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    Videogames, anime, books, writing, japan, HTML&CSS, web design.
  1. Tennen Boke

    It Moves (Horror)

    It's... really good. It isn't the kind of horror game that uses tons of dumb jumpscares. That's what I love about it. The graphics are amazing, the only thing it lacks is a "longer" gamestory, I wanted to know more about it, and I just hated when it automatically fast-forwarded the rest of the day and skipped directly to nighttime. >.< But still, hey, pretty amazing. (Pardon my english ew)
  2. Oh, thank you! I'm such a n00b eheh. *hands the cookies to both of you*
  3. Tennen Boke

    Status window with longer description and no HP

    Solved! Used the Biography script here: http://bigaceworld.wordpress.com/ Admins please close this. :3 Thanks!
  4. Tennen Boke

    Status window with longer description and no HP

    Hm, no, since my game should be kind of a psychological horror (so, I don't need parameters), I'd like only the HP bar to be displayed, with the name, face & the description too ofc. :3 So I don't even want the exp, level, or the equipped items. (I know it's actually not that difficult to do, but I still know too little of Ruby to modify the code myself, and if I were to, it'd take ages. >n<) Thank you! P.S. I love your scripts. I'm going to use 345643 of them in my game.
  5. Tennen Boke

    N00b question about events

    Thank you so much guys!! ç v ç
  6. Tennen Boke

    N00b question about events

    Thank you all! ^^ Though, before becoming transparent, the character "appears" for just a moment. Is there a way to solve this? It creates a very bad effect.
  7. Tennen Boke

    N00b question about events

    Okay, thanks, this solved the problem. But then, I wanted the second character to appear after this dialogue ends, but that's what happens: I don't know what to do, since if I'm not wrong you can't put transparency ON except for the main hero? Sorry, I know these are very dumb questions XD
  8. Tennen Boke


    Thank you! ^^
  9. Tennen Boke


    Hello everyone, I'm Lucy and I'm new here. I'm still learning how to use RPG Maker! I hope this forum will be helpful. Side note: my main language is not English, so I will probably make a few grammar and/or spelling errors here and there.
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