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  1. This look interresting, tell me when the english version is done and ill give it a go!
  2. I love rain, giving me free time to work on my project!

  3. Is there more to life then Work,School,Work,School....Tired Z_Z

    1. Chaosian


      No, eventually you lose out on the school part though.

    2. LadyMinerva


      Yup, School will eventually be optional, so it leaves to work and *how you control your life* :3

  4. Baltorh

    Saving Takes Awhile!

    Are you using the Steam version ? If yes i know they got some long loading when using the save button, or start and quit the game If you are using the steam version try removing the workshop version this will remove the long loading
  5. Baltorh

    Any tips for mapping!? ^.^

    Thank you Senpai! ^.^ One day i will be ready for the parallax mapping!
  6. Baltorh

    i need help with monsters

    Are you saying that the whole background is white or if there is a white square around your monster? -If its the monster you just got to remove the transparency of it...When you import your monster left click and right click on the blank it will remove the white around your monster!
  7. Baltorh

    Any tips for mapping!? ^.^

    Alright so i got it im still not sure if everything is alright though what do you guys think now ? at the second pictures im also wondering is there something missing i feel like it? Like in the middle of it around the main door?
  8. Baltorh

    Any tips for mapping!? ^.^

    Alright so i fixed the first pick with the castle its now 5 on the left and 5 on the right thanks alot for noticing this, it look way better now i will pay more attention to this i also did the roof inside the castle! it look way better then before thanks for the tips , now my inside houses will look more realist since its a bird view. I will post the rework i did later cause now im on job break thanks again for your help ! Knighterius and Arin!
  9. Baltorh

    Any tips for mapping!? ^.^

    i think i get it i will work on that thanks alot to both of you , if you got any other tips please tell me i look forward to it You girls rock Thx senpai!
  10. Baltorh

    Any tips for mapping!? ^.^

    First of all thanks for the fast reply Lady Minerva By covering the left and right side walls do you mean i got to cover all the blank area or just the top of these walls with the roof tiles?
  11. Hi everyone! I need tips for mapping, i always got this feeling of something is lacking in my map and i am wondering what? Is it the light effect?, does my maps need more object or is the background alright!? i need to know more about mapping im still new and i need your help guys ps: no parallax please ^.^ Also sorry for my bad english i am learning on my own.
  12. Baltorh

    Need help with Title Display

    Wow thanks alot to you i will try to figure out how to move the title now to put it up in the screen i even found 1 script that can change the windows skin again thanks for your help !!