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    Music Resources!

    Hello guys! I go the name of DaveyBriteRPG when it comes to my music, but you guys can call me David ! I have been writing music for over 15 years, and working in the gaming music scene for nearly 5 years, and i am still going strong! From having a simple forum topic on another website, i now have a fan base, a website, and a client base. (not to mention, the income is a bonus!) Please take a look at my website: www.daveybriterpg.com and view what there is to offer. You can listen, buy, and request. All tracks there can be used for anything. If you have a personal request, you can contact me using the form on the site.
  2. DaveyBriteRpg

    DaveyBriteRPG Free and Paid music

    Anybody had a chance to check this out yet?
  3. DaveyBriteRpg

    DaveyBriteRPG Free and Paid music

    Hello everyone! My name is daveybriterpg and I have been working with music for around 15 years, and working on gaming music for around the past 2 years. I am hugely motivated and passionate about games and their beautiful masterpieces they present. I have a vast amount stored on my soundcloud which you are welcome to look at and download (if permitted). The free downloads are files you can use in any game (commercial or non-commercial) as they were made for free to build a portfolio. Tracks that aren't available are either un-sold, or bought by other devs. Please feel free to download the free tracks at your own rate but don't be afraid to pop by and say hey too! www.soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg If you'd like to talk about tracks more personal to your game, please feel free to e-mail me @ Daveybriterpg@outlook.com I hope to speak to you soon, Best Regards. Dave.
  4. DaveyBriteRpg

    DaveyBriteRpg saying hi!

    Hello everyone! My name is Dave, and i run a shop called DaveyBriteRpg. I specialize in composing music for computer games such as the ones made on programs like rpg maker, as well as making soundtracks for films, cutscenes, etc. I currently have a topic set up on another forum but i would like to set up another post here on this site if the moderators allow it! You can view some of my tracks on my soundcloud soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg Thanks for reading, and i hope to serve your needs soon!
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