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    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    okay, i updated the previous post with everything i found so far... as for your mentioned points: - elf child: I love bugs that somehow fix themself ---> wasn't really a bug but a forgotten or not uploaded char and face set picture of this special character which leads the game to crash.... - I can't see the bug with the maid still happening. Did you try a savegame from a bugged version, where maybe a switch was activated before I made a change to the events? Could I bother asking you to try it with a new game again in that case? ----> i hope you won't misunderstand me, but i restarted from zero in version, so the event is still there for me, maybe i should send you my save??? - Armor, weapon and herbalist upgrades where still unlimited when you're at war, since I forgot to make the change on that page as well ^^" thanks for pointing it out. ----> i don't want to drop your positive feelings, but i wasn't at war or soemthing like that, i never declared war on anyone.... for me it is still unlimited access from Thor as it is from Guenther....(maybe restarting again and it will work?!?)
  2. Mickele

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    well for all previous mentioned problems, i played version so since i updated to just now, i could check some points.... updated bugs: - On which map did you find the elf girl which caused the game to crash? --> fortress just south-east from capital, where the treacherious soldiers attack you for the Traitor quest this was already fixed in this version, as there are char and face stes for elf chid and elf child 2 in the folders now - The bug with the maid was fixed in the previous update I think. Works find in my current version at least. --> nope still there... since i could find the sixth maid, now I have Luise two times in my bed room (with papers and asking me to have her..) and the above mentioned Luise still gives me a black screen - i can't finish the "cleaning operation" quest, as i have to speak with the head maid but after buying something from her etc. the quest didn't finish... - Armor, weapon and herbalist upgrades from Thor can now only be upgraded two times. --> nope can still buy this unlimited times (checked until five times...) also works the same for recruiting troops from Guenther - when you want to finish the quest "the more the merrier" and you pair up with Sunny, you can talk to her two times and get the event to give her two times 6 relationship points - well, after i found Brad in the box and recruited him, well, when i revisited said place, there was Brad catched by a soldier and i recruited him again... - after recruiting Sunny in the tunnels, she stays at her place there and says "Kriegerin/Freundin"... - no animation or chars for "rape scene" with Ryia, "fuck" with Mira or Tsubaki or Ryia - in my hidden room appeared an instrumetn playing imp in the top left corner infront of the chains, when interacting with him he lead to my options with Mira, as if i started Ryia bringing me Mira into the room... - some kind of bug with the war map occured for me, as i changed squads during my fight with the first enemies (first round squad 1 then squad 2), after winning this fight, i couldn't move my squads to the second enemy and my squad 2 was permanently on duty (couldn't remove it), while i had squad 1 moving on the war map when i had choosen this group....(couldn't move them to the second enemie either...) questions/notifications: - maybe you should mention that the gambler gives no additional rewards if you win more than five times in a row (100k money)... - the succubus can go unlimited times to the neighboring countries to raise your relationship with them (maybe set a fixed number of attempts?!?) - "added a "secret" base in Amagal (Nation in the north)" --> where??? - a personal quest from Tsubaki??? --> not found so far... - The slave, Ryoko, will now join you in your party later when you free her instead of buying her. ---> not found.... - is there a consequence for Ryen's first paperwork quest? (to deploy soldiers from north or south to the attacked village...) - how do you get to the special scenes with the chars??? only by leveling up the relationship and talking with them in the private rooms??? - are you sure you want to leave the gamblers equipment this weak, there is no need to buy them like this now... - Tsubaki uses debug skil, plants took no damage, Ryen uses debug skil, all plants killed.... (this is what i mentioned above with the debug skill...) - no public safety upgrades from Sir Edward so far... - does Mira's and Tsubaki's "masturbation scene" ever end with her cumming or not intended??? - can i assum that your native language would be german as well???
  3. Mickele

    [18+] Renryuu: Ascension

    okay, since i like the gist and ideas of this game, i'm gonna tell you something about some bugs which keep bothering me for a while now: bugs: - elf child has no char set and no face set so the game crashes here...(can be copied from another char in the files...) - there is a maid in my personal castle room (brown hair Luise) which asks me to take her and afterwards, the screen stays black... - problem from the previous point is also, that for the "cleaning of the special room" six maids are required and the brown haired Luise is already recruitable, but the black haired maid is missing while our maid in the chamber still has the dialog from above which makes the quest impossible to finish - the storage room outside of the castle is early accessable with the baby dragon included, even if i haven't met him yet... - the fighting ground in the castle region is still bugged, after i finished the solo tounament (took out the champion), if i do a team challenge I fight the champion with my team now and win the solo medail... - you can redo the magic circle event/action in the elf child fortress a dozen times unteil your hp and mp are completely dry (intend a one time event?!?) - you can purchase the watchtowers upgrades endless times from the expert in the castle - you can buy upgrades for weapons, armour and meds from the guy in the castle endless times - there are certain enemies where the debug skill doesn't work (for example old racists, dragon, ice dragon etc.) tbc. good points: - open world with hopefully important decission... - funny ideas like the tower defence game or the new battle map game.... - many different chars, while i wonder how to romance all of them.... tbc. - skill tree looks like a good idea, maybe some new ideas for the development are possible...
  4. seems nobody has noticed these things yet and reported them since they are still in this new fix: - East Godra, care lady crashes, if you want to get your pokemon back... - East Godra, 6th gym arena: after getting the sixth badge, the guy outside talking about your rival gives you HM Surf, but i already obtained Surf from the secret house in Safari Zone...
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