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  1. grandmadeb

    May ReStaff: Futuristic & Modern Resources!

    Necropost to end all necroposts, so with apologies, but is it possible to repost the download file? /me waves to all of her old friends and hums Happy Holidays!
  2. Stylistically, this is hard to imagine. In a 32x32 sprite, hands are about 2x3 pixels, and feet are too.
  3. grandmadeb

    Xoferew's resource bits and pieces

    Don't forget to put Mr hermit Crab and Miss bunny in the OP. =]
    1. magic2345


      Beautifu-- wait what? XP?



      Thanks for clearing that up grandmadeb

    2. grandmadeb


      Yes, you have to own XP to use the TRUNKS of the trees. =] On the very large trees, I edited in Soruve's trunks.

    3. magic2345


      Niiice! But still, copyrights are really strict aren't they :/

  4. grandmadeb

    Tree Edits

    These trees are by Alisa Tana. http://alisachristopher.deviantart.com/art/Most-of-my-old-RMXP-stuff-483796759 They are found in the half Kaiser folder in the University tiles. (Avery showed me where they were.) I'll be updating the local copy of the trees list shortly with this informtion. =]
  5. grandmadeb

    Xoferew's resource bits and pieces

    Not so heavenly, lol. Old and cranky. =P lol but always appreciating people who share their work, thanks. =]
  6. grandmadeb

    Granny's Lists - Under the Sea

    to add Xoferew's sea shells, star fish and seaweed
  7. grandmadeb

    Xoferew's resource bits and pieces

    ooooh! more yummy things for the Under Water Resources [url=http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/34390-xoferews-resource-bits-and-pieces/]Xoferew's sea shells, star fish and seaweed[/url]
  8. grandmadeb

    Granny's Lists - Animal Sprites

    Not Noobish, a lot of people miss it. I do try to be clear, but it is a lot of info on one page! It says "Mack animals" above the picture. Macks terms are posted here: http://web.archive.org/web/20090813025011/http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/modules/refmap/index.php Mack's site is down but the terms I gave you are correct =]
  9. grandmadeb

    Granny's Lists - Animal Sprites

    Those animals are by Mack. Used with credit, they can be edited and used commercially.
  10. grandmadeb

    Charlesthehurst's Resources

    really gorgeous!
  11. grandmadeb

    Clariuski's Stuff [07/21/2015]

    Of course you can! And if you wanted to share them, you could as well, just remember to give credits, please! ^^ I love these! What a great idea. Sometimes someone comes up with a new idea that is a very simple concept but for some reason no one ever thought of it before and it just makes everything seems fresh and new again. Thanks! The school girl sprites and portraits are my favorites. And so it is credit to you (Clariuski) and Chupanza and EB, then?
  12. A thank you makes it all worth it.

    1. SpookyMothman
    2. Nyapurgisnacht


      But it's asking too much to expect it o;

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