stamina system: It will control how you interact with certain objects and used with various puzzles as well. Use interesting items and weapons to discover secrets and solve puzzles. Bonus challenges that will offer special rewards. Character Bio Not much is known about our hero apart from his name Fendix Menair and the fact that he is a treasure hunter. Screenshots Credits Graphics & Animations: Celianna, Enterbrain, IceDragon, Mack, Indrah, Liberty, PandaMaru, Ayene, Caitlin. Music & Sound Effects: Quigon, Presence of Music. Scripts: Khas, MOG, Falcao, BigEd781, Yami, Mithran, Yanfly, NeonBlack. Download TBA
  15. @Bizzare Monkey: Looks good but yeah you could change the font I guess. Here is two new screenshots from me...
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